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Former game show host Chuck Woolery announced Wednesday his son has tested positive for COVID-19, just days after accusing medical professionals and Democrats of lying about the virus in an effort to hurt the economy and President Trump's reelection chances.

Woolery, who hosted several popular game shows including "Love Connection" and “Wheel of Fortune” and is a staunch supporter of the president, has since deleted his Twitter account following the announcement around his son.

“To further clarify and add perspective, Covid-19 is real and it is here. My son tested positive for the virus, and I feel for of those suffering and especially for those who have lost loved ones," Woolery tweeted before his account disappeared.

The message comes after Woolery tweeted Monday denouncing "outrageous lies" being told about the coronavirus, comments that Trump retweeted to his more than 83 million followers.

“The most outrageous lies are the ones about Covid 19. Everyone is lying. The CDC, Media, Democrats, our Doctors, not all but most, that we are told to trust. I think it’s all about the election and keeping the economy from coming back, which is about the election. I’m sick of it," Woolery wrote.

CBS News correspondent Catherine Herridge asked Trump about the retweet in an interview on Tuesday.

“You reposted a tweet yesterday saying that CDC and health officials are lying. You understand this is confusing for the public. So who do they believe? You, or the medical professionals like Dr. Fauci?” Herridge asked, referring to infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci.

“I didn’t make a comment,” Trump responded. “I reposted a tweet that a lot of people feel. But all I am doing is making a comment. I’m just putting somebody’s voice out there. There are many voices. There are many people that think we shouldn’t do this kind of testing, because all we do, it’s a trap.”

The president's poll numbers on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic have declined significantly, down to a 39.3 percent average approval rating in the RealClearPolitics index of polls, after standing at 50.6 percent in late March.

Another case of, "it's only real if it happens to me."

Knarfs Knewz / Re: Can Trump Pull a Truman?
« on: July 17, 2020, 04:46:25 AM »
In a time of social unrest, the law and order candidates will bring people to the's a bullshit plank, law and order..but it sells to a lot of scared people.

Law & Order is not the main issue.  COVID-19 is, and Trumpovetsky's incompetence  is legendery here.  His non stop lying also legendary.  His incompetence in Foreign Affairs is legendary.  And the vast majority of people who ar unemployed will not vote for him either.   Then there is Mary Trump's book also.   ::)


Trump and his handlers will attempt to make it an issue, in the same way they plan to divert and sanitize the flow of information about Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths and whistle their way past the graveyard about how they botched the response to the pandemic.

There is also no end to the fuckery that red state Republicans are capable of, including closing of polling places, voter suppression, etc. And you've already seen the story about how Trump's installed Postmaster-General is slow-walking the mail, the better to fuck with voting by mail.

None of which precludes the eleventh-hour "October Surprise" that Bill Barr and other Trump henchmen may be planning. And none of which precludes Russian election tampering, which Putin ass-lickers deny but for which abundant (if ignored and denied) evidence still exists. (See Stone, Roger, commutation of sentence.)

He won't "pull a Truman," meaning win a legitimate election by surprise, but he can certainly win a rigged election.

Marathon Man Newz / Re: The Saker On the 2020 Election
« on: July 17, 2020, 04:41:05 AM »

Yesterday morning when Surly was  badmouthing me, I was eating donuts brought to me by one of my black patients, who does it every time he comes to see do something nice for me and my team.....because he appreciates the care I've given to him and his family for many years.

See, I talk to black people, and they appreciate me. I even have aq relationship with some of them. See? No racism.

So I  know more black people and have good long term relationships with more black people on a day-to-day basis than probably anyone you know....and Surly knows...and  calling me a racist is a vicious slur.  I  take care of more black and brown people, both foreign and domestic, than any doctor I know. Most of them trust me and like me...and I make every effort to treat everyone who walks into my door the same. I also have plenty of LGBTQ patients.

So, while it's easy to call me names, it's a hard charge to make stick, this attempt to make me some kind of racist. Frankly, it's bullshit.

Frankly, it's not. No matter how many selected instances you wish to pull out of your ass, racism is as racism does. And for you to cite, as you have, that BLM and those fighting for social justice are "May-Maus," (aping Kuntsler's trope, and uses, the misspelling is intentional), reveals you as the racist and hypocrite you are. With emphasis on the "Kunt."

What's next? A chorus of “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah?”

When people want to attack me, I defend myself. I've known Surly for a long time, and our relationship has deteriorated since he lost his ability to do anything but repeat himself and talk shit.

Actually, our relationship deteriorated when you stroked out and lost your mind about the issues surrounding social justice in general and BLM in particular. Everyone but you is wrong, wrong, wrong. It gets tiring, and it needs correcting. I am here as your corrective.

