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When people feel like they have no control over their lives – like in the midst of a global pandemic – the comforting certainty of conspiracy theories seems increasingly attractive.

Today I fell down a rabbit hole of rabid Trump supporters who are convinced Covid-19 is both a hoax and also Trump’s greatest moment as president. He has acted decisively apparently, while also knowing that Covid-19 is a Hollywood Liberal Elite cover-up.

And it involves Celine Dion. And New Zealand*.

I first became aware of those massive scoops when I learned this via Facebook: “Bill gates has now stood down. Along with many others, LinkedIn ceo, amazon ceo, for example. Tom hanks has it in Australia!?? wot? Justin trudeas wife? Celine dion and heidi klum with rumours if falling it… shutting the economy down slowly. All these people that are ‘testing positive’ are all a part of the cabal, its a cult for the elite. Trump was one of the 1st people to take action. And is the one who is speaking the loudest and being active. The USA have initiated state of emergency. The WHO are corrupt and owned by the deepstate”.

I had to know more. What was the connection between Celine Dion and Heidi Klum and Covid-19? “Wot?” indeed!

Doomsteading / The Woman Who Lives 200,000 Years in the Past
« on: April 05, 2020, 09:35:09 AM »

As we confront the reality of COVID-19, the idea of living self-sufficiently in the woods, far from crowds and grocery stores, doesn't sound so bad. Lynx Vilden has been doing just that for decades, while teaching others how to live primitively, too.

There is no easy way to reach Twisp, a blink of a town in north-central Washington’s Methow Valley. You could fly into Spokane and cut northwest for 175 miles. Or you could take a turboprop from Seattle over the mountains to the world’s apple capital, Wenatchee, and then get in a car and follow the Columbia River north for two hours. Or you could drive, as I’m doing, from Seattle through the electric moss of the North Cascades, slowing to a crawl through the ice-menaced range.

History / The 1901 Plan
« on: March 27, 2020, 12:52:48 PM »

Presently Americans are occupied by what appears to be a bio-weapon deployed against the world by the cabal with intent to produce something approximating the deadly results of its “Spanish influenza” epidemic of 1918, which was an important element of what is becoming known as the 1901 plan. The 1918 “flu” was introduced into the war zones of Spain during the last months of World War I, most likely by intentional infection of a company of Army troops from Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, as they shipped out to battle.

      The 1918 bio-weapon eventually killed a much greater number of young, vigorous Americans (mostly civilians) than all U. S. wars combined to the present date, plus millions more victims worldwide. Fortunately, the current virus appears to be less deadly, while public health responses have been much more comprehensive – in fact, astonishingly so.

     Considering all that was done throughout the 20th Century to fulfill the objectives of the 1901 plan, it seems appropriate to consider the current outbreak of disease to be a continuation of the 1901 plan, which expressly extended through the year 2000. The 1901 plan included clearly stated goals to:
(1)    undermine each national government to the point of collapse into a top-down system of global control;
(2)     totally eliminate the “middle class,” defined as all persons supporting themselves independently;
(3)    find methods by the year 2000 to poison every human not needed to serve the global rulers;
(4)    establish a network of privately owned central banks to control issuance of currency in every nation;
(5)    establish taxes on earned income (the hallmark of the middle class) with higher tax rates applicable to higher income levels;
(6)    establish death taxes at high rates to confiscate large estates of wealthy people unwilling to support the 1901 plan; and
(7)    create a new type of man capable of taking “full power” by acting on the principle that, as a creation of God, whatever he wants or does is the will of God and is, therefore, morally right.

Doom Psychology & Philosophy / 12 Monkeys
« on: March 25, 2020, 09:53:55 AM »
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Doom Psychology & Philosophy / What Are The ODDS ?
« on: March 24, 2020, 04:15:09 PM »

Doomsteading / Real estate for the apocalypse
« on: March 22, 2020, 06:11:42 PM »
Doomsday luxury accommodation is a booming business, offering customers a chance to sit out global pandemics and nuclear wars in comfort – as long as they have the money to pay for it.

