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The Kitchen Sink / Diners in the limelight.
« on: January 26, 2021, 12:59:29 PM »
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K-Dog Barks on Roar Media Live. Yes, this is who I am.

On the Tuesday Turmoil Panel with Stevie King. It was fun. Oz and Chanda are good people.

K-Dog Off Leash Newz / Prepper News
« on: January 11, 2021, 03:25:13 PM »
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Brad is very stressed out.  Trouble with his daughter made his perimeter crack.  Brad sees a lot of pain out there.

* My mistake, his dog has a broken shoulder.


Off Grid With Brad And Kelley

Economics / The Economy of Collapse
« on: December 18, 2020, 04:16:11 PM »

It turns out the big one is a slow motion train wreck.  With 1/3 of people not making rent or house payments and no war to jump start the economy the American People are screwed.

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I'm not advocating for a war.  I'm just saying how it is.  We have passed the point of no return and are about to find that out.

Geopolitics / People We Should Listen To
« on: December 14, 2020, 11:17:19 PM »
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Richard starts out explaining that Biden is going to attempt a Obama re-do.  Same people same corporate ass-kissing neo liberal clowning.  This will result in a Trump re-do in four years.  Be it Trump or another populist Nazi.

The thing to be done will be to rant ad nauseam about real problems and how the neo liberal oppression with a smile regime of hey man Joe, is doing nothing to address serious issues.

Forget that it has all been said.

Say  it again and again and again.  Don't stop.

We will have to wait for Joe to Start doing nothing of course.  January 20th.  Wait a day after that and check to make sure he has not had a road to Damascus moment.

That won't be likely.


The dowager princesses and the eunuchs of the Han Dynasty only let emperors who could be controlled live.  Minor children who had no power were preferred, but ineffective dissolute idiots were also good to have.  For the eunuchs and widows it was good that is, not for anyone else.

As a result their civilization fell and Luoyang their capital became a smoking ruin.  It was abandoned for decades after it burned to the ground.

History is about to rhyme.

The Kitchen Sink / MOVED: The War at Home
« on: December 13, 2020, 12:55:10 PM »
Moved to an appropriate location

Marathon Man Newz / Trolling Russia
« on: November 12, 2020, 09:10:00 AM »

I found this when I was surfing Google Earth.  Knowing it was there I found a picture of it to post here.  It is in Yekaterinburg which is two time zones ahead of Moscow.  Deep in Russia.  In the Yekaterinburg burbs I dropped down to see how their housing was.  Two women were walking along the street.  One of them had a T-Shirt on with an American flag in the center of it.

Medicine & Health / Socialism and the American Right Wing
« on: October 31, 2020, 09:16:05 PM »
I'll just add this. I'm sure there is going to be a lot more socialist policy in a few years when many boomers fall off the electoral roll (does America even have one?) and all the young people without the same opportunities their parents had become majority. If it was only a matter of looking at the distribution and frequency of mortality, this would be the perfect opportunity to kill several birds with one stone and create a win-win wrt generational discontent.

I would go further than their suggestion that the over 60 work from home. It would be much cheaper than all the industry bailouts to help the over 60 still in debt to retire and give a millennial their permanent job so they can buy a home.

Well I wish you were right, I'm a boomer class traitor.  The American right wing is huge.  There are a lot of stupid American white men of all ages who's gut tell them they are not going to get ahead without plunder.  There is no plunder in socialism.  Who would turn down cradle to grave peace of mind for a dog eat dog existence?  White racist assholes would and we have a lot of them.  Currently the blonde women among them are the most vocal.  They are not expected to make sense so they have the floor.  When attractive blond women talk shit and get mean people just smile.

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K-Dog Off Leash Newz / This is BULLSHIT
« on: October 01, 2020, 11:03:07 PM »
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If the president was exposed on Tuesday as reported he could not have developed into an infectious state to infect Melania this quickly so that she could also test positive so quickly. (48 hours total) Nobody on the fucking planet is a bigger liar than Trump. Trump will do anything to stay in power and this is one of the anythings. CNN's National Security Advisor Samantha Vinograd reads the riot act and says this is "the most dangerous moment in the nation's history." She may as well be working for Trump. This will likely win the election for Trump after he 'recovers'

This is a setup.

He recovers from his phony Covid and election is a slam dunk.  This lie will fuck us all.

This is like the gulf of Tonkin incident.  Never happened!