If he spoke to me like that in person, he'd have to whip my ass, and since he happens to be a morbidly obese old fart with a bad heart, I doubt he could do it. But he'd have to do it, or take back his lying bullshit. I am not someone to fuck with, I am about as real is it gets.

Oh, I love me some internet tough guy. feel better now? Actually, you are welcome to come to Norfolk and try me. I'm easy to find. Oh, and truth is an absolute defense. 

Well, I'm a fairly good observer, and I've been observing this shit a long, long time. I have my own opinions, based on facts and reality, not viral videos and emotions and BLM  cultural Marxism. 

If you're scoring at home, "cultural Marxism" is a hard-right "tell." "Cultural Marxism" is described by Eddie's moral lodestar Pat Buchanan and others as a conspiratorial attempt to wreck American culture and morality. It the latest intellectual bugaboo to enter the lexicon of the radical right.

Right-wing ideologues, racists and other extremists have jazzed up political correctness and repackaged it — in its most virulent form, as an anti-Semitic theory that identifies Jews in general and several Jewish intellectuals in particular as nefarious, communistic destroyers. These supposed originators of "cultural Marxism" are seen as conspiratorial plotters intent on making Americans feel guilty and thus subverting their Christian culture. This goes right back to the calumnies heaped on the "Frankfurt School," self-interested Jews who planned to try to convince mainstream Americans that white ethnic pride is bad, that sexual liberation is good, and that supposedly traditional American values — Christianity, "family values," and so on — are reactionary and bigoted. With their core values thus subverted, the theory goes, Americans would be quick to sign on to the ideas of the far left. This a favorite trope of hard right conservatives and racists attempting to dress their bigotry in big boy clothes, and Eddie is just the latest devotee.

The very term, "cultural Marxism," is clearly intended to conjure up xenophobic anxieties and trigger racist snowflakes. It clearly works here.

I was once a labor union steward back in the days of the American smokestack industries. I have more ties to the working class than anyone who posts here.I've been around the block quite a few times, and I don't base my opinions on YT influencers and biased media outlets. I think for myself. I don't need my children, or you, to teach me about racism or the evils of the US Military Industrial Complex.

Nor do we need you to tech us anything about anything. But thanks for all the "tells," so those reading for comprehension can see you coming.
"I don't base my opinions on YT influencers and biased media outlets..." hahahahaha... Any media outlet that fails to reflect my own opinion back to me is therefore biased.

Hm... where have we hard that one before?

What a bullshit article.

Definitely possible....but we don't know anything, so let's write an article that imparts exactly no new information...and put a cute virus graphic with it,

I wouldn't be too dismissive over the article. Just a few days prior I read an article describing how in a London hospital they conducted a study with 90 people and found that the antibody levels of people declined rapidly in the period of three months. In some cases the people had undectectable levels of antibodies:

Immunity to Covid-19 could be lost in months, UK study suggests  (The Guardian)

What is more similar studies had been found in a Chinese study where in a sample of 37 people they found similar findings:

Clinical and immunological assessment of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections (Nature Medicine)

It can be argued that the sample sizes in both studies are low moreover antibody levels are not everything when it comes to immunity but these studies do indicate the possiblity that immunity maybe limited which if true would put cold water over the ideas of natural herd immunity and immunity passports. Nothing is a given and it still too early to tell definitively but there seems to be mounting evidence that immunity to coronavirus is not long lasting. You also have to consider that other strains of coronavirus which cause the common cold only infer immunity that lasts around one year. This coupled with anecdotal stories of reinfection to Covid-19 means that we have to be cautious that there is a distinct possiblity people may get the virus more than once. This is particularly true if you are asymptomatic or only had mild episode of covid-19 as people with less severe cases produce a lower antibody response than people with more severe cases. Chris Marteson did a podcast describing this:

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

You'll find that Eddie is dismissive of ANYTHING that contradicts his previously made-up mind, or his previously posted beliefs, furiously defended with posted selected instances confirming his biases.

It's about time for a shitpost about how Covid was manufactured in a Whuan weapons lab, ain't it?

But thanks for the self-caricature. You are boring and predictable, but still manage to amuse.

Marathon Man Newz / Re: No........ My Day Isn't Quite Over Yet
« on: July 17, 2020, 03:56:40 AM »

Cops kill plenty of white people and you don't know any of their names.....but you know Eric Garner and George Floyd and Chris Brown and on and on....because the TV media is all over it when a black man dies by cop. It is total bias in reporting. It simply is.....because Dead Whitey is not news. Nobody cares.

See, it's not about race, because in this, the best of all possible worlds, NOTHING is ever about race. Especially in the Kountryfried Kracker Konfederacy.
Look at the video again, and look at the knee of biased news reporting choking the life out of George Floyd. Bad media.
And a moment of silence for Dead Whitey, please.