It could destroy norovirus, MRSA, virulent strains of E. coli, and coronaviruses—including the novel strain currently causing the COVID-19 pandemic.

n 1852, physician Victor Burq visited a copper smelter in Paris's 3rd arrondissement, where they used heat and chemicals to extract the reddish-brown metal. It was a dirty and dangerous job. Burq found the facility to be "in poor condition," along with the housing and the hygiene of the smelters. Normally, their mortality rates were "pitiful," he observed.

Yet, the 200 employees who worked there had all been spared from cholera outbreaks that hit the city in 1832, 1849, and 1852. When Burq learned that 400 to 500 copper workers on the same street had also mysteriously dodged cholera, he concluded that something about their professions—and copper—had made them immune to the highly infectious disease. He launched a detailed investigation into other people who worked with copper, in Paris and cities around the world.

History / Deathbed confession rewrites British WW2 history
« on: March 19, 2020, 05:53:55 AM »

A former colonel in the United States Air Force, Leroy Fletcher Prouty served as Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F. Kennedy.

(This is a statement from Fletcher Prouty on his deathbed, written down as he dictated)

Lord Rothschild sent his five sons to the world’s capitals to instigate wars and then loan the money to carry them out.  Before a world war, the banks claw back every penny to then lend out at profit in the conflict.

The 1917 Russian revolution is sometimes called the Jewish revolution because the Jews used communism to seize the country and the Czar’s huge monetary assets in the London and Paris banks.  The remit of communism was to take the wealth of the people, rich and poor, and consolidate it in the hands of a very few called the elite, but done in such a way that the people thought it was being done for them.  Russia was robbed and thousands of churches were pillaged and burned, and millions of Christians murdered.

Rothschild then concentrated on Britain, clawing out the money where the Jarrow hunger marches were in protest over those dying of starvation.  Lord Rothschild told his homosexual apostles that a communist government was coming to Britain, and he predicted it by the year 2000.  He told them it may not be called that but that is what it would be.

Germany under Adolf Hitler broke free of the international bank scammers and declared its own currency and the amazing success of this made the bankers worry as other countries could follow suit, & many in England wanted to adopt the German economic system.  Charles Lindberg wanted to introduce it to the USA.  Lindberg was a hot favorite to run for political office, but the Jews took his baby son and in a Passover sacrifice of Rosh-Chodesh on March 1st ritually murdered the child.  Lindberg had to retire from the election race, and a halfwit German national was charged with the crime and executed.

So New York and London became the main areas of the Jewish rebellion against the Germans who dared to throw out the Jewish bankers.  Jewish led newspapers joined Hollywood and the BBC in issuing hate propaganda to initiate a war on Germany.  This despite Neville Chamberlain’s four-year secret study into the aims and directives of the Third Reich, showing Germany had no intentions toward Britain, only to stop the constant threat of the Soviet communists.

Lord Rothschild from around 1933, but in particular in 1936, had bulletins read out in every synagogue across the UK saying Jewish people prepare for war, get into any manufacturing concern that will accommodate this.  Herbert Morrison (Peter Mandelson’s grandfather) was posted by Winston Churchill as Home Office Procurement Minister who made sure all MOD contracts went to fellow Jews.
 Jews were told especially from 1936 to buy up any small manufacturing concerns like making boots helmets shell cases uniforms weaponry etc. as war was coming.

The Home Office would send out the order for what it wanted to these firms who would then say how much in materials it needed to complete the task.  They always ordered almost double the material needed and some of these Jewish firms found themselves very rich by the war’s end.  These Jews would bribe members of parliament to demand the government order more uniforms, more Hillman staff cars, more rifles or more army shirts or whatever the Jewish owner wanted to sell more of.

It was only after the war when huge stocks of army surplus took 25 years to sell off that the penny dropped that the Jews had robbed the British people again.
  I myself saw an East End button making firm’s wartime books, they made buttons for military tunics, and the profits were astronomical.  Some firms were using sheets of non-ferrous metal, from wartime orders into the early 1960s.  One firm had a contract to make so many million gas masks, and to complete that contract were still making them in 1968; they all lay rotting in a leaky warehouse.

This is why Jews were called ‘war profiteers’ and what they gained in this way, be it food for workers or whatever, was often sold for cash.  And this was why Jews were called the ‘black marketeers.’