K-Dog Off Leash Newz / Necromancing the Medium
« on: September 13, 2020, 01:28:19 PM »
Another rant by the prophet behind the paywall.  He writes well.  But he only sings to the choir.

2020 is the Year the World as We Know it Began to End
This is What a Collapsing Civilization Looks Like

umair haque

As if right on cue, California began to burn — all over again. Then Washington and Oregon did. It’s not even wildfire season proper yet — and already the blazes are burning out of control. America’s learning the hard way what a new and terrible kind of phenomenon — the megafire — is. Australia learned it last year, and is going to learn it again soon. How is a state supposed to survive that? How long is it until swathes of California and Australia are unlivable? And when they are — what happens then?

It was 121 degrees in LA over the weekend. How is a city supposed to exist that way? One answer — the dumb answer — is: “Crank up the AC!” But California’s power grid is already struggling to cope. No power grid known to mankind is going to be able to let 10 million people exist in a state of perpetual air conditioned bliss, while temperatures go right on soaring past the point of human habitability. And then there’s the inconvenient question of how much carbon such power demands will require.

Did you know, by the way, that atmospheric carbon has reached its highest point in human history? Last time carbon existed in the atmosphere in such amounts, sea levels were 50 to 100 feet higher than they are today. 50 to 100 feet. Imagine civilisation surviving that. Ours, at least, can’t. There go London, Manhattan, Florida and California, Spain and Louisiana.

And did you know that the last time carbon was this high, temperatures were as much as five degrees higher than they are now? Five degrees doesn’t sound like much. But it is absolutely catastrophic. At five degrees, all the following things begin to happen. The oceans acidify. Megastorms and megafires become regular weather events. Ecosystems collapse. Topsoil turns to desert. Food chains implode. Mass extinction results.

All that is summed up in just one week of 2020. We are nine months into a year that is the most ruinous in modern history. It has been a year of natural calamity, human-made catastrophe, folly, stupidity, rage, and error. Have we learned anything yet? Are we walking apes capable of “learning” at the level that’s required of us now — at the existential level, the level beyond our own little grasping selves?

Let’s continue our journey through 2020. The week before California began to burn all over again, what was happening? America was plunging into an authoritarian nightmare. The President did everything over those last few weeks from sending shock troops to beat and gas people in the streets, to having secret police disappear protesters, to proclaiming he wouldn’t give up power peacefully, to openly building a political dynasty, sending his kids to hector to the nation at his party’s political conference.

None of this, though, should have been a surprise. There were America’s police — killing hated minorities on the streets, over and over again, in horrific ways. Caught on video. This one strangled, that one suffocated, this one shot in the back. The world was aghast. What had America become? The answer: America had been becoming a pre-authoritarian state for a decade or two, after making an abortive attempt at being a true democracy, which only lasted about thirty years — before that, it was the world’s largest apartheid state.

Americans, though, didn’t seem to care very much. Some of them did, it’s true. Those hated minorities led marches desperately crying their lives mattered too through the streets. But by and large, the “real” American might have complained on Twitter — and that’s about it. Certainly, there was no mass movement to demand a President’s resignation, like there was even in Belarus.

What had happened to Americans? The answer was that they had become uneducated people, traumatised people, and bitterly selfish people, all at once. No, #NotAllAmericans. But enough of them. Massive underinvestment in education — as well as its ideological capture by fanatics and extremists and ignoramuses — had left even the educated American a pale shadow of his Canadian or European counterparts. A brutal economy of violence where everyone was forced to compete against everyone else for the basics — money, food, healthcare, shelter — had traumatised Americans into helplessness, despair, and suffocated rage. And a hyper individualistic, consumerist society — where the only point of life was to symbolically conquer and kill the next person, by having more stuff and status than them — had left Americans viciously selfish, incapable of empathy, care, concern, warmth.

That had led to something even more frightening than authoritarianism, perhaps.

A lethal pandemic had struck the world. And Americans had simply shrugged, while the death toll reached 200,000 and counting. What the? But a nation turning authoritarian, led by a fascist movement, wasn’t going to have much regard for human life. And a nation that had turned as selfish, was as traumatised, as Americans had and were — it wasn’t going to be able to cooperate to stop something like a pandemic. So Americans just began to die by the hundreds, and then the thousands, which is where America is today, and will be for the foreseeable future.

Americans didn’t care much about this either, and still don’t. They rankle at losing their “freedom,” and those that don’t are too busy trying to eke out a living to have much room or energy left for caring about anyone else.

