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The Kitchen Sink / Re: The Final Revenge of Adm. Poindexter
« on: October 03, 2012, 05:28:30 PM »

If you were they what would you be doing?    :evil4:

Maybe they're going to use all this data to make sure everybodies obediently gets on the train to San Antonio...when the time comes.   :exp-evil:

We know they aren't Santa Claus, but they will be coming to town;  unless other concerns develop that keep them too busy.   Probably that stuff will start in the shities, but they won't be too busy everywhere.  Probably just posting has earned a few low priority tickets from our various protectors.

Could be a good time to buy an abandoned farm, in the name of say "Heritage Farmland Preservation Trust" or something, if you know the right lawyer or are good with paperwork, and tell the neighbors without NTK you bought a vacation beach or ski cottage in a different state.  Might even rent one for abit and take lots of pictures!  Maybe one you think might wash or slide away when the climate gets worse. 

The Kitchen Sink / Re: The Final Revenge of Adm. Poindexter
« on: October 03, 2012, 11:56:19 AM »
I had an acquaintance that worked for the company who told me in 1987 that all long distance calls were recorded and run thru a computer key word program to flag interesting ones for further consideration.  About ten years later this became well known.

Considering what we know, it is reasonable to extrapolate what might be going on now.  We now have drivers licenses and corp IDs with digital photos.   Voiceprint technology and facial recognition software are in use.  We also have cell phones, security microphones and cameras almost everywhere. 

If you were they what would you be doing?    :evil4:

Obviously all electronic communication is monitored.  What else??

Some reasonable (speculative? paranoid?) assumptions:    :icon_scratch:

If you have (had) a cell phone in your name, your voice print is on file.

Most all corporate security systems are also "covered" by government computers.

Unknown voiceprints are identified by facial recognition software, when voice and photo can be correlated.

Any cell phone could be a listening point for the network at any time, even when "off".

They have been collecting this stuff for awhile.

When the new system is up, the backlog of monitoring data gets correlated.

What happens next, we can only guess.  We can be sure they will not be happy though.

Such a brave new world!

The Kitchen Sink / Re: Which Encyclopedia Should I Save?
« on: October 03, 2012, 10:58:22 AM »

Most of us got used to one set, or two at most;  (Americana in my case, and an almost called "Book of Knowledge"), and stuck with it/them.  Few know enough of all of them to give a considered judgement

You are doing the saving, so primarily you should please yourself. 

If you have prospective users in mind, (children, nephews, tribal young etc) and they are old enough to have an opinion, you also might consider their preferences, if possible. 

I thought a snowleopard had a great deal of white in its fur, Snowleopard, sort of like that might give it a little camoflage in the snow,you know what I mean,survival of the fittest and all that. But maybe there was a nice brown spotted snowleopard in your momma's woodpile. Just goin by your picture and thinkin, that's all. Afterall mongrels do have the highest immunity and stronger if they've been treated right.

Lots of color variation in snowleopards, always some white underside and black spots, the rest ranges from grey/white to tan/brown or yellow/brown with varied intergrades.  Higher elevation ranges do tend to have whiter cats.  The eyes vary quite abit too.  Some pictures at this link:

Their camo can be quite good, snow or not, but it doesn't confuse IR scopes.  They are endangered and seldom seen in most of their range.  Not known to cross breed with other cat types!   ::)  Very good ambush hunters but never heard of one attacking a human.  Reportedly a minority eat substantial vegetation.  A different breed of cat!

Earthquake overview : A massive subduction earthquake occurred below the Colombian Andes at 11:31 local time. Due to the very deep hypocenter, this earthquake will probably not lead to damage or injuries

Diner Newz & Multimedia / Re: Phillip Farruggio
« on: September 29, 2012, 09:02:39 PM »
@ Lady K:  You're welcome, thanks for the complement.   There is no debt.

Perhaps we are out of phase, perhaps not. 

I'm thinking this is going to be a long conflict, and i should find a way to participate in raising awareness.  Have no luck with blue pill types,  but some folks took neither pill, or are before the choice.  They see some problems, and might be helped to see how those problems fit into a bigger picture.  Seeing the big picture and what is coming means one is more likely to be prepared and less likely to panic when it arrives.  The value of half measures now is in helping the sleeping folks to WTFU as the paroxsym(s) will happen anyway.  I can't do that part, so it is good someone is.   Once they are awake maybe we can help them.  To paraphrase RE:  Give as many as you can a chance to save themselves.       

