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K-Dog Off Leash Newz / Re: Interesting videos
« on: April 07, 2021, 03:07:55 PM »
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68 views I am going to be a Rock Star.

I found it browsing.  After I did the chat I was off to other things.

K-Dog Off Leash Newz / Re: Interesting videos
« on: April 04, 2021, 12:11:32 PM »

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'Reaching across the isle' as the saying goes.  What does a knuckle dragger think part one?

I had to work hard to get this video here.  I'd tell this patsy for the rich man to put his red pill where the sun don't shine.  Separating everyone into a despised left and 'normies' (must be the equivalent of left 'sheeple').  It is indicative of a pathology.

Doomsteading / Re: C5 Walks into a posts
« on: April 04, 2021, 01:04:16 AM »
Glad to see C5 is writing again at least for now. My world view has been changing over the last few years but I deeply respect his point of view and miss his input. Not much doomer red meat on the diner these days, myself included , so I get the absence. Having "involuntarily car camped" before I liked this one.

Cheers,  NF

n what he wrote:
“C5 Rule of Survival- What does collapse look like? First you lose you job. Then you lose you mortgaged house. You lose your financed truck. Hopefully you don't lose your wife and children. You lose your social respectability and place in society. You lose your friends. You lose your mental health.”

Ahh yeahhhhhh   

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Seasteading / Re: ⛵ The Sea Peoples & The Late Bronze Age Collapse
« on: March 26, 2021, 09:59:24 PM »
I've listened to many of these as I drive...

The more you learn about the Bronze Age Collapse, the more obvious the similarities with the modern one.  It also provides a good timeline for a systems collapse and a likely medium term outcome in our own time.  Also a little remarkable is how little the nature of "civilization" changed, be it Sumer, Egypt, Rome or the Anglo-Amerikan Empire of the modern era.  Civilization along with Money was the worst thing ever to hit humanity or planet Earth.


Yes, I have a link on my webpage.

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The collapse of the bronze age was the first time overpopulation caused a resource crunch.  Population had grown but bronze technology can only support so many people and agriculture was less efficient.  Low EROEI.  A bit of climate trouble comes along and complexity which had grown and led to cities with bookshops went into violent crisis.  The defense agreements worked out between states and cities collapsed in a bronze age world war that lasted decades.

A time when only royalty had money and a mercenary could see the world.

Marathon Man Newz / Re: Larry McMurtry, RIP
« on: March 26, 2021, 09:43:12 PM »

Ok, but he did not own the land first.  Before the mesquite came.

K-Dog Off Leash Newz / Re: Interesting videos
« on: March 26, 2021, 02:38:11 PM »
I'm still around.  My wondering circle took me away from the Diner for a while.  I'd like to say I was doing what this guy has been doing.

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But all I have been doing is sitting on my ass.  My skill at coding improves which you know if you have been at my website recently.  But my ass gets fatter.  I am happy to say I got outside yesterday and moved a mulch pile next to my garden now ready for planting.

Tony Santos is a tough talking train driver.  He pretends to be a thug but since he drives a train among other things I don't think he would rip any of your shit off unless you needed to be taught a lesson.  Or if he needed your hedge trimmers.

Tony is an interesting guy who can tell you to fuck yourself yet explain that Cupressus Sargentii needs serpentine soil to grow.  All in the same sentence.

I think Tony should hook up with Roger Hallam for some illegal midnight tree planting.  Roger is down these days and needs cheering up.

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The 'The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill introduced on the House of Commons on 9 March 2021 can put you in prison for ten years for speaking out.

"The first duty of government is to protect its citizens and communities, keep them safe and to ensure that they can get on with their daily lives peacefully and without unnecessary interference"

Justification enough for a conservative motherfucking asshole to blow your shit away.  It justifies the bill.  The bill introduces draconian police powers that makes protest more criminal than rape.

This is why Roger is being a Debbie Downer and is muttering shit that is going to get him into trouble.

Knarfs Knewz / Re: How do snowflakes form?
« on: March 13, 2021, 12:40:16 AM »
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A very good explanation that exactly matches the explanation I found in this book.