All that’s just the last few months of 2020. And I’ve only focused on one country. I could have spoken about Britain pursuing the folly of Brexit, breaking international law to do it. The way that Europe simply left desperate refugees to drown in the seas, violating every form of decency and law. The way that parts of Asia flooded, and a weary world barely noticed.

There is a theme here.

The first nine months of 2020 are a warning that our civilisation is beginning to collapse. They were a portrait of the future. They are history laughing at our paralysis. And they are time smiling at our vanity.

The theme of the last decade of human history has been very simple. Whatever your worst fears were, they weren’t nearly bad enough. Americans didn’t expect hundreds of thousands of dead, while fascism swept their country — they didn’t even expect not to care. They imagined they’d nobly rise up against such things. And here they are, trapped, like so many before them, in cowardice, exhaustion, bewilderment, and despair.

America teaches us the lesson of the last decade of human history in no uncertain terms. Do not let it grow too late to fix things.

It may (unfortunately) be too late to fix America now. Sure, maybe Biden will get elected, and maybe Trump will lose his court battles, and maybe the military will even march him out of office. That is all a Very Good Thing. But it is not enough. Americans will never — at least not for the foreseeable future— have any of the following things: working healthcare, retirement, pensions, decent jobs, stable incomes, security, mobility. Those things are now a memory.

That’s not my opinion, by the way. It’s one) a statistical reality now and b) a certainty tomorrow, because nobody has a plan to provide Americans such things. (Bernie and Liz Warren did, of course, but that much is history.)

So American living standards will continue to fall. But that does not mean the future is more of a slow slide into dystopia. It is a very fast one. Imagine what happens as temperatures rise — but there is no plan in America to replace its ageing power grids. What happens nobody much invests in education, to prevent tomorrow’s fascisms. What happens as sea levels rise, and maybe, just maybe, Manhattan and Miami can build barriers — but poorer states can’t.

What will happen in America is very simple. One, huge waves of migration will ensue. Two, economic depressions will unfold, as cities, towns, and regions become unliveable. Three, further waves of fascist-authoritarianism will unfold, even worse than this time. Four, social bonds will continue to break down, leaving Americans even more incapable of responding.

That is a tiny portrait of humanity’s future, too.

The theme of American collapse is: fix things before it’s too late. But that is the time we are living in now as a world, too.

We have maybe a decade or so, as Desiree Driesenaar writes, to prepare ourselves for the most calamitous time in human history, period. It is going to make the last two World Wars look tame in comparison. I call it the Long Catastrophe, and it should be eminently clear to any thinking person by now that it consists of climate change, mass extinction, ecological collapse, growing global inequality, and the fascisms, authoritarianisms, and the economic depressions and social collapses all those will yield.

Do you think Americans have a bad case of fascism now, because Central Americans began fleeing to America, since America itself destroyed their countries, because many of them wanted to be socialist? Wait until huge parts of Central America become unlivable not for political reasons, but for climatic ones. There won’t be thousands of refugees then. There will be millions.

How do you think Americas — already traumatized— are going to respond then? They are going to go right back to their fascist leanings, and put someone even more dangerous than Trump in office. Bang! It’s too late for America. Its future is written. America is not going to survive a century of upheaval to human existence. If anything, America shows us one failed road — how not to exist on this planet as sane, healthy, kind, gentle human beings.

The future is coexistence.Coexistence is all we have left, and it is what we don’t know how to do. Americans don’t know how to coexist with anybody — not even each other. There is a lesson there. Not all of us are as terrible as Americans — but we walking apes are terrible at coexistence.

We don’t know how to share this planet. With the animals. With the forests, oceans, rivers, reefs. With each other. With our kids and grandkids. We walking apes don’t yet have the values and mindsets of coexistence. That is why we are failing to build the systems of institutions. Millennia of being the most violent and hateful species on this planet — do you see lions trying to stockpile billions? — have left us the most ignorant beings of them all.

But that time is now at an end. Either we walking apes take the next step in the journey towards a higher consciousness, towards a truer and nobler way of life, towards the good — or we fall. Our civilisation crumbles. All that’s left is America. We lash out at each other in rage, pain, hate, and stupidity. We don’t know anything else. Whatever chances there are to change it all, we squander, glued to our infotainment, saving up desperately for that boob job or plastic smile. America is the way everything falls apart.