Churchill’s bodyguard Walter Thompson said Marks and Spencers dealt with all MOD food supplies, and Burton tailoring made all the uniforms and demob suits.  Monetary kickbacks went to Herbert Morrison, Winston Churchill, and Lord Lendeman.

However, King George V was not happy with the Jews push for war, and began to speak openly that he had seen his country smashed in WW1 and would not allow it again.  So Winston Churchill and Lord Rothschild spoke to the King’s doctor Bertrand Dawson who gave the King a fatal dose of morphine.  However, the King realized what they had done and his last words were to Dawson ‘God damn you!‘
  This murder was a state secret, but once I had been told of it, the official statement was then released that the King was dying and they just sped his death up to meet the morning papers’ deadline.  Justice was later served, as Lord Dawson of Penn was himself silenced in March 1945.

King Edward VIII we are told had to abdicate to marry Wallace Simpson.  This is a lie.  He was forced out by Churchill because he kept trying to make peace with Germany.

Neville Chamberlain, listed as the most popular Prime Minister ever and one who wanted to keep Britain out of the war, died mysteriously in November 1940.  His death certificate said, ‘causes unspecified.’  It’s such nonsense for the most important man in the land to have this written on his death certificate, so it was later changed to ‘bowel cancer.’

Churchill’s bodyguard Walter Thompson claimed before his death that the deaths of Chamberlain, King George V, Mahatma Ghandi and the intelligence chief Vernon Kell, were among a batch of murders ordered by Lord Rothschild for Churchill to oversee.

The Churchill gang killed FDR according to Stalin, too!


February 9, 1986 issue of the nationwide Sunday Supplement magazine “PARADE.”

The World War II Cairo conference between Pres. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek ended on Oct.  26, 1943.  That evening I was given orders to fly a group of participants from Cairo to Tehran.  Up to that time, I had not been aware that there was going to be a Big Four meeting of the Super-Powers in Tehran.

As I went out to the plane that morning to get it ready to go, two limousines came from the city.  They were T.  V.  Soong’s Chinese delegates.  I flew them to Tehran that day.

En route, I stopped at Habbaniyah in Iraq for refueling, and while on the ground an Air Force B-25 arrived with an old friend of mine flying it, and with L.  Col.  Elliott Roosevelt, the President’s son.  I introduced him and Roosevelt to the Chinese, and vice versa.

I don’t know whether any of you ever realized this, but years later the fact that Elliott Roosevelt had gone to the Tehran conference brought up one of the most amazing untold facts in our history.  I can only imagine why more had not been written about it.

Because Elliott had met Stalin in Tehran with his father in 1943, in late 1946, Gardner Cowless, publisher of LOOK magazine asked him to go to Moscow to interview Stalin.

Roosevelt accepted this offer and did interview Stalin there.  At the end of a long interview, he turned to the Generalissimo and asked one more question, “Why is it that my mother has never been permitted to visit Moscow even though she has made three very formal applications for the trip?”

Stalin glared at Elliott and said, “You don’t know why?”

Elliott replied, “No!”

Quickly, Stalin responded, “Don’t you know who killed your father?”

Roosevelt-shocked-answered, “No.”

Stalin rising from his chair, continued, “Well, I’ll tell you why I have not invited her here.  As soon as your father died, I asked my ambassador in Washington to go immediately to Georgia with a request to view the body.” Stalin believed that if Gromyko could see the body he would confirm that the cerebral hemorrhage that had caused his death had caused extensive discoloration and distortion.

Elliot responded that he knew nothing about that and then Stalin said, “Your mother refused to permit the lid of the coffin to be opened so that my ambassador could see the body.” Adding “I sent him there three times trying to impress upon your mother that it was very important for him to view the President’s body.  She never accepted that.  I have never forgiven her.”

This forced Elliott to ask this last question, “…but why?”

Stalin took a few steps around the office, and almost in a rage roared, “They poisoned your father, of course, just as they have tried repeatedly to poison me.”

“They, who are they,” Elliot asked

“The Churchill gang!” Stalin roared, “They poisoned your father, and they continue to try to poison me…the Churchill gang!”

