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Its good pub ammo if nothing else. It could be the answer to the 64 million dollar question they dont expect anyone to get right. Just because we have nothing to add doesnt mean its boring.


Some say "Just an episode in an ongoing natural process, nothing to worry about!"  When activity appears to calm down, as it has so far, they appear to be correct. 

It might also be a partial piece (or maybe just a symptom) in a large developing puzzle that is still missing some pieces and the completion picture.   

I've been thinking about this puzzle on and off in spare time for years.  Not satisfied with my progress.

RE has been working on it too, with arguably better results.

RE assembled some large pieces and sketched the best proposed picture of the puzzle I've seen yet with his hypothesis called: "Geotectonic Ocean Heat Transfer Theory"

For those interested who weren't here yet or otherwise missed them the articles are at below links: 

And yes, it is possible that the answer is thought to be known, and classified above top secret.  I thought the hyper-focus on AGW was to distract us from the corp-rat poisoning of the planet while the banksters ripped us off for carbon credits.  Maybe there is more behind that screen.

You could be correct that it is insignificant.  I'm not entirely sure of that though.

I was being sarcastic.


Yup.   Sometimes I forget where I am at!

The "Don't alarm the civilians." response irritates me more than it should.  Because of that type of response from authorities it is difficult to acquire a global picture of seismic/volcanic unrest.

Golden Oxen Newz / Re: Gold & Silver News
« on: October 23, 2012, 09:37:08 PM »
Monsta, My understanding is its a theory based on the fact they will not allow an audit of fort knox since 1970 or so, but dont quote me on that.

The story I got is that the replacement with counterfeit bars started in the mid-70s but accelerated greatly under the Clinton Administration in the 80s.

Recently the Swiss National Bank found numerous 100oz Tungsten Cored bars in their Basement Safe.

As the value of Gold increases, the rewards for Counterfeiting increase as well, so there are increasingly more coutnterfeit coins and bars circulating.  Unless you drill them you can't tell the difference.  Since Coin Dealers won't let you drill a coin you won't know until after you buy it and only if you choose to drill it, which will take some value away from the numismatic collectibles of course.

Count on it, it Da Goobermint went to a Gold Standard, Gold coins would be cored with Tungsten all the time.  This is an old Playbook the Romans did, though not with Tungsten.  It's just as possible to debase metal coinage as Fiat, and certainly easier to counterfeit than the complex paper notes with special papers.

Gold has about ZERO chance of working as currency, but Gold Bugs can't grasp reality.  Sad.


I'm wondering what is the chance some government is allready there? 

Who drills their new one ounce Gold Eagles to check for tungsten?

Are Maples or Pandas inherently safer?


Yeah, Iceland has lots of EQ swarms.   

The ones under the volcanoes are probably as ordinary as those we experience under Ranier, St Helens, Yellowstone and Mammoth.  Most folks are unaware of those swarms too.  I'm not sure anyone is keeping good track, but IMO this sort of activity is picking up worldwide.  You could be correct that it is insignificant.  I'm not entirely sure of that though.

 OTOH: The Tjörnes fracture zone has not experienced a swarm of this intensity or with a higher Mag EQ since 1976 per the Icelandic Met Office.  This is interesting to me, but apparently noone else here.  Won't bore you with further posts in this genre.

"Interesting" quake swarms developing in Iceland:

An Earthquake swarm started in northern Iceland during the night to the 21th.

Hundreds of earthquakes have been recorded yesterday, last night and this morning outside Siglufjörður. The largest was the second time in the night, 5.2 in size. Human habitations quaking in Akureyri, dogs rushed up óhljóðum and items moved from one place. People were troubled, according to reporters in the north.
 No reports have been received of injuries, however, people or property. Several other earthquakes have been recorded over four dozens of tremors over three large. Bergthora Thorbjarnardottir, geophysicist at the Meteorological Institute, says a shaky offense that is not preceded volcanic activity. The epicenter is about twenty miles north of the town accounted for, at 6-9 kilometers.
 Earthquake had begun the previous night 20 km north SIGLUFJORDUR. Activity has come in waves but calm was between 15 and 23 o’clock yesterday. Furthermore, the cycle may come back with great force. She says that the area has calmed down tonight but it is not possible to predict whether earthquakes recurrence. The last quake of three large measured shortly before seven in the morning. He was of size 3.5 according óyfirfarinni automatic measurement. You can monitor the earthquake on site certified.
 Bergthora says shaking Tjörnes Seismic Zone could reach up to seven large. It can not be excluded a large tremor, but there is no evidence, however, especially for a large earthquake is coming.
 Earthquakes were well over the north and west, to form a Blönduósi in Fnjóskadal, Sauðárkrókur in Staircase,-exhibition, in Isafjordur, in dollars, in Húnaþing and Reykjadalur.
 Earthquakes are common in this area but has not previously been so dramatic cycles in this place.
Full text of article and maps @

Further details and current coverage (not permalinked) @

Frostbite Falls Newz / Re: Frostbite Falls Daily Rant
« on: October 23, 2012, 02:16:25 PM »
Dow down 250, markets getting creamed world wide. After last weeks debacle it is starting to get real nasty. Bad news for Obama if it continues, but who knows.      :-\

Some think that "Mr Market" is offsetting higher taxes under Obama 2 and this forecasts an Obama win.  Others think it just means Obama won the last "debate".  Personally, I  am unsure of the usefullness of current markets in forecasting or evaluating puppet shows or (s)elections.