Asia knows it. That is why China laughs at any suggestion now that it should somehow Westernize. It’s building its own vision of the future — a kind of dystopian technocommunism. It’s not great — but by and large, it’s working out much better than American apathy, hate, and stupidity. Africa, too, knows it. That is why even impoverished, brutalised Africa has done better at beating Corona than America — it relied on communities and networks.

Those ways, too, give us an inkling of a very different future. Is the future African communalism? Is it Chinese techno-social-utilitarianism? Is it — as many of us have long thought — European social democracy?

The answer is that the future is probably none of those. The future — if there is one — is, again best understood through the failure of America. What can’t Americans imagine? What is it that makes them so hateful and foolish in the eyes of the world? Americans can’t imagine the world.

That is to say, Americans can’t imagine a world where, say:

— Every human child has healthcare, an education, a nest egg,

— Every human life has dignity, justice, meaning, in concrete terms, meaning an income, savings, housing, sanitation, food, water,

— Every life of any kind, from oceans to rivers to forests, has inherent worth, isn’t able to abused, cut down, exploited.

Americans can’t even imagine all that for themselves. That is why the world laughs at them bitterly. All that money, earned through all that violence. And what did it get them? Nothing. They simply threw it all away.

But we are all Americans in that regard now. We are throwing our civilisation away.

Maybe it deserves to be junked, that much is fair to say. It was built on slavery, hate, greed. Maybe we just need to start over.

That’s fair, if you ask me.

Either way — reform or revolution, starting over or saving our civilization — we have to begin now. We have to imagine what Americans haven’t yet: a world like the one above, where every single life of any kind, from a brown person in some destroyed nation to a tiny school of fish, has inalienable dignity, inherent worth, self-direction, meaning, a voice in democracy.

There’s California, burning. There are the fascists, plotting their coup in Washington DC. There are the billionaires in Manhattan, planning to flee to Mars or New Zealand. There’s the average American, in some little town, shrugging at mass death.

There is a whole world out there laughing at the painful, idiotic stupidity of all that. But. Nobody much is learning the lesson.

2020 is the year everything changed.

September 2020

K-Dog Off Leash Newz / Prepper Porn
« on: September 01, 2020, 07:07:53 PM »
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They need a place to grow fruits and vegetables.  Humans leave cities in large numbers.

K-Dog Off Leash Newz / FSOA Uniparty News
« on: July 28, 2020, 06:32:43 PM »

Biden calls for violent protesters to be ‘found, arrested and tried’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday called for the arrest of violent protesters while taking questions for the first time in 28 days.

The former vice president struck a discordant tone with fellow liberals who insist protests against the May killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police are peaceful, and that authorities are to blame for any violence in Portland and other cities.

“I think we do need to hold those who violate the law accountable,” Biden said. “We should never let what’s done in a march for equal rights overcome what the reason for the march is. And that’s what these folks are doing. And they should be arrested — found, arrested and tried.”

Biden’s call for the prosecution of violent protesters may further alienate leftist politicians uneasy with Biden’s decades of centrist policies.

This week, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) said she would not endorse Biden and a co-chair of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner, likened voting for Biden to eating a “bowl of s–t.”

The event was the first time Biden took questions since a June 30 briefing. President Trump by contrast often takes reporter questions multiple times a day including at his resumed daily coronavirus briefings. He’s taken questions from reporters at least 15 times since June 30.

Biden largely steer cleared of gaffes on Tuesday, but mistakenly said that Trump canceled plans to hold the Republican National Convention in Tallahassee, Florida, before correcting himself to say Jacksonville.

Biden repeated that he intends to name a running mate in early August. And he claimed distrust of Trump may undermine efforts to pump out a coronavirus vaccine if one is developed.

“I’m running because Trump is the president. I think our democracy is at stake for real,” Biden told reporters in Wilmington, Delaware.

Biden also slammed Trump for a church photo-op last month near the White House that followed the violent dispersal of protesters by US Park Police supported by the DC National Guard. Attorney General William Barr told lawmakers Tuesday that the timing was coincidental and activists were not dispersed to make way for Trump.

“When the president decided he had to walk across from the White House to a group of peaceful demonstrators to an Episcopal church to hold a Bible upside down, which I don’t know how often he reads — and he used the military to do that. Did you ever think you’d see a chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff apologizing to the nation?” Biden said.

Biden, often attacked by Trump as a possibly senile would-be puppet of the Left, defended himself as a supporter of capitalism, while insisting he’d also be “the most progressive president in American history.”