I had heard, while in Tehran, that Roosevelt and Churchill had had a strenuous argument in front of Stalin and Chiang during the conference on the subject of decolonization of South East Asia.  I have read it in a government publication of the time.  Then, this account of Elliott’s visit to Moscow in 1946 was written and signed by him and appeared in the February 9, 1986 issue of the nationwide Sunday Supplement magazine “PARADE.”

(Ps Many of us ~ including several future billionaires ~ grew up as very close friends of Parades Magazine publisher’s brother & his wonderful family ~ who also worked for Parade Magazine back then in Edina, Minnesota 💰)

Reason? Just go to the B.I.S.  (the granddaddy of Rothschild’s banking empire) history in Wikipedia & ‘they’ leave that info right there for EVERYONE to see👀

The 1944 Bretton Woods Conference recommended the “liquidation of the Bank for International Settlements at the earliest possible moment”.  This resulted in the BIS being the subject of a disagreement between the U.S.  and British delegations.  The liquidation of the bank was supported by other European delegates, as well as Americans (including Harry Dexter White and Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau Jr.).[11]But it was opposed by John Maynard Keynes, head of the British delegation.

Keynes went to Morgenthau hoping to prevent or postpone the dissolution, but the next day it was approved.  However, the liquidation of the bank was never actually undertaken.[12] In April 1945, the new U.S.  president Harry S.  Truman ended U.S.  involvement in the scheme.  The British government suspended the dissolution, and the decision to liquidate the BIS was officially reversed in 1948.[13]


They came up with some pretty quirky tricks to stay focused, but they may have been on to something.

Medieval monks had a terrible time concentrating. And concentration was their lifelong work! Their tech was obviously different from ours. But their anxiety about distraction was not. They complained about being overloaded with information, and about how, even once you finally settled on something to read, it was easy to get bored and turn to something else. They were frustrated by their desire to stare out of the window, or to constantly check on the time (in their case, with the Sun as their clock), or to think about food or sex when they were supposed to be thinking about God. They even worried about getting distracted in their dreams.

Sometimes they accused demons of making their minds wander. Sometimes they blamed the body’s base instincts. But the mind was the root problem: it is an inherently jumpy thing. John Cassian, whose thoughts about thinking influenced centuries of monks, knew this problem all too well. He complained that the mind ‘seems driven by random incursions’. It ‘wanders around like it were drunk’. It would think about something else while it prayed and sang. It would meander into its future plans or past regrets in the middle of its reading. It couldn’t even stay focused on its own entertainment – let alone the difficult ideas that called for serious concentration.

That was in the late 420s. If John Cassian had seen a smartphone, he’d have forecasted our cognitive crisis in a heartbeat.

But, instead, his mind lay elsewhere. Cassian was writing at a time when Christian monastic communities were beginning to boom in Europe and the Mediterranean. A century earlier, ascetics had mostly lived in isolation. And the new enthusiasm for communal enterprises resulted in a new enthusiasm for monastic planning. These innovative social spaces were assumed to function most optimally when monks had guidelines about how to do their jobs.

Their job, more than anything else, was to focus on divine communication: to read, to pray and sing, and to work to understand God, in order to improve the health of their souls and the souls of the people who supported them. For these monks, the meditating mind wasn’t supposed to be at ease. It was supposed to be energised. Their favourite words for describing concentration stemmed from the Latin tenere, to hold tight to something. The ideal was a mens intentus, a mind that was always and actively reaching out to its target. And doing that successfully meant taking the weaknesses of their bodies and brains seriously, and to work hard at making them behave.

Doom Psychology & Philosophy / 5 Worst Genocides in Ancient History
« on: March 15, 2020, 11:23:03 AM »
The history of our world has always been a bloody and difficult affair, full of struggles, wars and conquests. And in the centuries before our own, tribes and chieftains, kingdoms and empires, all relied on subjugating the smaller nations for their own gain. In the old times, where there were conquests, there was oppression. From massacres and genocides to expulsions, to conversions and famines - the conquered peoples suffered dreadful fates at the hands of their conquerors. Vae victis! - or not?

Today we are going deep into the past as we explore the worst crimes against innocent peoples - all the way up to the 17th century. With the onset of the numerous wars of the 19th and 20th centuries, and a great increase in sad tales of oppression, a certain term was coined: ‘ genocide’. And that is the very word we will explore today, and all the weight, these eight letters carry within them.

