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Spirituality & Mysticism / The Shambala Warrior Prophecy
« on: February 02, 2021, 06:03:39 AM »
Ever since I read Active Hope I have been a fan of Joanna Macy. She understands our predicament, and she offers wisdom to help face it courageously. She is a Buddhist scholar, and has a deep understanding of systems thinking and ecology. I got back into her work today as I've been pretty down for the past few days.

This is a prophecy told around 1200 years ago originally, and it rings true today. The focus at the end on balancing compassion and insight is important to remember. Doing what is right can be tiring and challenging and can lead to burnout if one isn't careful. Insight is the understanding of the deep interconnectedness of all beings. It helps to calm you, but by itself it can seem abstract. That's where compassion comes in to make the abstract real to you. These two things, insight and compassion, are always in a delicate dance within us. I think this is well worth the watch. Joanna is up there with Michael Dowd and Pema Chodron for me when it comes to who I want to model myself after.

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I never heard of Unherd as a media company until well into covid when I discovered "Lockdown TV". It's one of my favourite outlets to read from now. Their articles are good, though the comment sections are heavily biased towards the idea of covid being no big deal. 

On the other hand, someone I used to respect and love watching was JP Sears (called AwakenWithJP) on Youtube. To me he's gone entirely off the rails...I just watched a video he made called A Communist Christmas and he is just angry and sarcastic the entire video, and not only that, he's wrong in calling this stuff communist - at least by my basic understanding of it. I think he means totalitarianism. But Americans seem to be VERY opposed to anything even remotely related to communism and that word gets thrown around a lot. Anyways, it's a little sad because I used to love his videos as they made fun of everybody in a mostly lighthearted way. Now he's just angry all the time ranting about communism and the radical left. Oh well.

Has anyone else discovered any new writers through covid or no?

Economics / Wealth Inequality Visualized
« on: October 20, 2020, 06:22:06 AM »
Found this on Reddit. Great visualization of just how much money the super rich actually own.

Medicine & Health / UnHerd Interviews about COVID
« on: July 01, 2020, 06:16:48 AM »
So I stumbled upon some fantastic interviews with various experts talking about the 'Rona. They are not the usual TV interviews with yelling and name-calling or any stuff like that. Just thoughtful questions and answers and it is very refreshing.

The first one is with Johan Giesecke, a Swedish physician. He talks about why lockdowns were the wrong approach.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

This is one with Sunetra Gupta, a professor of theoretical epidemiology. She offers a different narrative regarding the downward trend in deaths being seen in parts of the world.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Here is one with Natalie Dean, a professor of infectious disease epidemiology. She offers the cases for lockdown and why we needed them.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

And here is one with the now somewhat infamous Neil Ferguson who defends his paper and the lockdown strategy.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

There are more out there and I'm sure more are coming but just wanted to make sure people know about these.

I've got another doozy of a question for you all. As you know in the big scheme of things I'm just a kid right now, and I'm at the point in my life where love is paramount. Romantic love that is.

I've never been one to date a whole lot, mostly because I'm pretty happy on my own. I've got a lot of hobbies, a good circle of friends and close family. Now that I'm collapse-aware, I know I'm in the minority of minority of people. The thing is most women I know are interested in a 'normal' life so to speak. Living in a city, working for a living, having a family, retiring, and all that. I don't have anything against those folks but it's not how I plan on living my life. I want to do my best to prepare/adapt to collapse so that the transition is as smooth as possible. This involves living in a smaller town, and pretty much spending time building community and learning to live off the fossil fuel economy as best I can. I guess my question is: how did you guys find your partners? Were they collapse aware when you met them? Or did you have to introduce them to collapse? This is something I'd rather not do, because it is a grieving process especially for younger folk who are going to be living through most if not all of it. And just so you know I'm in no rush to get into a relationship as I am content on my own. I'm just curious about how being collapse-aware has affected your love life in dating or marriage (or lack of).