“But none of the things I’m talking about are inconsistent with a free market, not inconsistent with capitalism,” he said.

Fuck Joe, go back to sleep. <---- K-Dog

K-Dog Off Leash Newz / American Censorship is alive and well.
« on: July 02, 2020, 01:43:00 PM »
American Censorship.

I get moved to go after the trolls at Honey Trap Central from time to time.  I have been outspoken and honest there lately.  Today Cassius Marcellus Clay is my hero.  I think there is a family connection. 


Clay became an abolitionist early in his life after hearing a speech by William Lloyd Garrison while at Yale in 1832. He eventually founded the abolitionist newspaper True American.

He was also a total badass who killed his enemies and died of natural causes at 92.  Then I read about the civil war.  A bug bit and I had to write a comment at Clusterfuck Nation.

Note the bottom of my comment In this screenshot.

Here is the same view through K-Proxy. 

I hesitate to post this because I am fully aware I do not always see:  Your comment is awaiting moderation. when Kunstler or his handlers slams down the hammer.  Sometimes they warn me sometimes they don't.

But I'm feeling metal today so what the hell.

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I think Kunstler will be coming out with an autobiography soon.  The title will be:

American Asshole

This does not come as a surprise.  My clarity of opinion has even been respected by some of the trolls at Clusterfuck Nation of late.  I have been writing well.  As I have been running a high tide I'm not surprised the curmudgeon and the Homeland Security Program who pays him would be concerned.

Why I'm here and why I have a blog of my own.

* The comment was approved, this time.  The last time Kunstler put me on a leash I left for three weeks.  I am fully aware all my comments published to clusterfucknation may not get a public view even when I can see them because I am logged in.

The American Economy is Still Imploding

The Headlines are Wrong. The Numbers are Misleading. The Economy’s Still in Deep Trouble.

umair haque

I was surprised to read today — as you were, perhaps — that the American unemployment rate fell in May, to 13 percent or so. Too surprised. I frowned, and thought to myself: “that can’t be right.” It didn’t make sense, tally with…reality. I didn’t trust it — because it just didn’t seem possible. Data isn’t something that we should ever treat as God-given — when it fails to represent the reality we see with our own eyes, we can and should question it.

So I began to do the research, and lo and behold:

“Some temporarily jobless workers were characterized as ‘employed’ in May; had they been counted correctly, the Department said, the unemployment rate would have topped 16%.”

The unemployment rate — the real one — is higher than 16%. Now, that makes sense. How many people do you know that have been furloughed or laid off? Hasn’t America been swept by an economic tsunami? The true unemployment rate isn’t falling; it’s climbing. Not my opinion — the government’s own admission. That is a big deal. Not a small one. I want to stress what a big mistake this is. You’re reading, by now, over and over again, in headline after headline, article after article, that the unemployment rate fell. But…it didn’t.

So how high is it? My guess is it’s about 20% at the moment. Then why is the figure of 13% being reported as a headline? Lazy journalism, I guess, or bad economics, or both. Why was it reported instead of the correction? Was it just politically convenient? I don’t know. I’m not a cynic. What I do know is that when the Department of Labour itself says that the real unemployment rate is higher than the headline…and no one seems to report it…a nation is being given a false picture of the economy, and how it’s really doing.

The American economy is still imploding.
Bad data, and thinking based on it, doesn’t help. It only prevents seeing the problem. An unemployment rate that the government itself admits is rising to higher than 16% — but won’t say just how high — is only one kind of vivid proof of that.

Evidence is beginning to emerge of three things that I and every good economist have feared — three ways that catastrophe becomes economic depression, by way of a widespread loss of confidence in its ability to produce decent lives, higher living standards, and anything close to stability, instead of chaos, despair, and ruin.

First, even what shrinking number of decent jobs there were left in the American economy are still being replaced by low-income, go-nowhere, dead-end ones — at an even faster rate now. What jobs were added in May were mostly in “low income service jobs” — hospitality and restaurants. That is because mega-corporations in particular have used the pandemic as an opportunity for the “cost-savings” that the American economy has become famous for. Maybe we can do without this set of managers, those accountants, these analysts, those branches, that whole branch businesses. Bang! There go legions of jobs, never to return. They’re transformed, instead, into “low-income service jobs.”