Surly Newz / Doomstead Diner Daily July 17
« on: July 17, 2020, 03:27:58 AM »

Doomstead Diner Daily July 17

The Diner Daily is available HERE with even MORE sections and stories:

News digest brought to you by the Doomstead Diner.

US records world record 77,300 new infections in one day - Returning to the grim news that India has surged past 1 million cases. Given India’s population of around 1.3 billion, experts say, one million is relatively low - but the number will rise significan…

“We Need Them to F--king Do Something”: Former Pandemic Officials Call Trump’s COVID Response a National Disaster - Perhaps even more alarming than the undercutting of Fauci is the latest move to cut the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention out of the COVID-19 data reporting process. Now, all COVID-19 patien…

The White House Is Still Blocking the Public From COVID-19 Hospitalization Data - We’re committed to keeping our readers informed. We’ve removed our paywall from essential coronavirus news stories. Become a subscriber to support our journalists. Subscribe now. The Trump administra…

Mask Rules Expand Across U.S. as Clashes Over the Mandates Intensify - But in the United States, there was initially confusion and shifting guidance over masks. The issue became politicized when, even as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began urging Americ…

Georgia gov sues to end cities' defiance on mask rules - ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is suing Atlanta’s mayor and city council to block the city from enforcing its mandate to wear a mask in public and other rules related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

New virus outbreaks raise alarm as India cases hit 1 million - MITO, Japan (AP) — Fresh coronavirus outbreaks, even in places as far flung as China’s western Xinjiang region, are prompting moves to guard against the pandemic, as the number of cases approaches 14…

Hospitals are running out of staff, supplies, and beds for Covid-19 patients — and this time could be worse - With Covid-19 hospitalizations steadily approaching a record high in the US, states like Arizona have activated emergency plans and requested refrigerated trucks to prepare for overflow at morgues. D…

Replacing a Campaign Manager Won’t Rescue Trump from the Coronavirus Debacle - To the surprise of virtually no one, Donald Trump has demoted his campaign manager, Brad Parscale. On Wednesday night, Trump announced that the job would be filled by Bill Stepien, who served as an a…

The Terrifying Next Phase of the Coronavirus Recession - Failed businesses and lost loved ones, empty theme parks and socially distanced funerals, a struggling economy and an unmitigated public-health disaster: This is the worst-of-both-worlds equilibrium …

Everything We Learned From Mary Trump’s Book - So much for the suppression effort: Despite a lawsuit from the president’s brother claiming that Mary Trump’s new book violates a non-disclosure provision from 2001, details from Too Much and Never E…

Sun Belt hospitals are feeling the strain from virus’ surge — and bracing for worse - Health-care workers hold a protest outside St. Petersburg General Hospital in Florida this week where, across the state, new coronavirus cases continue to surge. (Octavio Jones/Reuters) By Griff Witt…

Opinion | The Next Disaster Is Just a Few Days Away - So enhanced unemployment benefits have been a crucial lifeline to tens of millions of Americans. Unfortunately, all of those beneficiaries are now just a few days from being thrown overboard. For tha…

These Are the Closest Pictures of the Sun Ever Taken - The closest images ever taken of the Sun, captured at a distance of about 48 million miles from the solar surface, were released during a livestreamed news conference by NASA and the European Space A…

Southern Poverty Law Center Adds Trump Adviser Stephen Miller to Its List of Extremists - The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a nonprofit civil rights organization that documents the activities of hate groups across the U.S., added a new entry to its database of extremists: White Hous…

Apple Is Killing A Billion-Dollar Ad Industry With One Popup - While the ad world is already at loggerheads with Apple after this surprising decision, the two Silicon giants, Facebook and Google won’t be too pleased with this move either. Google for long has bee…

Trump Announces Final Rollback of Law That Gives Communities a Say in Fossil Fuel Projects - In 1997, Charles Moore was sailing a catamaran from Hawaii to California when he and his crew got stuck in windless waters in the North Pacific Ocean. As they motored along, searching for a breeze to…

Business-as-Usual Porn – or, We Need to Talk about Collapse - I think we need to talk openly and calmly about the possibility of societal or civilizational collapse arising from humanity’s present predicaments. And that’s mostly what I want to pursue in this po…

The Ten Best Long-Term Predictions in History - … he every day uttered these lamentable words, as if it were his premeditated vow: “Woe, woe to Jerusalem.” Nor did he give ill words to any of those that beat him every day, nor good words to those …

Cities Are Running Out of Money - After months of coronavirus lockdowns, cities are taking stock of their finances. The situation is bleak. With plummeting sales and property tax revenue, American cities of all sizes may be facing a …

France makes public mask-wearing compulsory indoors

avatar - Paris (AFP) - France will make the wearing of face masks compulsory in indoor public places from next week, the government said Thursday as it noted "signs" of an uptick in the coronavirus outbreak. …