OTOH: There is this constant feeling of impending DOOM!   Always been there at some level and always wrong so far.  DOOM feels like it's 4-8 months away today.  It varies but, for example it felt like 2-3 years away in 1997, and weeks away in Sept of 2008.  I  learned to not freak out when this feeling intensifies.  I've done the preps i can, will do more as i get the chance, and realise saftey is an illusion.

When i read your post it resonated with my own thinking vs feeling conflict, so i tried to translate.  It was a bit forward of me :) I'm glad you liked it.

Diner Newz & Multimedia / Re: Phillip Farruggio
« on: September 29, 2012, 11:46:23 AM »
i won't criticize some who have commented on my column, though i have reason. why? well,here is my take, and i think Golden Oxen may agree with me ( hopefully): We are living in an era where there is little or no ' one on one contact ' between humans. Many of us sit in front of keyboards and get in and out of our cars and rarely relate by sounds coming out of our mouths. So, we have folks who enjoy the ' power ' they feel by being far away from their audience and letting it all rail away! Honestly, i need a translator to understand what one of you was even suggesting! sad indeed.

Many think more voices against the machine are a good thing, others think there is little time for half measures.  My thinking agrees with the first group, my feelings agree with the second.  Thank you for your efforts.

I'm a newbie here, and not sure I entirely understand Lady K, (aka Xena) either.  I think it is fustration rather than lack of empathy though.  If you read through her comments, you will find several complaining of the inability of many to empathise with their fellow humans.  Some of the others are pure vitriol.  Rage at the dying of the light?  Impatience at "timid half measures"?  OR maybe "There is no point in cleaning the pollution on the beach, a tsunami is coming!  Get out NOW!" ??

If I understand correctly (Doubtfull):  If a principled call, on Constitutional grounds, to bring all troops home not needed for actual defense (with widespead voter support) is not even given reasonable consideration;  why do you think a call for a 25% reduction will get more than lip service? 

there is hope for us all... IF we begin standing together and speaking out on issues that really matter, like cutting this empire's military spending 25% and get us the hell out of places we should not be in...that is a start. to sit back and dismiss anyone who dares to OFFER alternatives is really serving NO ONE, now is it?

Is there Hope?  Seems to me we had a national referendum on HOPE in 2008.  HOPE won at the polls, but it was a false dawn, with no reality.   They told us what we wanted to hear (lied), were elected, and then they did what they were told.  A majority of Democratic and Independent voters favor military cuts and Republicans are split.   We had a new Democrat president with a national majority favoring military cuts (2008) and he approved military increases instead, what does that say?  Certianly he does not implement the directives of the people.   This is not new of course, just more visable to those willing to look.  He is now likely to be re-elected after breaking almost all of his campaign promises as those unwilling or unable to look are "programmed" to approve or resign themselves to the illusions of our masters.

Sure, 25% off of the MIC budget would be a good start,  but exactly who is going to slow this runaway train?  The natural dynamics of Empire call for expansion unto collapse.  A turnaround by popular demand is unlikely without a revolution or collapse.  It appears the MIC is perfectly prepared to crush a revolution if it develops.  This could lead to a massive movement to peacefully withhold cooperation, but that appears unlikely this side of disaster.  Worse yet, we have the Globalists/Zionists pushing the American Empire into overreach, so upon its implosion/destruction they can reassemble the pieces into a world gulag.

Others have recently presented these topics more eloquently than I can.   I have some disagreement with each as well, but may I suggest for your consideration:


Environment / Re: US Corn Crop Failure
« on: September 28, 2012, 12:34:21 PM »
I am feeling the cost of this.   :(

Local cost for a 50# bag of organic (to avoid GMO pass thru) chicken feed is currently up approx 30% YOY and rising.  I'm guessing it will probably be double YOY by spring or more.  Started fall slaughter/packing/freezing early to save feed $$ and bought most of the winter feed supply last month (usually done in Nov.) anticipating further price increase.  Planning to cut the number of laying hens/breeding geese wintered over to the minimum needed to raise next years chicks/goslings.  Have already completely eliminated my former backup (very hardy but smaller and less productive) chicken breed.

