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Doom Psychology & Philosophy / Re: Enneagram Psychological Profiling
« on: October 31, 2016, 07:42:22 PM »
I'm an INFJ, but on the "thinking-feeling" spectrum, I think I'm closer to the middle than the far end of the "feeling" side. Also, I did some reading up on "The Bohemian" enneagram type, and it turns out that the dark side of "The Bohemian" is, well, "The Goth Kid" (morbid, gloomy, in love with death, etc.). I'll bet more than a few doomers have an inner goth kid!  :laugh:

Doom Psychology & Philosophy / Re: Enneagram Psychological Profiling
« on: November 03, 2015, 09:52:43 AM »
Since there is no corresponding e-type to Taurus, I wasn't looking for a Sun Sign correlation for myself. But Taurus (Fixed Earth) is ruled by Venus, which also rules Libra (Cardinal Air). My Venus is in Gemini (Mutable Air), so it makes sense to me that Venus in either of the other two Air Signs would scan in an at least somewhat Libra fashion.

Also, my Venus squares (which is a "hard aspect") Pluto, ruler of Scorpio (Fixed Water), as well as Uranus, and Pluto and Uranus in my chart are in conjunction in Virgo (Mutable Earth).

Just as importantly, my Mars is in Libra in a trining ("easy aspect") relationship with that Venus in Gemini. This form of "Marriage of Venus and Mars" as the person who introduced me to astrology called it, is a HUGE saving grace in my chart because not only does it provide balance by giving me a measure of the "Masculine" element of Air (my chart tends to be dominated by the "Feminine" elements of Earth and Water), but the effect of a Mars-Venus Trine in Air Signs imparts a likability to my personality that often saves me from being truly fucked over by my own frequent lack of common sense.

So what I'm trying to say is that I tend to think it's the way my Venus shakes out that I scan as a 4w5 "Bohemian", with a definite helping hand from Mars.

Yeah, I have abandonment issues up the wazoo. Having a needy, sensitive, reactive Pisces Moon (The Moon is your innermost picture of yourself along with your emotional nature) sure doesn't help with that. It's my understanding that abandonment issues are frequently associated with Plutonian personality types (though being too intense for their own good, Plutonians frequently bring the abandonment on themselves either deliberately or "accidentally").

My Rising Sign is Cancer, BTW.

Type 1, eh? So I guess that makes me the oddball around here. Well, I would be a sorry excuse for an Individualist (Type 4) if I weren't an oddball, right?   ;D

Though I guess my secondary INFP qualities can relate to the Type 1s around here. Even though I put myself down for "full doom", I probably come down somewhere in between John Michael Greer and Dmitry Orlov on the collapse spectrum. And that's probably because I don't really feel intellectually equipped to say just how bad things will get and what things will be like once the dust settles. Though I do frequently think JMG is a tad too optimistic sometimes, especially lately.

Even though this isn't a very spiritual thing to say, I must remark that if the rich (at least the ones who don't manage to get away to whatever lavishly equipped doom-redoubts they have) do end up swinging from the lampposts, I'm going to have an awfully difficult time feeling at all sorry for them.

The survey is EXTREMELY skewed against the general population.

It is only semi-valid within the community of people concerned with Doom Issues.

Well, anyone who didn't at least suspect that would turn out to be the case probably hasn't been a Doomer for very long!  ;D   :laugh:   :coffee:

I think the geography stats might be somewhat biased by the fact that The Doomstead Diner is an English-language website (though you may have versions available in other languages about which I don't know because sometimes I don't pay as close attention as I should, which I attribute to "collapse fatigue", LOL). I wonder how many of that 16 from Western Europe are from the UK or Ireland?

When I took the survey, I used results from previous online tests I took for the Myers-Briggs and IQ. I actually scale the estimate of my IQ down about five points from the result I got all those years ago because having an IQ of just 130 still puts me in the smartest five percent of the population, and that's a pretty select group intellectually. My MB type is INFJ with INFP tendencies. My Enneagram type is 4w5. (I took the test for that linked on the DD site.) I am also a Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer Rising. I can seriously get stuff done when I put my mind to it (though I tend to be a rather slower mover than most), but I am not at all ambitious and am remarkably lacking in leadership qualities. However, by no stretch of the imagination am I a Kool-Aid drinker or a blind follower. My demeanor and attitude can be "Eeyore-like" at times.

I am a forty-eight year old homosexual caucasian male of western European descent living in a major Midwestern city in the USA. I have a BA degree that has proven to be of no utility to me in the sort of employment I have been able to obtain so far. I am also diabetic with a significant number of attendant health complications. I don't expect to survive the onset of collapse for very long barring some sort of Divine intervention, and I have made my peace with that. I consider myself the product of a rather dysfunctional family, but that's hardly anything extraordinary these days. I am currently socially isolated because it has never been easy for me to make friends, and the fact that we live in a socially atomized society full of morons and money-worshippers sure doesn't help.

