AuthorTopic: Oz PM exposes UN led climate hoax  (Read 8847 times)

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Re: Oz PM exposes UN led climate hoax
« Reply #45 on: May 25, 2015, 03:27:05 PM »
  Bingo. Brilliant analysis. Thank you, Snowleopard. You must do this more often and in even greater detail.  Wow.                                                                  Karpatok

I would also like to say "Thank You" to Snowleopard.  Fantastic analysis man.

FYI - I've been away from the Diner due to a back issue, but might be able to participate more while I am recovering.  Physical therapy is very time consuming at this time. Best wishes to all.
  Hey Joe P. Sorry to hear about your back trouble. Hope it's better soon. It seems to happen to many from time to time. But it's wonderful that you've  led a life of self respect and not self destruction so that at this point in time you don't have to prostitute your soul and resort to flimflam to make ends meet. Karpatok

Thank you for the thoughts Karpatok. I've never been much on flimflam, so I guess it's a good thing I haven't gone this route.  I probably wouldn't be very good at it anyway.
I think I realized my "flimflam" deficiencies when I was in college. I thought I had all my course requirements met in my senior year, but sometime in the process, the University decided one of my courses (that transferred from another school) did not qualify as a Humanities course.  It qualified initially in my sophomore year but I wasn't notified that it no longer met the requirement until it was too late.  So this meant I had to attend school the next semester and take one class (Philosophy) to graduate.  So that summer, I stayed with my dad and his wife in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I got a job at a large gift/souvenir store that I'd worked at a previous summer.  Took a new job handing out invitations to people to attend a time-share buying "opportunity".  While doing this one day, I gave a couple my short pitch and brochure and the man told me he was in the time-share business and asked me to come to their office to interview for a sales position.  I did it, then went and took a test (after studying a couple of days) in Columbia, SC to get "certified" to sell timeshare.  So off I go into a "real world" commission-only  job selling real estate for a couple of months.  I wasn't good at it.  I barely made  more money selling the shit than I did ringing up crap at the gift store.  The product was shit IMO and I felt dirty selling it.  I did not meet the necessary flimflam requirements I suppose.
  I guess that was because you were inoculated against them by your former grounding in ethics and a good nose for putridness. Something to be said for a strong core of integrity. Even among minorities.       Karpatok

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Re: Oz PM exposes UN led climate hoax
« Reply #46 on: June 05, 2015, 07:22:43 PM »
  Bingo. Brilliant analysis. Thank you, Snowleopard. You must do this more often and in even greater detail.  Wow.                                                                  Karpatok

Hi K 

Thanks for the applause. 

Yes, it would be good to expand on that little PTB summary.  Perhaps distill the volumes of others into a concise historical essay, while dodging their conflicts.

But what I "must" do (chop wood, carry water, feed animals, milk goats, till gardens etc) often takes up all available time, to the point of not turning on the computer for days at a time.  Then there are last week's little extras:  like an injured dog, marauding bear(s), two frost/freeze warnings and new chicks to care for.  So I won't make any promises.
Well Snowleopard, still your life is blessed with the farm and all. Being able to take care of the animals is a blessing also for them and for you, I hope. Be kind to the bear. He is magnificent and also has his place in nature. Me, in my little life here feeding and watering all the wildlife I can draw, I too am blessed and get to know each one as they all have individual personalities just like us. Right now, I have six new shiny baby skunks whose mother has brought them to this little oasis[for them] to learn how to be weaned. They are like little ducks with their plumey tails, all skittering about with the newness of it all. And the raccoons come, and the squirrels and possums and the California brown ground birds. And all share in peace, if there is enough, and are most grateful for the water in this drought. When I change it, I feed the tree, which shelters them all, all except the skunks of course who have their burrows somewhere in a nearby empty field. They are all a valuable part of great nature if only mankind could understand that fact, Karpatok

I too enjoy, respect and support most of the wildlife that visits my "farm".  Water and birdseed is provided with an eye to hawk avoidance.

Skunks, racoons, mink, and fisher cat smell my dogs and go elsewhere.  Usually the dogs also keep the bears at a distance, but not this year.  Wild turkey, deer and moose will occasionally wander in.

But no, I'm not "kind" to the bear, who "visited" again last evening.  My dogs are somewhat scared of the bear(s?) and the bear is somewhat more scared of them.  This keeps the dogs alive and limits bear damage.   

Due to "global warming" ::)  the berries are very late this year, and the bear has little to eat.  I do sympathize, but feeding bears is illegal here (and dangerous).   There is no easy way to make friends with a bear and attempting to do so is also illegal in my state.  So I front load a shotgun with "less lethal" rubber buckshot for bear scaring and aim to miss but intimidate (per fish and game officer instruction).  The officers would rather I not feed the birds either, because the birdseed attracts the bears, but I like to watch the birds.  Thus far (~20yr) I've not had to aim AT a bear, and have not used a whole box (25) of special shells yet.

"A man sees what he wants to see and disregards the rest." -  Simon and Garfunkel


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