6.9-magnitude quake hits Papua New Guinea - Map locating the epicenter of a 6.9-magnitude quake in PNG on Friday. (AFP Photo/Gal ROMA) Sydney (AFP) - A powerful 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck eastern Papua New Guinea Friday, rocking residents…

Trump Keeps Bragging About America’s Covid-19 Death Rate. It’s Among the World’s Worst. - For three months, as the number of Americans killed by Covid-19 has surged from 25,000 to over 138,000, President Donald Trump has been trying to disguise his failure to save lives by telling the sam…

Walmart, Kroger will start requiring customers in US stores to wear masks - Walmart will require customers at all of its US stores to wear masks beginning next week, becoming the largest retailer to mandate facial coverings as coronavirus cases continue to rise. Other nation…

For Florida, the coronavirus pandemic was a perfect storm - If there’s one state in the U.S. where you don’t want a pandemic, it’s Florida. Florida is an international crossroads, a magnet for tourists and retirees, and its population is older, sicker and mor…

Florida Closes COVID-19 Response Center Following Its Own COVID Outbreak - We’re committed to keeping our readers informed. We’ve removed our paywall from essential coronavirus news stories. Become a subscriber to support our journalists. Subscribe now. With Governor Ron De…

What to Make of Research Suggesting Immunity to Covid-19 Is Short-Lived - Yesterday, a preprint that was recently posted to the server medRxiv (meaning the study has not undergone peer review, an important step for accurate science research) generated a flurry of excitemen…

Republicans limit attendance to Jacksonville convention as coronavirus surges in Florida - The Republican National Committee will restrict attendance at its convention in Jacksonville next month amid Florida's coronavirus spike, Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel wrote in a letter Thursday to commi…

Opinion | The nation is in a downward spiral. Worse is still to come. - President Trump speaks at the White House on Monday. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) Opinion by George F. Will close George F. Will Columnist covering politics and domestic and foreign affairs E…

U.S., Britain and Canada say Russian cyberspies are trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research - U.K. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab arrives at Downing Street in London on July 8. Raab said Thursday that “it is completely unacceptable that the Russian Intelligence Services are targeting those wo…

Russia used Trump's intelligence sharing to try to assassinate Chechen dissidents in Europe, sources say - Russia routinely exploited a US policy of increased information sharing to target Chechen dissidents, according to three law-enforcement and intelligence officials in Europe. The practice emerged aft…

Leaked Documents Show Police Knew Far-Right Extremists Were the Real Threat at Protests, not “Antifa” - As protests against police violence spread to every state in the U.S. and dramatic images flooded in from cities across the country, President Donald Trump and his attorney general spun an ominous st…

DHS Worries Covid-19 Masks Are Breaking Facial Recognition, Leaked Document Shows - While doctors and politicians still struggle to convince Americans to take the barest of precautions against Covid-19 by wearing a mask, the Department of Homeland Security has an opposite concern, a…

How Civil Asset Forfeiture Could Undermine Efforts to Defund Police - Shadowproof —Between 2001 and 2017, the federal government seized $40 billion from ordinary people and high profile criminal defendants, including major corporations, through asset forfeiture. The mo…

Opinion | For the next six months, we’re trapped on a leaking ship captained by a fool - The Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York on July 13. (David Dee Delgado/Getty Images) Opinion by Eugene Robinson close Eugene Robinson Columnist focusing on po…

New Tech Company Partnership to Offset Responsibility for Public Safety and Health onto AI - The transition from a manned police force into an AI-assisted panopticon through which populations are monitored 24/7 is occurring at breakneck speed as tech giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft p…

Editor's note

The Doomstead Diner is a hub for discussion and information pertaining to the ongoing Economic Collapse of the Industrial Economy. The Diner is the result of many years of discussion and debate on many other forums. At Doomstead Diner, our goal is to collate much of the information we can to assist in planning for the world to come.

Knarfs Knewz / Re: The Lincoln Project EXPOSED - Ana Kasparian
« on: July 16, 2020, 09:01:31 AM »
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Never forget for a second that the worthies standing up the Lincoln Project are the same set of political assassins and ratfuckers who have putting the knife in Democrats for years. As the video says, Bush-era veterans looking for a return to the sort of hard-line militarism advocated by Team Cheney.

Ben Howe didn't drop off a turnip truck. Many of these sharpies honed their skills in the Atwater-Rove era of Republican politics, during a time that the Republican Party sold its soul and lost its mind for good. Cruelty, racism, sexism, xenophobia and homophobia became the essential raw materials out of which many of these campaign-runner molded candidacies. Howe was along for the ride.

Last week, the Daily Dot resurfaced tweets from Howe that defended Darren Wilson, the police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. They were published by Talking Points Memo shortly after they were made in 2014 and have since been deleted.