Geopolitics / Re: Panarchy & The One to The Many-The Final Countdown
« on: October 22, 2012, 06:57:26 PM »
Biggest problem I fear will be nuc plants, etc. loosing cooling and going unattended.  The threat of an ELE is radically higher in my eyes now that I understand this vulnerability so much better after Fuku.  Even at peak profitability & resources we've barely kept a lid on this spent fuel issue ... barely.  Some few hiccups to a few more SPF's could be it.

Gotta agree the potential is there for serious nuke doom. 

As things currently stand, a repeat of the 1812 megaquake sequence in the New Madrid Seismic Zone could cause nuke plant meltdowns that kill most of the Midwest and Northeast USA.  An EMP caused grid shutdown would be more widespread but allow more response.  The best likely scenario is we get one USA Fuku type killer nuke meltdown that motivates enough popular plant shutdown action pressure before a Mega disaster can happen.  The worst likely scenario is RE's "Geotectonic Warming" triggers a global seismic "storm" causing dozens of meltdowns in addition to massive volcanic ash and air pollution, famine and global cooling.

Nonetheless I doubt even worst case kills off humans entirely.  Thus a "full doom" vote here based on real odds.

Cornicopia and Uber Doom odds might seem like the worst "bets" numbers wise, (versus the posted odds) as my guess is the actual odds of either of these happening are closer to those of winning a Powerball jackpot.

When collapse gets going though, it might be hard to tell "Doom Lite" from "Full Doom".  Experience will be local.  Communication likely patchy.  Some prepared or lucky locales might experience "Doom Lite" for several years before decending into "Full Doom".

Conspiracy / Re: Cannibalism
« on: October 09, 2012, 11:39:26 AM »
Does EVERY thread here get sidetracked into Fundie Christianity vs Everything Else in the Known Universe?  It's a bizarre sort of talent, all by itself ... Are you all still going to be arguing about it if and when the bombs go off?   "Yes, I know we're all at war now, but Ashvin/Surly/RE's just made the most annoying comment EVER, and I've GOT to respond."   ("And then I'm leaving here and I'm never coming back - well, not for a week or two, at least ...")   ;)
There's something in the air just now ...

RE, thanks for at least giving a nod to the ORIGINAL POINT of the thread! 


I have to admit, when I saw the fundie handle on this thread, two thoughts came to me:

Cannibals for Christ!   
Eat of the body and blood of Christ or into the pot with you!


There is then a real issue:   

Free speech vs the board becoming Futile.............. and now Fundie Christian.    :icon_scratch:

It DOES seem that a lot of good topic threads have degenerated into discussions of fundie Christianity.   My first impulse is to skip those threads as I have little interest in such views.   But when the majority of current threads are in that state it motivates me to look for some chores to do.

Geopolitics / Re: All Roads Lead to WAR: Syria & Iran
« on: October 08, 2012, 09:05:47 PM »

Just read a piece over at Washington's Blog asserting that what is actually going on here is a fight for control of gas pipelines. 

The piece is called:  "A Primer On the REAL Global Geopolitical Battle"   A short quote is below. 

Sorry I'm not savvy enough to paste the relevant maps.



Why Syria?
You might ask why there is so much focus on Syria right now.
Well, Syria is an integral part of the proposed 1,200km Arab Gas Pipeline

So yes, regime change was planned against Syria (as well as Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan and Iran) 20 years ago.
And yes, attacking Syria weakens its close allies Iran and Russia … and indirectly China.
But Syria’s central role in the Arab gas pipeline is also a key to why it is now being targeted.
Just as the Taliban was scheduled for removal after they demanded too much in return for the Unocal pipeline, Syria’s Assad is being targeted because he is not a reliable “player”.
Specifically, Turkey, Israel and their ally the U.S. want an assured flow of gas through Syria, and don’t want a Syrian regime which is not unquestionably loyal to those 3 countries to stand in the way of the pipeline … or which demands too big a cut of the profits.
A deal has also been inked to run a natural gas pipeline from Iran’s giant South Pars field through Iraq and Syria (with a possible extension to Lebanon).
And a deal to run petroleum from Iraq’s Kirkuk oil field to the Syrian port of Banias has also been approved

 Turkey and Israel would be cut out of these competing pipelines.


For full article with maps and links click below:

Energy / Re: Swan Song for the Little GTO
« on: October 07, 2012, 02:29:14 PM »
What is WRONG with that Picture?  People can't afford the price of Gas to GET to work, so HTF is UE getting BETTER?

WTF BELIEVES Goobermint Stats anymore?  WTF do they Publish them?


The picture is pretty clear. 

OBVIOUSLY all those newly employed folks are driving more and bidding up the price of gas!!   :laugh:

Too bad they photoshopped the picture though. 