The Kitchen Sink / What's the new guy up to?
« on: June 03, 2020, 01:44:35 PM »
I got some updates that don't really fit in either a gardening or doomsteading board...little of both basically, hence this being a new topic. I got lots of pics for y'all and I'm still not done with the gardening or metal working.

So update 1: the raised beds are about 40% planted! We're past the last frost where I am now so there are lots of broccoli and cauliflower happily growing in the big bed along with some lettuce I put in earlier. I'm probably gonna start some squash in the open part of the big bed or in the smaller one, not sure yet. Also the potatoes are in their bin and ready to grow. My parents went and got some bushes: one blueberry, one saskatoon berry, and the other has currants. All but the currant shrub have been planted in the backyard. My mom also transplanted some mint into our backyard, far in the back because it can be rather invasive.

Update 2: I got myself a welder. It hasn't arrived yet because covid has delayed shipping, but I have everything else I need. Helmet, gloves, chipping hammer, respirator, grinder with different discs, etc. Today I went to the metal scrap yard in town and got some metal to practice on. I now understand why people drive their vehicles back into the yard and load them there rather than carrying the metal back. That stuff is HEAVY. I think it was 62lbs and I carried it around 150m...that was a workout to say the least. It was all very rusty so I smoothed it over with the grinder which was surprisingly fun. See the before and after pics. Once the welder arrives you'll be getting some great pics of some not so great welds so you've got that to look forward to  :icon_sunny:


Some great investigative journalism here. It won't embed so just follow the link.

I visited after K-Dog posted it in the Planet of the Humans thread. I'm currently reading part VI of the Manufacturing Greta Thunberg series. Before this I knew that big corporations are too powerful and without morals, but this series really punched me in the gut. It is heartbreaking to me that the climate movement does not have the grass-roots origins it is portrayed to have. Not only that, the fact that what is left of nature is being commodified in the 'New Deal for Nature' really hurts. I guess I did still have some faith in the climate movement even if I didn't realize it, before reading this. Now that faith is practically gone.

I gotta give it to those elites at the top: they're a wily bunch. Get the public all riled up about a climate emergency. Conduct elaborate social engineering for a decade or more. Create a Green New Deal. Enlist youth (who have genuine intentions!) to spread the message to the masses that climate change must be stopped. Then unlock $100,000,000,000,000 from the public purse to revive the global economic growth.

It's so goddamn brilliant because climate change IS a serious problem and we all know that. Rather than simply denying climate change, the Big Ones at the top decided to get behind the message, once they realized just how much money could be made to 'save the world'. It is disgusting and heartbreaking and angering. Thank you for sharing the link K-Dog. The more I learn about the evil that runs rampant in the world, the more I am reminded of the importance to stay kind in these times. Even if sounds cheesy, it's the conclusion I keep coming to in learning about collapse. Be kind, and do what you can to nourish what is left of nature.

The Kitchen Sink / Let's Get Physical, Physical with the Epoch Times
« on: April 27, 2020, 11:25:22 AM »
So the Epoch times has done an aggressive marketing campaign on Youtube, at least for me as I get their ads all the time. Now they've stepped it up and sent out physical papers out too. They make have no qualms about being anti-communist, as the last line paragraph in the front page article reads:

"Finally, the CCP virus reminds the people of the world that the source of the virus is itself evil. This is a communist virus, and with the name CCP virus, The Epoch Times reminds the world of the cure: ending the Chinese Communist Party."

Pretty hardcore don't you think? And actually kind of misdirected? I don't know nearly enough about most political systems to have an informed opinion about communism, but it seems a little extreme to say that ending the Chinese Communist Party is the cure to this pandemic.

This also stood out to me because I don't get promotions in the mail like this very often. It's way better than an ad on Youtube because I don't feel forced to view it, and it's not so in-my-face about being an ad.