Thanks roamer, read this thread in July, before joining, when i dropped in to read/lurk.
Hope you make out OK, sounds like you know your business Snowleopard. City boy here so I haven't a clue, except
as this stuff applies to the markets.

Was nice of the corporate scum to destroy our most valuable resource wasn't it.

Thanks for your efforts in keeping that GMO swill away from us.     GO          :exp-angry:

Your welcome,

But, I am only operating a small farmstead. 

I do sell some (eggs, pullets, broilers, and gesse) locally, if/when I have excess, but I can't compete with the big guys.  My focus is on providing myself and "family" with healthy food.  Commercial operations buy chicken feed by the ton or truckload.

GMO is an obscenity.  I'm not sure if it specifically targets certian human genetic groups or not.  Certianly it is contaminating the biosphere and is unhealthy at some level for all.  I am not sure if the "corporate scum" are just looking to dominate the foodchain, or if this is also one plan (of many) to "thin the herd".

I have a friend (for now), young mother with two preschool kids, who went from healthy to stage four breast cancer in 4-5 months.  Very intelligent, tech college grad, never smoked, healthy diet, but had not been avoiding GMOs.  Was it GMO, or Fuk U Shima, or something else?  I'll never know.

Diner Newz & Multimedia / Re: Phillip Farrugio: Public Library
« on: September 28, 2012, 11:37:02 AM »

The Internet is primarily responsible, especially now with books being published Digitally for Kindle.  Dead Tree Readers are becoming Dinosaurs.  Why have shelves and shelves of Books and Magazines can all be packaged onto one computer really.  If you just talk text, you could pack the entire Library of Congress onto a Thumb Drive.


Excellent idea.  You don't suppose there is any chance of buying such at a reasonable price??

Environment / Re: US Corn Crop Failure
« on: September 28, 2012, 11:03:44 AM »
I am feeling the cost of this.   :(

Local cost for a 50# bag of organic (to avoid GMO pass thru) chicken feed is currently up approx 30% YOY and rising.  I'm guessing it will probably be double YOY by spring or more.  Started fall slaughter/packing/freezing early to save feed $$ and bought most of the winter feed supply last month (usually done in Nov.) anticipating further price increase.  Planning to cut the number of laying hens/breeding geese wintered over to the minimum needed to raise next years chicks/goslings.  Have already completely eliminated my former backup (very hardy but smaller and less productive) chicken breed.

Thanks roamer, read this thread in July, before joining, when i dropped in to read/lurk.

Geopolitics / Re: For Whom the Bell Tolls
« on: September 26, 2012, 12:12:32 PM »
Hi Snowleopard, I don't know about the anger part of your statement but the solidarity is not there.

It would certainly seem strange for hunger to cause the end in the USA, we used to be known as the Bread Basket of the World.  Most likely a financial breakdown will cause it.

Hi GO. 

The anger I mean is not the slow burn, cautious anger of the long awakened, but the hot fire anger of a multitude shocked into (usually temporary) awareness by either flagrant atrocity or (in the case of EU) repeated assaults on their sustenance.   This can, and sometimes does, spark the angered into taking action that could jeopardise their life and limb;  but when the provocations cease being flagrant it usually turns into resignation or peacefull resistance.  It might be interesting to see what happens in FSA if unemployed J6P realizes that those behind the "get a job you bum" meme AND those who promote the "lets make jobs by bailing out the banks" meme are also behind the massive outsourcing of US jobs.

I first heard the "financial breakdown causes distribution breakdown resulting in massive disorder" hypothesis from Howard Ruff in the 1970s.  He thought it was imminent.  I still think it's still plausible in the cities, but I've been waiting awhile!  It seems more likely after a financial breakdown that there will be lots of food available, but the "underclass" will have little means to buy it.