The banksters/oilcorps are manipulating the oil/gas prices and Bigger Lies Shepherd the flock into the Obama camp!

Doomsteading / Re: Life in the Wilderness
« on: October 06, 2012, 06:27:37 PM »
So, if you haven’t seen the video “Living Alone in Alaska” (, you should check it out. I really enjoyed it. The film crew spent a week with this guy, which turned into a hour of film, but I could have spent an actual month. Lots of unanswered questions. But much revealed, as well.

I would like more too.   Tried to find the original longer run video series, but it was replaced with pieces of the one you linked to.  For others who might like more, Heimo's cousin wrote a book about the Korth's called "The Final Frontiersman", and it is still in print.  Haven't read it yet, myself.

Some of these could be pretty easily created there, like clothing I suppose. But I think they will really miss the light, and the ammo. One night a grizzly bear came around the house and they knew they had to deal with it. They bravely went out with their headlamps and shotguns and successfully killed the bear. I don’t know how brave you would have to be to do that with no light and no gun. Brave to the point of getting yourself killed, I’m thinking.

So yes, they get by with almost no contact with the outside world. But almost no contact and NO CONTACT are worlds apart. If even once a year you can have a plane drop you flour, rice, ammo, kerosene and some other stuff, that is one thing. How long could they last there with no resupply at all ever again? I’m sure Heimo has mass quantities of ammo set by, but it wouldn’t last forever. A year? Two years? Five years? Same with the headlamps and batteries.

I guess what it brought to mind is that you can bug out to the wilderness for a while. A long while perhaps. But sooner or later you will need a blacksmith or a dentist or some other something that you can’t get out in the middle of nowhere. Living out there is tough and unforgiving and unrelenting and uncaring.

I am still shooting military surplus 5.56 and 30-06 from the 60s & 70s with no problems.  New ammo that is as good or better is available today.  If you can afford to buy, and properly store enough good new hunting ammo, fifty years should not be a problem.  That said, the remaining problems are quite formidable, especially transitioning children to more primative means. 

Hopefully, towns will still be needed and exist to supply the hinterlands. Lord knows we can’t all live on local meat or we would eat everything down the last songbird within a year.

Hard to know where is better to be during transition times. Wilderness looks good if there is a global pandemic (assuming you wouldn’t get sick when you finally did go around humans again), but most locations won’t support that many people. Most places aren’t as fertile and productive as ANWR.

The video doesn't mention it but the Korth's spend six weeks or so each year in a small town.    It does mention briefly that they have three cabins and rotate to a different one each year, mostly to avoid depleting the wildlife.

Diner Newz & Multimedia / Re: Joe's Newz Channel
« on: October 06, 2012, 08:06:02 AM »
How do we Know what we know?  Good question!  Sometimes I wonder.

Several years back, a regular female customer came to my then workplace and asked to have a rule waived, something we might do on occaision for a good customer.   She almost always wanted a waiver though, and had been getting her way.  One day, my boss overheard her request, interrupted the exchange with the service employee, quoted our rules, and told her "Enough already.".  She cussed him a blue streak and was a bit threatening.

My boss asked me if he should worry about her trying to kill him.  I told him not to worry, because there was nothing for her to gain by it;  explaining she thought she was a "mafia princess", would not do it herself, and hit men were expensive!  He did worry.  He had friends in a seldom seen federal agency and told them about it.  They wanted to know how I "knew", and he relayed their question to me.  My response was: "That's what came to me when you asked the question.  I just know."  He wasn't happy with me for awhile after that.

A few months later, this woman was arrested by state police for attempting to hire someone to kill the wife of a man she was allegedly (he denies it) having an affair with.   She was convicted and probably is still in the state prison. 

In the previous year I probably saw this woman about twice a month.  Only at the workplace.  We spoke sometimes,  but it never went past small talk, or lasted more than a couple of minutes.  There was only the one incident with her at the workplace.   So, how did I Know ?   Good question! 


Surly Newz / Re: Surlynewz, Analysis and Outrageous Opinions
« on: October 03, 2012, 06:31:47 PM »
Sooner or later one of these old plants is going to blow.  If we are "lucky" it will be just one.  A series of great earthquakes (8.0+ R) in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, similiar to the 1812 series, could take out several plants in short order.  Many others have significant but lesser hazards.

Most of these plants are beyond their design life.  We were told when the first generation of plants were built that they would be decomissioned and replaced with newer designs in thirty years.  More than thirty years has passed, and better designs do exist now.  But replacing plants costs money that could cut profits and executive bonuses.

Diner Newz & Multimedia / Re: Vermont Nuke
« on: October 03, 2012, 06:05:40 PM »
One problem with extending the Vermont Nuke license is that Vermont doesn't get enough quakes to know where all the faults are yet.  It is entirely possible that the Connecticut River runs over a fault, at least the section between New Hampshire and Vermont, as the land and soil types are quite different on each side of the river.    The plant is right on the river of course, and is almost identical to one that failed at Fuku, with the major difference being the Japan plant was built stronger!

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