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Courtesy of Peter slaving away over the Satellite Link from Ocean Falls, we now have software loaded to the Diner to sell Digital material, and I am testing out today with the last Rant, Cultural Stupidity: You Can't Make This Shit Up!

If you go to the Blog, at the Top of the article you will see a Button which will allow you to buy the MP3 of this Rant for the Low, Low Price Every Day of $1!

If the thing works right, I will start including Purchase Links for all the Diner Podcasts and Rants, as well as some Package Deals when I figure out how to do that.  Also will be able to make other Digital Material available for sale, such as Doomer Porn Novels in serialized form.  :icon_mrgreen:

If you feel like helping me out to see if this thing works right, click the link and spend a Dollar to Download this Rant.  It should bring you to the Diner Shopping Cart and then over to Pay Pal, and the purchase should show up in the Diner Pay Pal account after that.


OK, until we work out the problems with the Downloads system connection to Pay Pal, I removed the Download Button from Cultural Stupidity.

The Donation Button is still up, and I believe if you make a One Time Donation as opposed to try to do a Recurring Donation this works.

I will provide a Download Code for any of the Rants or Podcasts to Diner Subscribers, just PM me if there is something you want to Download.  I'll add them to the Diner Server when requests are submitted by subscribers.

Subscription rate is a One Time Donation of $5 for a month, $50 for a year.

The streaming version will go up on Soundcloud on Publication Day until this problem is worked out, you can listen for free there.

This is the New Diner Potlatch Gift Economy.  You make a gift to the Diner of FRNs, and the Diner Gifts you back MP3s.  LOL.




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