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Title: Into the West
Post by: RE on January 04, 2021, 08:57:14 PM
Over the past few weeks since I haven't had the energy to write I filled in my awake time watching "westerns", particularly the ones made by John Wayne in the 1930s.  In these early films JW built the character he played for is whole career, along with war hero films.  The films are very stylized with a whitewashed view of the west circa 1860-1890 or so including the Civil War.  The sets in these films are very stylized and "clean", as in everyone is neatly costumed and dressed and it looked familiar to the modern eyeballs of the viewers.  It's all terrifically unrealistic, including the sets which are as neat and clean as the costumes.  The films invariably have a happy ending where JW nabs the bad guys and gets the girl.

In contrast to this following it I watched a 6 part miniseries "Into the West" which is basically a more realistic version of "Dances With Wolves" and takes the Native Americans eye view for the most part.  It tracks the white settlement of the West from around 1825 to 1900.  The series is very depressing overall but worth watching.    You get a good view of how inexorable this flow was into our modern world and how doomed it all is in the end.  It's quite long but divides nicely into 6 parts of 1.5 hrs each.  I highly recommend this series.  Here is Part 1: