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I have to say that I'm pretty dubious about this idea that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is launching some kind of price war to bring down the shale oil industry.  If what's happening is just plain old demand-destruction and the Saudis know this, of course they're not going to raise prices by cutting their production, because they know they would just be fucking themselves over in so doing.  However, the one thing that gives me pause is that perhaps they know how vulnerable the mirage of the "tight oil miracle" really is, and striking now might just recover them (to their way of thinking) the market-share they have probably lost to US shale oil.  Of course, that would also mean that they don't realize what a huge financial ponzi has been constructed on top of the shale oil boom and that if they were to pop that bubble, a lot more than just the US shale oil industry would go boomsies.

I am curious to know what other diners think of this Saudi Price War theory.

Are there any websites at which one may readily monitor the performance of this junk-bond market?

Podcasts / Re: Oil Price Crash!!!
« on: November 29, 2014, 05:41:00 AM »
The price of oil is doing a no-bullshit "Aunt Bunny"!

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One more thing.  I don't know if there really is such a thing as The Illuminati, but certainly somebody who doesn't have your best interests at heart has too many of us brainwashed into thinking that voting for Republicans or Democrats will fix anything.  In the words of Sister Mary Ella Phant, "Cla-ass...cla-ass...cla-ass...WAKE THE FUCK U-U-U-UP!!!!"

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Geopolitics / Re: Civil War - Signs of Retard-Nation
« on: November 25, 2014, 10:07:31 AM »
Ron Johnson is such a "daddy's money" Randroid.  It amazes me that anyone would take such an utter toolbox seriously let alone actively vote for him.  And every time I hear his name, I always think of this:

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I would say we're at the point where the smoke alarm is going off, the smell of smoke is filling the house, the fire department has been called, and we have a few minutes to decide what we want to save.

In a plastic bucket beside my bed, every night prior to retiring, I put my emergency hand-crank radio, my Kindle and its charger, my cellphone and its charger and carrying-case, and my wallet in a plastic bag in case there's a fire in my apartment building during the night and I need to skedaddle post-haste.  If such thing were to happen in the middle of a Wisconsin winter, fumbling to get on my coat and shoes would be more than time-consuming enough!

Hey RE, thanks for the second diner-post in a month!  This will probably be one of my last posts about sandbox mainstream politics in the USA because after this point, it's going to feel like beating the proverbial dead horse.  As one of the apostate pursuers to whom I alluded in my admittedly long-winded post, I should probably be spending more time doing things such as sweeping and mopping my bathroom and kitchen!

I notice that on the Diner's blog-page for this post, there isn't a hyperlink to the corresponding page here in the forum as there usually is for blog-posts.  Is that standard for "Kitchen Sink" posts or just an oversight?

The Kitchen Sink / Re: Overnight Newz
« on: November 19, 2014, 04:01:06 AM »
Delightfully cheeky!

Geopolitics / Re: Democracy, My Ass! (USA)
« on: November 11, 2014, 08:07:05 AM »
@JRM:  These megatrends are resource and energy depletion and the financialization of economy that goes a long with these forms of depletion.  My inner Frenchman appropriated Naisbitt's techno-optimistic buzzword to describe something that is actually quite the opposite in order to demonstrate how full of crap I think the Naisbitts and the Tofflers out there are and always have been.

Geopolitics / Re: Democracy, My Ass! (USA)
« on: November 11, 2014, 05:55:13 AM »
@JRM:  I don't see any, really.  I tend to think the die is cast and a certain amount of determinism, and pretty grim determinism at that, has set in.  What we have a here is a bunch of megatrends asserting themselves in collision with the way US society has been hardwired to be pretty much since Jamestown and Plymouth Rock, and these saccharin notions we mainline into our existential veins to be able to stand living don't amount to so much as the proverbial hill of beans in the face of that.  Whenever I get excoriated for pointing out such things, I have the simple satisfaction with knowing the unfolding of events will vindicate me, and so the saccharin-junkies will have to indulge exponentially greater levels of cognitive dissonance to hold on to their middle-American gunpoint-optimism (which I like to think of as a sort of Quantitative Easing of the mind).

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Geopolitics / Re: Democracy, My Ass! (USA)
« on: November 09, 2014, 08:52:05 AM »
US Elections:  Deja vu all over again by Shamus Cooke writing at the Global Research website of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

Cooke doesn't say anything about energy and resource depletion, but what he describes is certainly the sort of thing you can expect to see in a highly-rigged representative system in such a situation.  Though I tend to think it might be a bit late in the game for his standard left-socialist prescription for social change at end.