Geopolitics / Re: For Whom the Bell Tolls
« on: September 26, 2012, 09:36:43 AM »
  Thanks again. I still say what I said before when the miners marched on Madrid. They have balls. What do we have?  Nuthin. We got just damn NUTHIN. NO brains. NO balls. NO Heart. NO CFS. WHY ? How is it possible to respect Americans or America at all? Somebody? Puleese.. Did you see how many damn people came out? How many were there. What the Hell is wrong with this GOD FORSAKEN ROTTEN excuse of a country? Stand up you rotten cowards and I don't mean for Jesus!

Probably because there is still a certain amount of safety nets to help the oppressed survive, food stamps, unemployment insurance, food banks etc. Once these no longer exist, and it will happen, then you will get your mobs in the streets. There are of course many other factors at play in America, this is obviously just a partial answer.
There is also a big difference between taking to the streets with your neighborhood, a mass protest, or standing alone which could well be considered martyrdom in this situation. It has to be a group effort by it's very nature, an extremely large group. Most people want to stay alive, I certainly don't blame them.

Certainly hunger and survival issues are part of the motivation for protests/riots in EU.  Anger is a larger factor.  Solidarity is bigger.  It is these factors that are absent now in FSA.

Looking back at large demonstrations and riots in US history, the larger ones demonstrate either movement solidarity,  spontaneous anger or both.  Hunger and survival have seldom been a big part of it.  Those who marched on the Dark City after the Kent State murders were not deterred by fears they too could be shot, but were spurred on by anger at injustice. But generally, peaceful solidarity marches tend to draw the largest numbers here in FSA.

Surly Newz / Re: Surlynewz, Analysis and Outrageous Opinions
« on: September 25, 2012, 11:15:34 AM »
Basically, I agree that the Repugnicans and Demoncats are just the right and left wing of the vulture picking on the guts of what remains of the FSA middle class.

I always wondered if Shrub, being a Yalie, Skull & Bones, and CIA family raised, wasn't just enjoying playing the dumb schmoe.   Since a president's job is basically that of an actor who sometimes gets to ad-lib and direct abit, playing dumb makes a dull job a bit more interesting and deflects anger that might inspire an actual loner assassin.

Obama, another CIA brat, is obviously even smarter that he lets on, but it is obvious to me that his public life is just a very good act.  Romney is good at cutting up failing corps like they were organ donors, and that requires some smarts.   Maybe he's an idiot savant?  Or is he playing Shrub? 

Either way, they are both accomplished liars jockeying to be chief PR puppet of the elite, while the elite continue to eat our lunch (and then maybe us as well).    If we are lucky an asteroid will hit the debate platform.

Spirituality & Mysticism / Re: Mrs. Christ
« on: September 22, 2012, 03:53:01 PM »
I have not yet had time to read/listen to all of this. (but i will find it).   I was under the impression (from childhood research) that the Christ title was not applied to Jesus until about 300AD when the Greek Christos cult was merged with the Jeshuan cult and made a state religion by Constantine (those that might have opposed this being previously slaughtered).  Can anyone shed light on this?

Christ was a title for the Messiah, but it was applied to Jesus very early on. See the quotations from the sources here -

Your reply sparked my interest enough to look into this further.  I no longer have my childhood sources.

It appears that you are correct, that greek Jews used the title (Christos) for the Messiah, and when converted applied the title to Jesus.   Nevertheless, it may also be true that the title was not officially applied, until doctrine was distilled under Constantine.   If Jesus's had a wife:-\   it is unlikely anybody was calling her "Mrs Christ"!   :)

It also appears there was more than one pagan cult that used Chrestos or Christos to apply to an initiate, to a priest trainee and/or to a prophet/teacher.  It is highly likely the pagan usage was primary, and previously pagan greek converts to Judiasm (and later converts to "Christianity" or whatever it was then called) imported the title and concept.   Certianly it was used earlier in Egypt and likely found its way to Greece from there.

Geopolitics / Re: For Whom the Bell Tolls
« on: September 22, 2012, 12:19:56 PM »
We saw the "Arab Spring", perhaps it is now time for the "Powerz Fall"! ?   :-\   Happy Mabon! 

I think you are quite correct that the large countries are all going to fracture, the timetable eludes me though.  Something between four months and four decades.   I would prefer sooner, so it will probably be later! :(

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