Do you know what percentage of the economy is already “low-income service work”? Prepare to be shocked. About half.
Something close to half of Americans work in dead-end, go-nowhere jobs, that usually come with no benefits, protections, or guarantees, whether pensions, decent healthcare, retirement, and so forth. Worse, this kind of work never offers rising incomes. You work for minimum wage — or less in many states, where “tips” count as formal earnings. The result is that unlike yesteryear’s jobs, a person’s income never rises. They just go on eking out a living most of their lives.

That’s the second thing that I and most good economists have feared — that this pandemic would harden wage stagnation, and amplify inequality
. What happens when more than 50% of Americans work low-income service jobs? Economically speaking, three things do. One, because incomes never rise, people accumulate no savings. Two, as incomes flatten, debt explodes. Three, as debt explodes, living right at the edge of bankruptcy becomes the new normal. That’s already where 80% of Americans are, living paycheck to paycheck. More than 50% of Americans working low-wage service jobs is going to push that already nightmarish statistic past breaking point. Maybe 90% of Americans will end up living at the edge. Maybe 95% will. Those are not numbers that can be called anything like a prosperous economy — even if the stock market booms, and Jeff Bezos and Zuck go on earning billions.

What happens to a nation of people whose incomes never rise? That brings me to the third thing that I’ve feared, right along with most good economists. Social upheaval. Political instability. The breakdown of society. You might say, looking at America, with a hundred thousand dead, and a lunatic in the Oval Office — “Buddy, we’re already there!” You’re right.

But this instability has been caused by yesterday’s broken economy. Sure, the stock market boomed, and the rich got richer. But behind the curtain — where too few cared to look — or maybe under the rug, terrible things were happening. The average American now died in debt, as — around 2010 or so — the middle class became a minority, for the first time in modern history.

American media doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of this statistic, so let me spell it out. The last time an entire nation died in debt, Weimar Germany became Nazi Germany. Germans owed unpayable debts to France and Britain. They couldn’t pay them. They fell into poverty. Amidst the chaos, Nazism arose. Hitler and his gang blamed the economic woes of the average German on…Jews. But Jews had nothing whatsoever to do with them. So what? The average German was spellbound by this story, this myth. And the rest is history — one of its grimmest chapters. Weimar Germany’s social collapse into Nazi Germany had economic roots. In the average German dying in debts he could never pay.

America is undergoing exactly the same process right now. The average American is saddled by debts he cannot repay. First, it’s “lunch debt,” then it’s “student debt,” then it’s credit card and mortgage debt, which becomes “medical debt.” The ones in quotes don’t even exist in other rich countries today. The only difference between Weimar Germany and America 2020 is that Americans don’t owe debts to other countries — they owe them to their own super-rich. The process is exactly the same. American incomes are now too low for the average American to ever pay off his debts.

The result is desperation, fear, anxiety, and rage. And so the socioeconomic effect is precisely the same as it was in Weimar Germany.
A crushing, staggering kind of social collapse, into hate, violence, and ruin. A demagogue emerged, who blamed the economic woes of the average American — which were very real — on Mexican, Latinos, Jews, Muslims, all of whom have nothing whatsoever to do with those woes. Trumpism was a direct consequence of America’s broken economy — and the American elite’s profound denial that it was and is broken.

Think about where America is today. Soldiers on the streets of Washington DC? A President calling for people to be shot in the streets? A nation terrorized? A world horrified by all this? It can all — all — be traced back to that single fatal statistic, the average American now dying in debt. That is how momentous — and how predictive, too — that figure is.

So what does it tell us, about the future? That if the average American keeps dying in debt, more and more social collapse is on the horizon. That today’s Donald Trump will be tomorrow’s Ivanka or Eric or worse. That American authoritarianism isn’t some kind of temporary anomaly, but that it’s here to stay. Nations don’t withstand economic tides. They’re like tsunamis. There’s no protection from them. There’s only prevention.

What kind of prevention? The stimulus that Congress passed supported American households and business for just one week. After that, businesses were given loans, to help tide them over. But a loan that keeps piling up debt — when Americans’ debt is already unpayable — isn’t much good. It only helps you go bankrupt that much faster.

Customers aren’t returning. The experience of states who reopened early, like Georgia, has been palpable. You can force people “back to work” — one reason the unemployment rate hasn’t hit 25% yet. But you can’t make anyone spend money. That’s what the chart above says. It’s more important than unemployment, because it’s predictive. At many stores and businesses, drop-offs of customers of 50% or more are still very much the norm.

