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After a few failures with some of the other ones, I found the BEST mp3 Audio Converter online that will take any You Tube video, extract the audio and give you an mp3 Music File to Download, all for free and legal too.

There is just about no music you can't find on You Tube, so you can easily make your own library of mp3s to store on your smart phone or mp3 player, or you can alternatively store them on any number of FREE cloud sites that deal with audio files.  As you may have noticed, I am currently in the process of setting up a Kollapsnik Radio Station on Spreaker, you get 10 HOURS of free storage there.  At an average of 4 min/track, you can store up to 150 tracks there on your own account, for free with unlimited bandwidth too!

I'm currently working my way through the Diner Juke Box, where Diners have dropped their favorite music tracks over the years, mainly as You Tube music videos.  Once I get them converted and uploaded to Kollapsnik Radio, Diners will be able to open Kollapsnik Radio in another window, and play a few favorite Tracks, as well as up to 30 min long Kollapse Talk Shows which will feature Interviews, Rants and Kollapse Music, once I figure out how to sew everything together anyhow.  I also hope to be able to take Phone Calls via Skype on the new Skype Kollapsnik account.  :icon_sunny:  That may take some time to get worked out though.

I will hopefully create a few shows that are just Music, which you can play in the background while you Surf the Diner.  Call it "Mood Music".  lol.

I can also tie these shows into our Diner Soundcloud account, where we have UNLIMITED storage on the Pro Account which we pay for.  So after a week or so on the free account at Spreaker for recent Shows, I'll delete the old ones there to make room for new ones, but the old ones will still be available to play on Soundcloud.

This new feature will REALLY set the Diner apart from all the other Kollapse Blogs.  While a few folks like Kunstler and Chris Martenson do fairly regular podcasts, NOBODY else is doing a regular Kollapse Radio Show.

The main difficulties here are in getting myself up to speed on the engineering and organizing all our Content into 30 minute Shows, which will also be available for download to your Iphone so you can listen to the shows while you drive the daily commute or dig holes  for your permaculture garden!

Not sure yet when the first real "Show" will be available on Kollapsnik Radio, but you can check in there periodically as I put up different tracks and experiment around with the system.

Kollapsnik Radio on Spreaker can also be tied in to our Facepalm, Twitshit and Google+ accounts, so all new Radio shows will get announced via the Social Media as well.

All in all, I figure this should further increase the Diner circulation.  After a short Lull Period, we are now creeping our way back up to our previous Peak of 90,000 Page Hits/Month on Google Analytics, which doesn't include the larger number of page hits we get here in the Forum, although from fewer visitors.  Six Figures for the Blog is well within range I think by the end of summer.


  Mini Widget placement test.

Eve of Destruction if you feel like listening.  Let me know how it sounds on your computer.


Now Playing on Kollapsnik Radio

I have begun the fairly long task of downloading the Diner Juke Box as mp3 files for the Playlist of Kollapsnik Radio. So far I am through a couple of dozen, another few hundred to go. ::)

I have also experimented some with the Livestreaming, but at least at the beginning this won't be necessary for Kollapsnik Radio as in truly "Live".  I have figured out a general Format for the station, and it will incorporate Kollapse Music, Rants & Snippets of Interviews we have in the can on Soundcloud.  The show will be produced in advance and run anywhere from 20-30 minutes in length.  I will begin by airing one show a week at a regularly scheduled time, probably Saturday Afternoons.  It will then go up "Live" on Kollapsnik Radio.

Directly following the broadcast, Kollapsnik Skype will be opened up to take Call Ins from the Listeners.  Those call ins will then be edited after the Call In period, and this chat will then also go up after the initial broadcast, probably about 1 hour later.

Far as when the first show will air, I don't know that yet.  Probably at least 2 weeks away here as I gather material and then start doing production and editing.

After the initial airing of the broadcast, both parts will remain up on Kollapse Radio for the week, to listen to at your convenience anytime if you happened to miss it when it first aired on Saturday.  It will also be Downloadable onto your mp3 player or Smartphone to listen to while not connected to the net.  After that, Old Broadcasts will be Archived on Diner Soundcloud.

I have no idea whether Diners will actually Call In to the show or not as of yet.  This is one of the reasons I am experimenting with the format here on the net, and only announcing it inside the Diner to the regulars.  Sure to have bugs and difficulties that need to be ironed out before being Ready for Prime Time.

Overall though, I think it should be a good addition to the Diner Pantheon of offerings, and hopefully helps the Diner grow further.  Although, the Diner Map is already getting pretty crowded.


Kudos to all your efforts. I, for one, am looking forward
to this new form of doomer-tainment   :icon_scratch:


--- Quote from: azozeo on April 11, 2015, 09:44:13 AM ---Kudos to all your efforts. I, for one, am looking forward
to this new form of doomer-tainment   :icon_scratch:

--- End quote ---

It keeps me occupied.  ::)

The KEY to the success of doing this is the Call Ins.  If I can get a few people talking, then it will take off.  So make sure you Call In after the first show.

Anonymity will be maintained, you call in on Skype to Kollapsnik.  You can make a new Anon ID if you are concerned about this.  Send a Contact Request to Kollapsnik so you show up on the active screen on Skype.



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