See them here:
RedState Editor: ‘I’d Have Shot Mike Brown Right In His Face’

Howe has been relieved of his Lincoln Project duties, but who wants to bet that he's not working for the Trump campaign by September?

The Lincoln Project is a collection of hired guns like Howe who, for all intents and purposes, have taken over the strategic direction of the Biden campaign. The morning after Election Day in November, these people will face the problem of resurrecting a broken and discredited party. Because make no mistake, they view themselves as the natural heirs to the party post-Trump. This while demanding their share of credit from a putative Biden administration.

Marathon Man Newz / Re: No........ My Day Isn't Quite Over Yet
« on: July 16, 2020, 08:39:15 AM »
Goldfeder claiming antisemitism is acceptable discrimination because someone who apologised and was sanctioned was not totally destroyed, is close to the usual claim that being anti Zionist is antisemitic. Saying this while knowing full well that there is no form of discrimination more illegal, reinforces the stereotype he is supposed to be against.

Phil what he is saying is that it is absolutely hypocritical for people to get canceled for saying things that anybody should be able to say without fear of losing their jobs...and for a very rich spoiled athlete like DeSean Jackson, to get a pass when he says things that are far more outrageous. It shows that the TV networks are terribly selective in how they spin the whole narrative.

You can see that. Yo are not stupid.

Whatever you think about the white man being the devil, and whatever your think people elsewhere think....they're lined up, black and brown people, to get a seat at this table. 

Some of your replies are not very coherent, Phil. You have a lot of things all mixed up together like they're ONE thing, and that is wrong. Christian soldiers and draft age kids.....WTF are you taking about? 

Like all true believers, you have your righteousness to keep you warm.....all issues become about race, and everyone who disagrees with you on anything has to be evil. This is bad thinking. It's exactly what Surly does..... and whole lot of people. You will be very surprised if what your think you want actually comes to pass, because it isn't going to be anything like what you expect.

What are you now, the Phil-whisperer? you attempt to "interpret" what he is saying, then ask him, and we quote, "WTF are you taking about? " That's pretty damned funny.

And you accuse ME of "bad thinking?"

Bad thinking is flushing the baby with the bathwater. Disregarding nuance. and, most unforgivable, dressing in the trappings of some later-day liberal when you are, when it comes to matters of social justice, as racist as a sixties southern governor. Racism is as racism does, and your shit-stained fingerprints are all over a number of posts confessing your guilt.

No, you Kountryfried Konfederate Kracker, the long arc of history bends towards justice. Your day is over. You just lack the sense to see it. You think you'll have the last word. You won't.

Surly Newz / Doomstead Diner Daily July 16
« on: July 16, 2020, 04:35:19 AM »

Doomstead Diner Daily July 16

The Diner Daily is available HERE with even MORE sections and stories:

News digest brought to you by the Doomstead Diner.

Of Two Minds - This Is a Financial Extinction Event - The lower reaches of the financial food chain are already dying, and every entity that depended on that layer is doomed. Though under pressure from climate change, the dinosaurs were still dominant 6…

A Second Coronavirus Death Surge Is Coming - Editor’s Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here. There is no mystery in the number of Americans dying from COVID-19. Despite…

As U.S. Coronavirus Cases Hit 3.5 Million, Officials Scramble to Add Restrictions - In Alabama, Gov. Kay Ivey, a Republican, on Wednesday issued an order requiring people to wear masks in public. The state on Wednesday reported 47 deaths, its record for a single day. In Montana, Gov…

Rising virus totals force rethink of bars, schools, tourism - MITO, Japan (AP) — Bars may be off the menu and many schools look set to remain closed for months to come as the new coronavirus causes more illness and death in many countries and the U.S. South and…

A Brazen Online Attack Targets V.I.P. Twitter Users in a Bitcoin Scam - There was little immediate evidence for who conducted the attack. One of the most obvious culprits for an attack of this scale, North Korea, has been documented to have used Bitcoin extensively in th…

'Jaw-dropping' world fertility rate crash expected - The world is ill-prepared for the global crash in children being born which is set to have a "jaw-dropping" impact on societies, say researchers. Falling fertility rates mean nearly every country cou…

Dr Fauci: The Trump Administration Should Be Ashamed of Itself - Instead of doing something, anything, to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, the White House’s most recent strategy has been to attack Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose assessments of the worsening crisis hav…

The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in the Pandemic - Members of Heaven’s Gate, a religious cult, believed that as the Hale-Bopp comet passed by Earth in 1997, a spaceship would be traveling in its wake—ready to take true believers aboard. Several membe…

Hundreds of hyperpartisan sites are masquerading as local news. This map shows if there’s one near you. - The growth of partisan media masquerading as state and local reporting is a troubling trend we’ve seen emerge amid the financial declines of local news organizations. But what do these outlets mean f…

