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I thought I started a Topic with this title before, but I guess I never did.  I just mentioned in on of my posts in another thread I was starting a Library of Collapse related documents once Peter got the Media area up and running.

Anyhow, in addition to the David Korowicz Trade Off: Financial system supply-chain cross contagion a study in global systemic collapse pdf, I just added another of his papers from 2010 called Tipping Point: Near-Term Systemic Implications of a Peak in Global Oil Production which is another very comprehensive paper overall, this one focused on the dynamics of the collapsing energy supply.

Together, if you ever want to Slam Dunk a Cornucopian these two papers provide all the Ammo you will ever need in an argument.  :icon_mrgreen: Also, if you want to introduce the more intelligent people you know to the concepts of systemic collapse, if you print out these two documents and hand them over to them, this should bring just about anyone Up to Speed without having to read all the longer Books out there, from Tainter to Heinberg to Orlov etc, etc, etc.

Tipping Point
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Trade Off
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I got both papers from the FEASTA website, which I also just added to our Blogroll.  Quite a lot of good information available on that site.

I encourage Diners to add any longer documents they run across with important information in them for collapse researchers to review.  Particularly important for bringing Newby diners up to speed.

Unfortunately there are some Size Limitations on these files which I have not been able to figure out how to increase.  pdfs in this size range fit easily though.

Far as storing longer videos goes, for that I mainly suggest you store them on YouTube.  Uses up Bandwidth here on our server if they are stored here when people watch them. Anyhow, most Videos you would pull as Reference are already on You Tube.

Add the Videos in here inside the Diner Library thread.  Following this post, I will add the Dust Bowl Documentary I plastered through two other threads here today already.  :icon_mrgreen:  Try to make good Editorial Decisions on what Videos you add to this thread, I don't want it to get too cluttered.  Only drop in really content rich stuff that pertains to the Collapse.  If in my Infinite Wisdom I don't think something you drop in here is WORTHY, I'll move it out of the thread to...somewhere.  LOL.

Also, each time you drop a New File into the Library itself, note it here with the BBcode Link as I did above in a new post.  If we get a lot of these at some point, I will create an Index Post here and paste them into that post as they come in, then I will delete your To be Filed Post.  RE the Librarian.  :icon_mrgreen:

All that being said, WELCOME to the NEW Doomstead Diner Library!
Doomstead Diner # for DOOM on the Net!

Posted in a couple of other threads.  This is a MUST WATCH Video!  Currently also the Feature Video on the Diner Blog (8/14/2012).

Possibly the best analysis ever done of how the Banking Cartel overtook the FSofA, and then the World as a whole.  By the incomparable Damon Vrabel.

Renaissance 2.0 Financial Empire

Debunking Money: The Way the World Really Works

Albert explains the Exponential Function.

Richard isn't the world's Best Lecturer, but the Olduvai theory is one of the best ones out there.


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