Getting to Understand the Worst Genocides in History


The mysterious location of the tomb of Alexander the Great might finally have been confirmed.

Alexander the Great was a king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon from 336–323 BC and after conquering the Greek city-states he rolled over Persia founding an empire with 70 cities across three continents covering an estimated two million square miles.

Now, a piece of masonry from an ancient tomb discovered in the foundations of St Mark ’s in Venice matching the dimensions of a sarcophagus in the British Museum might confirm the location of the tomb of Alexander the Great, and what’s more, the lost royal burial place of the last native pharaohs of Egypt, and the Greek pharaohs that came thereafter.
An Ancient Corruption of the Truth?

In 2004, scientist and author Dr Andrew Michael Chugg wrote The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great in which he explained how Alexander the Great’s tomb was initially located near Memphis at the Serapeum complex in Egypt where a temple was built by the last native pharaoh of Egypt, Nectanebo II .

Oddly, this temple entrance was guarded by sculptures of Greek poets and philosophers, including Pindar, Homer and Plato, all of whom are associated with Alexander the Great. The 2004 book made the point that the temple of Nectanebo II at the Serapeum, guarded by Greek statues, is the obvious candidate for an initial tomb of Alexander. Now, Chugg claims, the match of the piece of tomb from Venice for the sarcophagus of Nectanebo II in London shows it was used to entomb Alexander at Memphis.

Doomsteading / Yurt Doomsteading in style
« on: March 09, 2020, 11:01:19 AM »

This incredible small home is a completely contemporary, modern take on the traditional yurt. With a diameter of 30ft (9meters), this beautiful home has it all and is packed full of some wonderfully unique design features.

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Economics / Market Massacre
« on: March 09, 2020, 10:51:54 AM »

Update (2020ET): And there it is: for the first time since the financial crisis, the emini S&P future has hit the limit down band of -5%, something it failed to do even during the May 2010 flash crash.


In this episode of AAE tv from the 2019 Awake And Empowered Expo, Mandara Cromwell takes you on a journey through the cymatic universe. You will explore how the songs of the solar system have been built into historic temples and churches and reflected in our DNA to match the vibratory patterns within our physical body. You will hear specific frequency patters and see proof that sound can heal our physical and emotional balances and transform our spiritual nature.

About Mandara Cromwell
Mandara Cromwell is the CEO and President of Cyma Technologies, producer of the AMI-Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices. Cyma Technologies is focused on preserving the integrity of specific healing frequency patterns that were passed to her as a body of work from British osteopath, Dr. Peter Guy Manners. In 2016, she released the most fully researched frequency healing protocols in the United States using her own device in the form of ten channels on the AMI 750 device, named the Cyma 10. She is also the founder and board chair of the International Sound Therapy Association.

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Medicine & Health / "Light is my New Drug"
« on: March 09, 2020, 10:35:34 AM »

This article was featured in One Great Story, New York’s reading recommendation newsletter. Sign up here to get it nightly.

Here is a partial list of what one company promises sitting under a small panel of red lights will improve: athletic performance and recovery (owing to faster muscle recovery and joint repair), sleep (thanks to increased melatonin production and a “healthy circadian rhythm”), and skin quality (because of reduced inflammation and increased collagen production).

These red lights, in this case made by Joovv, are one of dozens of at-home versions of what’s known as light therapy, or photomedicine, or photobiomodulation, a technology based on the idea that light can change us on a cellular level. This past summer, the journal Frontiers in Medicine published an issue dedicated to photomedicine, and its 12 articles have an overwhelming effect similar to Joovv’s marketing copy, covering dermatological concerns like aging, skin cancer, and psoriasis as well as autoimmune diseases like type 1 diabetes. I like the way a 2016 journal article phrases it with a bad joke that gives away the researcher’s quiet exuberance: After a brief overview of peer-reviewed light-therapy treatments (for arthritis, hearing loss, and chemotherapy side effects), the conclusion states that “after decades confined to the ‘scientific wasteland,’ [photobiomodulation] may be finally emerging into the light of day (pun intended).”

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