Opinion | The Pandemic Could Get Much, Much Worse. We Must Act Now. - In the United States, public health experts were virtually unanimous that replicating European success required, first, maintaining the shutdown until we achieved a steep downward slope in cases; sec…

The Far-Right Revolution Was Waiting for an Opportunity. Now, It’s Here. - Members of the so-called Boogaloo movement, attend a demonstration against the lockdown over concerns about Covid-19 on April 18, 2020 at the State House in Concord, N.H. Mutated through new informat…

Trump Is Donating Ventilators to Countries That Don’t Need or Can’t Use Them - ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up to receive our biggest stories as soon as they’re published. As President Donald Trump came under criticism that his admi…

Inside the Pandemic Cash Bonanza for Private Equity-Backed Firms - At least 1,322 companies backed by private equity investors received Paycheck Protection Program loans from the Small Business Administration, according to a review by the Project On Government Overs…

Trump Fires Latest Salvo in US-China Sanctions War - In a speech at the White House Rose Garden yesterday, Donald Trump announced new sanctions on China due to their “interference” in their own Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong. The president …

Global surge in coronavirus cases is being fed by the developing world — and the U.S. - Motorists pass near a mural paying homage to essential workers in New Delhi on Tuesday. (Rajat Gupta/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock) By Griff Witte, close Griff Witte Roaming America after years overseas in Eu…

Trump's Failed Promise To Stop America's 'Endless Wars' - Donald Trump's pitch to "Make America Great Again" included a commitment to rethinking America's interventionist foreign policy. "After the Cold War, our foreign policy veered badly off course," then…

Dozens of Breonna Taylor Protesters Were Charged With Felonies After Sitting on the AG's Lawn - Bearing witness to the historic reckoning with systemic racism, and amplifying dialogue to drive change that delivers on the promise of racial equality. Dozens of peaceful activists are facing years …

Majority of Americans Oppose Reopening Schools — and Disapprove of Trump’s Threats to Defund If They Don't - As a number of schools across the United States question whether to reopen their doors at what appears to be the height of the coronavirus pandemic in the country so far, a recent poll finds that mos…

Republicans Are Afraid to Attend Their Convention But Want Your Kids in School - The Republican National Convention, like the first day of school, is only weeks away. The GOP’s quadrennial confab, lustily anticipated by Donald Trump, may not quite be the top-shelf shindig he was …

The White House Really Doesn’t Want You to Know How Bad the Coronavirus Crisis Is - Want the best of VICE News straight to your inbox? Sign up here. As coronavirus cases continue to skyrocket, the Trump administration is ordering hospitals to send their coronavirus data directly to …

Is coronavirus immunity impossible? A new study raises grim questions - The coronavirus quarantine might last far longer than expected. A new study suggests that individual immunity to COVID-19 may not last more than a couple of months, meaning that a person could become…

"Disturbing" memo reveals Trump's USPS chief has slowed delivery amid calls to expand voting by mail - President Donald Trump's newly confirmed U.S. postmaster general ordered the endangered public service Monday to make major cost-cutting changes, which could slow mail delivery. Postmaster General Lo…

Satellite sees 'Godzilla' dust plume sweep across the Atlantic Ocean - Each year, dust from the Sahara Desert blows off Africa and across the Atlantic, but most years that plume isn't so massive it's nicknamed "Godzilla." This June, the annual plume earned that nickname…

Climate change made Siberian heatwave 600 times more likely – study - The record-breaking heatwave in the Siberian Arctic was made at least 600 times more likely by human-caused climate change, according to a study. Between January and June, temperatures in the far nor…

Opinion | Why Does the N.Y.P.D. Want to Punish Journalists? - Increased public scrutiny of American policing — through cellphone videos, social media and mass protests — has revealed in recent weeks an urgent need for sustained and systemic reform. The New York…

New police video reveals George Floyd’s desperate pleas before his death - A memorial to George Floyd is lit by morning light one month after his death in Minneapolis on June 25. (Nicholas Pfosi/Reuters) By Holly Bailey close Holly Bailey National Political Reporter Email E…

America Should Prepare for a Double Pandemic - Editor’s Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here. Seven years ago, the White House was bracing itself for not one pandemic, b…

Mask mandates catch on as states, businesses try to bypass a toxic debate - A sign requiring the use of masks is seen at the beach in Del Mar, Calif., on Wednesday. (Mike Blake/Reuters) By Griff Witte close Griff Witte Roaming America after years overseas in Europe, the Midd…

A Second Coronavirus Death Surge Is Coming - Editor’s Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here. There is no mystery in the number of Americans dying from COVID-19. Despite…

Clashes resume on Azerbaijan-Armenia border - Yerevan (AFP) - Border clashes erupted again early on Thursday between arch-foes Azerbaijan and Armenia, officials in both countries said, following a pause in fighting amid a flare-up over a decades…

Texting App with Ties to Trump Campaign to Be Repurposed for Contact Tracing - A P2P mobile app developed by a Ukrainian military veteran and funded by American hedge fund magnate and close associate of Cambridge Analytica backer, Robert Mercer, has been rebranded and repurpose…

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The Doomstead Diner is a hub for discussion and information pertaining to the ongoing Economic Collapse of the Industrial Economy. The Diner is the result of many years of discussion and debate on many other forums. At Doomstead Diner, our goal is to collate much of the information we can to assist in planning for the world to come.