The Kitchen Sink / Some Boppin' Collapse Tunes
« on: April 08, 2020, 09:25:33 AM »
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

In case none of you know about this trend, young people are having fun using music to deal with the sheer chaos the world is going through. Humor has always been a way to cope with scary and uncertain situations, but Youtube and video editing have brought a new side to it. The channel that made the video above 'songifys' seemingly serious footage of debates, speeches, and other content and makes it into a catchy tune. This one is actually stuck in my head.

Here's another one explaining why Biden will become president.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

And finally, if any of you have sat and thought, "Gee I wish someone out there would take clips from Fat Orange's speeches and stitch them together to make him sing pop songs" you have gotten your wish. Admittedly I actually enjoy some of the Trump covers more than the originals.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

The Kitchen Sink / King Goat - The Time Has Come
« on: April 03, 2020, 08:25:34 AM »
"The time has come, my fellow bovidae. The two-leggeds have been locked away! Who knows for how long? Feast your eyes on the endless bounty...the hedges, trees, grass, dandelions, all of it! All YOURS for the taking. Go, my friends, feast! Fill your bellies, feast your eyes, and run free while the two-leggeds wither locked away." - King Goat, West Kingdom

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Doomsteading / My First Rocket Stove - Sort of
« on: March 15, 2020, 01:06:01 PM »
So with all the extra time I have now without classes I decided to throw together a rocket stove from some stuff laying around the house and garage. Overall it doesn't function too great but I think that's due to the air intake slanting up rather than towards the ground. Correct me if I'm wrong though (and if you see any other glaring issues please point them out, I am new to this). 

I used a drill, tin snips, and an angle grinder to create this beautiful work of art  :icon_sunny: I hope the video works. I took photos too in case it doesn't.

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These monkeys have lived spoiled lives. They never thought it would happen. That one day the banana giving tourists may stop bringing them bananas. Many wrote the possibility off as crazy.  A few saw it coming and did their best to prepare. They not only built up a stock pile of other fruits to eat, they learned to cultivate their own bananas. They were written off as weirdos by the masses, but they didn't mind.

Now that SHTF day has arrived, the masses of monkeys are realizing their mistake. As one monkey fights with others over the last few bananas, he thinks to himself, 'Hm. Maybe I should have listened to Jerry when he told me to learn how to grow my own bananas.' It's official folks: the poop has hit the fan. At least for the tourist loving banana monkeys.

On a more serious note, this goes to show just how interconnected our world truly is. Hope you guys enjoyed the narrative.

Medicine & Health / COVID-19 Getting Closer to Home
« on: March 13, 2020, 08:08:38 AM »
Two possible cases in my city, they have yet to be tested. There is a confirmed case in Sudbury which is just an hour away from me. The public schools in Ontario have closed for two weeks in addition to the usual March Break, and the panic buying has begun. Toilet paper was gone a while ago (still cannot figure that out for the life of me...why bum wiping stuff instead of food?) and now other stuff is rapidly disappearing off shelves.

I'm going to be keeping myself at home as much as possible. I won't be going to classes (last two assignments are online anyways) or work as neither are essential to me. I am also moving back up with my parents, as I do not want to be the one who infects my grandparents (normally I live with them during the school year).

I don't know much about Canada's response in general to COVID-19, but Ontario has been fanstastic in shutting things down BEFORE things get clearly out of hand. Flattening the curve as Dr. Campbell says. Mr. Ford (Ontario premier) has been getting himself in some deep doo-doo with cuts to education and a lot else, but he is doing the correct thing with the virus as far as I can see. Stay safe everyone!

Doom Psychology & Philosophy / A Sermon by Michael Dowd
« on: March 12, 2020, 10:45:20 AM »

I've grown up in a fairly secular family so I have never seen a sermon before. This one sure is good though. It's by the guy who created the Post Doom series. It basically talks about how grief for the state of the world is not the end of the grieving process, and how we can move past it and back into the mindset of living with the seventh generation in mind and doing what we can to improve things even if we end up going extinct within the next hundred or couple hundred years anyway. I'd say it's inspiring stuff. He's an excellent speaker too.

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