So that's Mister Roboto in a thumbnail sketch.  :laugh:

This whole thread is absurd, ridiculous ... and, well, loopy! A complete waste of precious time.

Wellcum 2 teh Internetz!   :laugh:

I can actually imagine the methane belches bringing about human extinction, or at the very least triggering a die-off so massive that the survivors have no choice but to revert to an HGH lifestyle for the remainder of humanity's time on the planet.  Even if the Earth isn't alive as such, it is a dynamic system.  And it makes sense that this dynamic system would have a foolproof means of eliminating an organism within it that has chosen to behave as a cancer or a parasite.  That's part of how dynamic systems stay dynamic.

Okay, before this becomes the new d00mer Jebus-religion around here, I have to say, a lot of this really smacks of the most masturbatory sort of scare-mongering.  And coming from Yours Truly, that's saying something!

That said, there is good reason to think that truly alarming amounts of methane are being belched into the atmosphere by whatever is causing the planet to warm.

Geopolitics / Re: European Union at Ground Level
« on: February 21, 2015, 04:34:59 AM »
IMHO, the experience of the EU definitively answers the question of do confederations really work, and the answer is a resounding "fuck no".  Either you are one country, or you are not.  There is no functional in-between.

I did see the doctor about my issue and when I described it to her, she came to the conclusion it was tendonitis.  I do physical work for a living and I am 47 years old, so age-related wear and tear could be an issue.  I am reluctant to suspect any sort of arthritis because this came on and developed pretty rapidly.  I do sleep on my side but I don't use my arm as a pillow.  I used to do that, but in August 2012, that became too uncomfortable (which may well be because of osteoarthritis, which I'm pretty sure I am experiencing in my knees, hips, and ankles, especially during the winter months).  So now I simply sleep with my arm pinned against my side.  Making this comfortable requires putting a small couch pillow underneath my bed pillow to raise my head up just a little bit more.  It would really suck if this were the cause of the problem because I really need to sleep on my right side to be comfortable (I'm making do with sleeping on my back for now, and it's weird).  For whatever reason, I am totally unable to be comfortable sleeping on my left side.

@Palloy:  If you were paralyzed and nobody were aware of your situation, you would probably die of dehydration, which may not last as long as food-starvation, but it's still a lingering death and it's worse than food-starvation.

@Surly1:  Here's a copy-and-paste of the error message I've been getting:


You don't have permission to access /blog/wp-comments-post.php on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Update:  Okay, I know what happened when I tried to post.  The word "vicodin" caused the post to get caught by some kind of spam-catcher.  I changed the wording and it posted just fine.  The same thing happened a while back in a forum where I joked that must be "psychic" for predicting something rather unsurprising.   :laugh:

Further update (this one about my shoulder tendonitis):  Well, I did some online reading, and it looks like I'm going to have to learn to sleep on my back most nights from now on.  Fucking bummer.   :(

Well, for some reason, the main page of the DD blog won't let me post a comment, so I'll post it here:

I can relate.  I have probably tendonitis in my right shoulder from what might be a tear in my rotator cuff, and I don't know how it happened!  I had the day off from work the day before the morning (two days ago) where I started noticing a problem.  The pain was very minor at first so I went to work at the grocery store and worked the way I normally do.  The next morning the pain and stiffness just started getting worse and kept on getting worse throughout the day.  In the early afternoon of yesterday, I pretty much lost the normal use of my right arm.  I tell you, I've never been so grateful to get my hands on a battle of vicodin!  So no doing grunt-work at the narcissistic grocery store for me until Monday.

With my type 2 diabetes, I'm pretty much toast when TSHTF, too, so I really hope the Spirit is of a mind to have The Third Fate cut my thread short quickly and mercifully.  What scares me is that may  not happen if it's my karma to learn a lingering and unpleasant lesson about the consequences of abusing yourself when you're young and dumb.

The Kitchen Sink / Re: Another Auld Lang Syne: 2014
« on: December 31, 2014, 06:29:19 AM »
This is my preferred song for the New Year.  Written in 1980 before we decided to have one last, wild, growth-for-the-sake-of-growth binge with our remaining stores of fossil fuels, the lyrics are very doom-friendly.   ;D

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Economics / Re: Death of the Dollar & Demise of the Euro
« on: December 29, 2014, 09:54:55 AM »
So it was China that stopped and somewhat reversed the slide of the Russkie Ruble?  I had no idea about that.  Though that isn't surprising, as Russia and China are the foundational members of BRICS.


 :'( :'( :'( :'(  Boomsies indeed.   :'( :'( :'( :'(

Economics / Re: Retail Apocalypse
« on: December 02, 2014, 05:22:03 AM »
What's interesting about that Real Median Household Income graph is that you can very plainly see that period during the real estate bubble in which so many people were using the equity on their homes as a virtual ATM.  And right after that was no longer sustainable, the trend line returned to exactly where it would have been anyway had this bubble never even happened at all.

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