They are all different but each side of an individual snowflake matches the other five sides since they were formed under nearly identical temperature and humidity.  Until I read it in CHAOS I did not know why they were all different yet each side of an individual snowflake is the same.

I had sort of though up the same idea but had dismissed it because there (I figured) had to be matching snowflakes from the same cloud.  But hearing it from someone else, it totally makes sense.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald is blasting Facebook for its decision to crackdown on users posting comments about the coronavirus vaccine that undermine official information being provided by “authorities.”

Greenwald, a Pulitzer-prize winning reporter, said social media giants like Facebook are under immense pressure from mainstream media outlets to censor dissenting opinion.

“I think it’s so important to recognize that Silicon Valley companies are not the ones who want to do this​.​ ​T​hey would rather stay as far away from censoring​,​ and arbitrating​,​ and intervening​,​ and keeping people off their platforms, not because they’re noble and nice​,​ but because it’s in their business self-interest not to do it​.​ ​They’re being pressured to do it​,” he told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday evening.

“​T​his is what’s so amazing​,​ by CNN, and NBC, and New York Times ​who are saying every time you allow information over your platform that we think is wrong​,​ we’re going to shame you​,​ we’re going to disgrace you​,” Greenwald continued.​

“​And they have their partners​,​ who are the ​Democratic ​Party​,​ who control the entire government now​,​ who are right along with them saying, ‘We demand that you censor more​.’ ​They’re being pressured​,​ led by journalists who are now the leading activists to destroy free discourse and free thought in the United States, that’s the dynamic that we have to understand​,” he added.

Greenwald said he and his family will be vaccinated, a decision he said he reached by researching on the “free and open” internet, including seeking out dissenting opinions.

“B​ut if the internet were a place where no dissent were allowed, I would have way less confidence in that ability because that would mean this is a profession that isn’t confident enough to allow dissent​,​ and if they’re not confident enough to allow dissent, I think that they earn much less trust and faith in their pronouncements​,” he said.

Facebook said it would expand its crackdown on dissenting vaccine claims, while at the same time offering information about how and where to get the shots.

The social media giant said it will pull posts that claim the vaccines are in​ef​fective, cause a variety of ailments, or are toxic.

“Health officials and health authorities are in the early stages of trying to vaccinate the world against COVID-19, and experts agree that rolling this out successfully is going to be helping build confidence in vaccines,” ​said ​​​Kang-Xing Jin, Facebook’s head of health​.​

Greenwald said the idea that Facebook would stifle dissent about the vaccine is “more pernicious than opinion-based censorship.”

“Everything they do​,​ these liberal guardians of ​orthodoxy and piety​,​ is about trying to make you think that they have a monopoly on objective truth by calling it ‘science.’ Science is a human study​,​ which means it’s fallible​,​ and exactly as you said, it is extremely dangerous to say that any kind of human knowledge is so unchallengeable to being discussed that it’s off-limits from even being questioned​,” he said.
that is a straw man argument. Pre social media anti vaxxers had a handful of local ineffective magazines and newsletters to get their point across because no printed magazine or paper would touch it... Now they have endless email lists, blogs and dedicated websites. Commercial for profit easy access social media like facebook has finally decided they are more trouble then they are worth so they are booting them at long last and good riddance to bad garbage. Not a jackbooted coup but a restoration of some sanity... my two cents.

Spoken like a true fascist apologist. 2 cents implies you are responding substantively to the claims made... your post was more like an armed robbery, we are all left more uninformed after reading it than before it found us.

Since this is so important that you messaged half the forum with a message I chime in two cent worth.  I won't always bark on command.  While you were sending a massage I was online in a news show as a guest.  The subject of Facebook and censorship came up and I said that Facebook You Tube and Twitter are doing exactly what our government is telling them to do.  The audience was perhaps 100 people.

I hope I can still access my website tomorrow.


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I felt a bit tongue tied.  Don't know why.  Perhaps a bit of the deer in headlights thing happened in spite of being relaxed.

K-Dog Off Leash Newz / voronoi
« on: February 10, 2021, 08:44:27 PM »

I have a similar image and if you click on a color you open a link.  That has been working for a week at:

Now if you mouse over and out a search box will appear below the map.  Very easy to use.

