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Site Stats now have passed 5000 Page Views!  Booyah!

Of course, half of those hits are mine. LOL.


Diner: The First 5000 Views

graeber's book was on the best seller list in germany before first translation! setting a bmw on fire is frowned upon there if you haven't first read about the history of debt.

Now at 6000, 2 days later for an average of 500 per day.

I will be interested to see what these numbers are like a month from now.


 8) Still trying to figure all this out, how to move around, I get lost. I am sure its easy when you get a handle on it.

Its a hierarchy Sensetti, like having Folders in your My Dcouments on your own computer.  The Index Page lists the main folders, then each folder has a list of articles, and each article has a list of comments.

You can tab up recent comments from the Homepage, but Peter is also working on geting in widgets that will present these without going into the SMF hierarchy.

The navigation issues for people unfamiliar with Message Board construction and layout are fairly substantial.  I come from a Message Board background, not a Blogger background.  I cut my teeth on the Peak Oil Mesage Board first, so most of this is second nature to me.  Peter and I are working on ways to make the navigation easier for people who have not spent much time on message boards.  This will come in due time.

Once you do get a handle on it, you wil find this format will allow you much more flexibility in composing your own replies and articles.  There is MUCH more functionality in here than you get ono a typical Wordpress Blog.  Its available to all the members to use, not just Admins like me and Peter.  Once we gain some traction, I will move good articles submitted by mebers to Feature Spots on the Blog.

Long way to go here still though.  I shoulda done this 4 years ago, but it was beyond my expertiese and hadda wait until I ran up with somebody like Peter who can make all the functions work right.  I nearly got there with Jason on Raging Debate, but Jason was , well, an asshole.  Jimbo will verify that one. LOL.  So we are 4 years behind the curve in terms of getting a readership base.  This will take a while to accomplish.  Overall though, eventually it should provide the best platform for writers who do not run their own Blogs to post up their ideas and articles.  Its not going to happen overnight though, so you can take this time to start learning the ropes.



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