People are staying home for three reasons. One, the pandemic is still spreading, and sane people don’t want to get sick. Two, people have been laid off, and they don’t have money to spend. Three, they’re prioritizing all those unapayable debts.

Confidence hasn’t returned to the economy.
In fact, there’s no real sign of confidence returning to the economy. Debt-saddled Americans, who already live at the edge, are being pushed over it, by the inadequate government response to a pandemic. As a result, spending isn’t recovering, and unemployment — the real rate — is still rising.

All that calls for what I and ever other good economist have literally been begging for. More, bigger stimulus. What should you do if you see unemployment still rising and spending still falling? If you don’t want depression to be your fate, you must stimulate. This time, for longer than the equivalent of one week.

America is sleepwalking into a depression. The hype in the headlines is just that, hype. Glance just the tiniest bit deeper, and the truth is troubling. The economy is still imploding. All it’s key indicators are still blinking red. Nothing, right about now, is being done about it. And that, my friends, is a recipe for social collapse to lengthen, harden, and twist into the stuff of epic tragedy.

June 2020

K-Dog Off Leash Newz / Parallax View
« on: April 20, 2020, 10:31:26 AM »
An interesting video and an interesting You Tube channel.

I'm also interested in what the space alien news has to say too.  India is about to get buggered by Covid-19 and the group that owns this You Tube wants to write history their way.

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Diners will enjoy this video.  Having the government encourage racism.  Who koda knowd.  Glad it can't happen here!

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Covid is going to make Trump more popular in India than he is here.

K-Dog Off Leash Newz / Heros of the Revolution
« on: March 24, 2020, 07:34:45 PM »

Greta Thunberg says she may have had covid-19 and has self-isolated

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Greta Thunberg says she and her father, Swedish actor Svante Thunberg, appear to have been infected by the coronavirus.

In an interview with New Scientist, the climate change campaigner said they had both experienced some symptoms of covid-19 after a recent train tour of Europe together. The pair were travelling before restrictions were imposed in several countries.

However, she stressed that neither of them have been tested for the virus, as Sweden is only testing people with the most severe symptoms and those in at-risk groups.

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“I came home from central Europe and then I isolated myself from the beginning, because I thought I might as well, as I’ve been on trains and so I don’t want to put anyone else at risk,” she said. “But I started feeling some symptoms after a few days. At the same time, my father was feeling much more intense symptoms.”

The 17-year-old said she wants to tell people how easy it is to transmit the disease without knowing you have it. Researchers have found that many cases globally have been asymptomatic.

“The important thing is, I didn’t basically feel that I was ill. It could be that I was feeling unusually tired, I was coughing a bit,” she said. “That also is very dangerous because you don’t know you have it. If I wouldn’t have been for my father getting it at the same time and much more intense than me, I might not even have noticed it, that I was sick.”

She said it is a reminder of why it is important for people to follow the social-distancing measures imposed by governments. “That is something I want to communicate, that many people don’t feel symptoms at all, or very mild symptoms, but it can still be contagious. So you have to really practice social distancing whether you feel ill or not,” she says.

While neither she nor her father have been tested because of Sweden’s approach, Thunberg said it would be surprising if it isn’t covid-19. “So of course I’m not 100 per cent sure I have got it. But it would have been very strange if it would have been something else, because it just fits very [well]. Especially my father’s reaction, it’s exactly fitting with the symptoms.”

Thunberg, who started her school strike outside the Swedish parliament in August 2018 to demand far more ambitious action on climate change from the country’s government, took part in her 83rd strike last week. The movement behind the walkouts, Fridays for Future, has told strikers to conduct protests virtually due to the pandemic, which Thunberg said was a collective decision taken at an emergency remote meeting.

Thunberg is pleased with how strikers responded to the call to stay off the streets. “I think people have been very good at that within the movement, respecting each other and people in risk groups. Even though we are young and are not primarily the ones targeted by this virus, we still stand in solidarity with those in risk groups, and I think that is a very beautiful thing.”

Thunberg said the pandemic and climate emergency shouldn’t be compared, because both of them need to handled together. “One does not outrule the other,” she said.

However, she added: “The corona[virus] crisis really shows that our current societies are unsustainable. If one virus can wipe out the entire economy in a matter of weeks and shut down societies, then that is a proof that our societies are not very resilient. It also shows that once we are in an emergency, we can act and we can change our behaviour quickly. And as long as we have solidarity and common sense, we will get through any crisis.”

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