Try searching for Diner !

Geopolitics / Antifa Terrorists Siege a Hotel in WA
« on: February 01, 2021, 08:51:14 PM »
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Knarfs Knewz / Re: Knarf's Knewz Channel
« on: January 31, 2021, 09:40:45 PM »
Yes of course they are. As I have pointed out numerous times, I do not need to make the right or left totally bad and the left or right totally good in order to place good and bad outside myself. identifying with something you deem good does not make you good when you know not everything about it is good and even if it was, you're still responsible for you and all you do. 
Neither does Orwell need to make the socialist party out to be perfect. He  effectively makes the same point I make repeatedly to you. You are far more pro police and pro western by having higher expectation and standards for them than trying to excuse anything they do that is wrong and the whole world can see is wrong. Orwell holds his party accountable and thereby garners votes from the non aligned swing voter and delivers accountable govt.

BS. When Nietzsche says it, you call his insights a product of insanity because everyone knows he had a mental breakdown and you figure no one is going to be familiar enough with his writings to question that. When Orwell has the exact same insights about socialism, you claim he is simply "not making the socialist party out to be perfect", because you know there is no questioning his sanity and people in the English speaking world are much more familiar with him. Everyone knows how much you stick up for BLM and Antifa, organizations with the exact mentality and behaviors people like Nietzsche and Orwell looked on with disgust. Your dishonesty is so transparent.

The horse had the beatdown and Nietzsche had the breakdown.

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No point paying lawyers when 45 Senators aka "the jury" have already recognized publicly that the impeachment of a private citizen is unconstitutional.

The impeachment of a private citizen is unconstitutional ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

All you had to do was knowingly aid the genocide.

K-Dog Off Leash Newz / Re: Web Page Newz
« on: January 31, 2021, 01:46:03 AM »
we need to be able to migrate the ENTIRE almost 8 year history of Diner Comments from SMF to the new Database.

In your dreams.

Had a feeling that was the case.

The Diner Forum shall remain on SMF until the SUN goes Red Giant.


This was a year ago and my page has has been changing.  I am going to be diving into our forum software.  I am determined to keep my originality on my own page but I will be looking at 'Simple Machines' software in detail.  My admin duties here motivate me to become a 'Simple Machines' power user.  I have also learned that people are too 'spooked' to use a custom interface they have not seen before for this sort of thing.  If I want interaction I can add a door on my web page for a forum.  Doing that for ongoing fun and games could leave another door for an attic.  .  We shall see.

As things are now I just made a change to  I have a  menu of links I have been collecting.  I have found a better way to display them.  I won't do an import a screenshot thing this time because I can find an online picture of a voronoi tessellation and the appearance will be changing anyway.  .  You can click to my page to see what I have going on.

I have worked on my voronoi for a few days.  As soon as I got something working I posted to the server.  It is a functional rough draft.  A version 1.0.  I will be working on it more but to get it this far was no small accomplishment.  And it IS an improvement.

* As users click on websites they can shift screen position.  I have the rudiments of a placement algorithm in place.

The Kitchen Sink / Diners in the limelight.
« on: January 26, 2021, 12:59:29 PM »
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K-Dog Barks on Roar Media Live. Yes, this is who I am.

On the Tuesday Turmoil Panel with Stevie King. It was fun. Oz and Chanda are good people.

K-Dog Off Leash Newz / Dedicated to Phil Rumpole
« on: January 25, 2021, 10:22:02 AM »
I thought of you when I saw this.  I'm going to play it again later to write down and practice the local idioms.

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"The second assumption is a little bit more insidious but i really really do dislike it it has this underlying assumption that the job will teach you nothing when in reality some of the richest and greatest insights that you will ever have about people the world and yourself are going to come from working a job you hate.

This is true, to a point.

Assuming a certain level of freedom.  Go all out in both directions so that you can learn your limits.  Then make a base level of income to meet your needs and the needs of your dependents while using the rest of your time to pursue something that excites you.  Ideally there's something would be high risk in high reward and you'd work in the direction of creating a life where you'd have the option to say no to the things that drain you of energy.  As you go about this reassess your limits and aims as you grow as a person.

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