The point being to wear down the "precariat" so they will do what Republicans always wanted, which is to sacrifice themselves and their families on the altar of the owner's profits and portfolio. As always,

"The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness."
--John Kenneth Galbraith

The Right Is Trying to Make the Kitchen-Table Economy Scream
When the House passed the HEROES Act in mid-May, Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell called it “the legislative equivalent of stand-up comedy.”

What’s so funny? Sending Americans a new and bigger stimulus check, extending expanded unemployment benefits for another six months, rental assistance and mortgage relief, hazard pay for essential workers, student loan deferrals, and a moratorium on debt collections. Apparently that’s what.

By the time the Senate reaches a bipartisan consensus on the rest of the next coronavirus relief package — if it ever does — it’s unlikely to look much like the HEROES Act. It will probably contain another stimulus check, but the rest will be significantly watered down. Unfortunately, watering it down is incredibly dangerous.

The relief stipulated in the House bill is the bare minimum for avoiding mass economic devastation. But that devastation — or, more to the point, the threat of it — is not something the Right is necessarily seeking to avoid. The Right wants to reopen the economy and it knows that the best way to dissolve workers’ resistance is to make people afraid of being evicted, falling into a debt hole, or even going hungry — more afraid than of catching a deadly virus. For those hell-bent on reopening, widespread fear of dire economic consequences for not going back to work has great political utility.

While its main provisions are badly needed, the House legislation is already insufficient. As Bernie Sanders has pointed out, unlike many European countries, the US Congress has made no effort to secure workers’ paychecks and employment pending the end of the pandemic, what’s sometimes called “deep freezing” the economy. Nor has Congress moved to guarantee public health coverage during this public health crisis by scaling up the existing Medicare program. HEROES is also more modest than the $2,000 a month direct universal cash payments Sanders proposed to cover everyone’s living expenses through the end of the crisis.

In the Republican-controlled Senate, the coronavirus relief package is going to move away from Sanders’s vision, not toward it. As a result, pandemic relief will almost certainly be inadequate to stop millions of Americans’ household finances from spiraling out of control. In reality, the benefits included in the previous coronavirus relief package, the CARES Act, have tided people over these last few months and masked the depth of the economic crisis we’re facing. If the Senate fails to pass the measures included in the HEROES Act, the mask is coming off.

And that may have a silver lining for those politicians who consider it their responsibility to be create optimal conditions for big businesses to accumulate profit. It can lead desperate people to not merely accept the reopening of the economy, but demand it.

A somewhat similar strategy was pursued by Richard Nixon in Chile — a plan to “make the economy scream” in order to stop the socialist Allende government in its tracks. In this case, it would be about making the domestic kitchen-table economy scream, dissolving any resistance to reopening the economy regardless of public health and safety.

Houston We Have A Problem

Right now, the biggest obstacle to the economy reopening is the widespread and well-founded fear that business as usual will lead to mass illness and death.

It’s difficult to erode that fear through reasoned debate, because reality is on the side of a prolonged shutdown. But that fear can be replaced by a new fear, such as people becoming frightened by the prospect of losing a roof over their heads. In this way, austerity can essentially redirect public opinion, not because people are convinced, but because they’re coerced.

States with conservative governments have already been experimenting with this approach. When the first coronavirus relief package was passed, many states imposed eviction moratoria, including red states like Texas. If people can’t work, they can’t make money, and if they can’t make money, they can’t pay rent. An eviction moratorium was the only sensible solution.

But as Texas lawmakers began to agitate for reopening, despite the absence of curve-flattening, the eviction moratorium became politically troublesome. Naturally, if people are able to meet their basic needs without working, they will be warier of returning to potentially hazardous work situations.

The Texas Supreme Court lifted the statewide eviction moratorium last month, allowing for municipal discretion. In Houston, the country’s fourth largest city, the headlines read, “Fears Swirl in Houston as Texas Lifts its Eviction Moratorium.” Immediately, landlords began informing people with outstanding rent that they were moving ahead with eviction proceedings.

And that was before the expiration of the expanded unemployment benefits provided for in the first coronavirus relief package. 180,000 unemployment claims were filed in Houston in the month of April alone. All of those people and more are currently receiving $600 a week from the federal government to help them survive joblessness.