Geopolitics / Re: Wisconsin is now officially a red(neck) state
« on: November 05, 2014, 04:09:03 PM »
I amended one the paragraphs in the entry:

So why did the Wisconsin Democratic Party choose such a weak candidate for such a vital race? One of two possibilities suggest themselves: They are either stupid and incompetent, or they simply took a dive. At this point, I find it fairly easy to believe both. As for Burke herself, I guess I feel about her the way I felt about Tom Barrett in the recall election: Her heart was certainly in the right place, but that wasn't enough to make her a strong choice for the candidacy in question. Both Barrett and Burke, after all, ran on not much more than not being Scott Walker, and as John Kerry learned in 2004, that particular tactic usually just isn't enough to carry the day in an election.

Another addition:

This isn’t about the main topic of the story, because the one of the two witnesses who is way more credible doesn’t think Burke was incompetent as a corporate executive, just that dealing with people from all those different cultures made that job too much for her.

I felt the qualification is necessary because the nuanced point I was trying to make was that while Mary Burke might have been adequate as a corporate executive, she was apparently less so as a government cabinet secretary.

The habanero picante sauce, unlike the Democratic Party, did not disappoint!

I expect to hear at the same time, a lot more invocations of God and Christ.

Well, around ten o'clock last night, I know I said, "Oh Jesus Christ!"   :evil4:

I also posted this comment at the most recent entry at Economic Undertow:

I think the Republican electoral route is probably a symptom of the effects this lamentable process has on consumer-citizens. As the situation grows more desperate, the party that panders to the ugliest aspects of the instincts of the consumer-citizen will carry the day. The Democrats merely lucked out in 2008 when the devastating financial earthquake of that year happened mere weeks prior to the election while the Republicans held total power at the moment in the Federal Government. But the Democrats once again demonstrated themselves to be the Shrug-Whatever Party, and in a time of great need and crisis, that is not going to appeal to people, hence the Republican wave-election of 2010. The Dems got another reprieve in the stagnant, uncomfortable calm that settled in after the first two years of The Great Recession and the fact that Mitt Romney simply wasn’t a very likable fellow at all. But now the pot is boiling again, and looked who “kicked ass” at the ballot box again.

It sure doesn’t help that the working class feels more burdened than blessed by Obamacare’s attempt to provide near-universal healthcare while preserving the “for-profit” nature of healthcare in this country. Those two goals are simply not compatible with each other, and collapsing the healthcare bubble by instituting single-payer national healthcare isn’t going to be an option on the table.

However, I know it’s all just sandbox politics and both parties represent different factions of the same interests. This is not to say that Democratic politicians and policies are “exactly the same” or “every bit as bad as” those of Republicans. It’s just that the Democrats are never going to make any real difference because they have a different role to play in keeping the sagging system propped up. And that role mostly involves being a codependent enabler at some times and the pasty-sucker who gets to be the “fall-guy” at others. Democratic Party rank-and-file supporters are codependently addicted to the malign influence of the Politics Industry and will merely double down and mainline the Kool-Aid with a syringe and tourniquet upon being confronted with evidence that they are being played for suckers. I am convinced that quite a few of them would literally take their own lives were they ever somehow forced to realize what a pointless game into which they continually buy.

Economics / Re: Monetary Heroin Cold Turkey
« on: November 01, 2014, 04:55:26 AM »
Another guess as to why the Fed pretty much has to end QEverlasting soon:  The money it uses to buy all those treasury-notes and that dodgy financial paper is money it pretty much conjures up out of thin air.  If it creates too much of this sort of "money", then that essentially amounts to more credit-claims against a dwindling supply of real underlying wealth.  A central bank creating too much of this notional wealth risks jeopardizing its own solvency (or illusion of solvency, to-may-to, to-mah-to) because the ratio of credit money to real wealth isn't something that can just go up and up and up forever without destabilizing consequences of one kind or another.  And I"m pretty sure if they would have printed up all that funny-money and just handed it out to Joe Sixpac ("Allright!  Free money for  cheap booze and sexy pornos!"), that certainly would have been sufficient to generate some pretty intense inflation, at least in the short term.

« on: October 28, 2014, 06:18:07 AM »
I've been trying to avoid JHK lately, but I'll make an exception this week based on your recommendation.   :)

Economics / Re: Petroleum/Economic Endgame
« on: October 27, 2014, 05:16:19 AM »
@RE:  Would you be so kind as to provide us a link to the David Stockman article you mentioned?   :)

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