The expiration of the eviction moratorium was already a powerful incentive to oppose a continued shutdown. If the Senate allows expanded federal unemployment payments to expire without replacing them, the people of Houston will demand work. As for the virus, they’ll take their chances.

And their chances won’t look good. The consequences of the pandemic itself will fall on the shoulders of the same people who are affected most by the end of unemployment payments and the lifting of eviction moratoria.

Renters make on average about half of what homeowners make every year, and nearly half of all renters have reported job or wage loss due to the pandemic. Nearly 7 million households have simultaneously experienced job loss and are rent-burdened. Additionally, it’s low-income people, ergo renters, who are most likely to have underlying health conditions that make them vulnerable to serious illness or death if they contract COVID-19. The cherry on top is that the exact same people were already least likely to have decent health insurance before the pandemic booted 5.4 million Americans off their private insurance.

People without emergency funds and with bills to pay become desperate for money. In the absence of public relief, they will demand work. This will give states the green light to reopen the economy, and when that happens people will get sick, and many of them and their family members will die. At least they’ll die with a roof over their head.

A virus that can kill you or cause long-term health damage is scary enough as it is. But an austere federal response means working-class people are now staring down the barrel of multiple other frightening prospects at once, from debt to eviction to hunger. This may have the effect of coercing people into accepting — or even embracing —  an economic reopening, even if people remain personally wary.

The Right can’t persuade us that reopening the economy is the right thing to do, but their policies can wear people down until it’s accepted as an inevitability or an urgent necessity, regardless of the health consequences. They can make the kitchen-table economy scream.


I'm at work. No time to watch videos at work. Especially 55 y.o. debates between two people who are long dead.

You'lll spend hours watching JFP vids.  Bill Buckley wipes the floor with JFP. 


Funny about that. You always make time for the things you worship.

Marathon Man Newz / Re: Massive Jump In Gun Violence IN NYC
« on: July 16, 2020, 03:52:26 AM »
Yeah, that whole #DefundThe Police thing.......maybe certain spots are just not quite ready for that.....just sayin'.....

The Wave of Gun Violence in N.Y.C.

Some critics of the department have accused the police of easing up on enforcement. Chief of Department Terence A. Monahan has denied a purposeful slowdown, though he said on Tuesday that many officers were fearful they might be arrested if they took “proactive” steps to stop crime.

“All the rhetoric of Defund the Police, get rid of the police, abolish the police, that’s got to end, that has to stop,” he told 1010 WINS radio.

Oh look, another selected instance that confirms my biases! Look! Look!! Look!!

Because the NYPD has a big hot sad because criticism, this is all the fault of BLM and their Soros-funded co-conspirators? Self-serving much? sides...

Thanks for making this so easy.

Marathon Man Newz / Re: No........ My Day Isn't Quite Over Yet
« on: July 16, 2020, 03:46:09 AM »
I don't think BLM is any kind of legitimate progression that can be compared to the non-violent protests that led to the end of Jim Crow and to the Civll Rights Act of 1965.

Pretending that this movement is about achieving racial justice  is disingenuous....equality has been legislated for two generations....we have laws that are supposed to protect everyone....and equally.

If the inaction of legislation were the sole determinant infant of behavior, none of this would be an issue, now, would it?
Disingenuous is as disingenuous does. What is truly disingenuous is pretending that enacting legislation and occasionally spouting some honeyed words is enough to address what is the de facto continuation of the Civil War by other means, meaning the war against black Americans. As waged by the Klan, by the legal establishment, by police.

The fact that you say that today's efforts cannot be "compared to the non-violent protests that led to the end of Jim Crow" defines precisely the extent of your blind spot. And when did "Jim Crow" end, exactly? What are  voter roll purges and voter suppression efforts, except for Jim Crow in new, colorful drag updated for the times?

And if you wish to make common cause with Ashvin, I invite you and he to go stand up your own blog, wherein you and he can remain locked in a passionate, sweaty embrace. And be ignored by millions.

Marathon Man Newz / Re: Asheville NC Votes For Local Reparations
« on: July 16, 2020, 03:00:33 AM »
Big college town with progressive politics. The article says the "reparations" will be in the form of "investments" in the black community and that it will be aimed at helping black people "build intergenerational wealth".

Wait, I thought socialists were opposed to building intergenerational wealth?  Maybe that's only for the white oppressor class?

I can't wait to see how this little social justice experiment pans out. It has conduit scheme written all over it.

 North Carolina city votes to give reparations to Black residents as ‘removing statues isn’t enough’

Where in this article did it say the voters of Asheville were socialists?

More rhetorical dishonesty, but to be expected from one whose moral lodestar is Eugene Talmadge.

Surly Newz / Re: The Daily Meme
« on: July 15, 2020, 07:24:25 AM »

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