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El Gallinazo's Unidentified Flying Realities / A Friendly Correspondence
« on: September 04, 2012, 10:30:15 AM »
A Friendly Correspondence

Dear vulturine amigo,
Your gift of a book "Bringers of the Dawn   Teachings from the Pleidians " arrived 2 weeks ago,  I didn't connect it with you as there was no information included, and it had been shipped from Goodwill in FLA.  By the time I got around to it, writing Goodwill and telling them they had shipped to wrong person, and they eventually answered asking if I knew a buzzard bearing gifts...well time had gone by.
Thank you for thinking of me (I hope! ? !)  Is this something new you are into?


"Is this something new that I am into?"  Well, the answer to that is yes and no, and I am going to give a bit of an extended answer.  Since I was very young, the world made no sense to me, and I have suspected as far back as I can remember that we were being fed a pack of lies.  So I pursued, off and on, trying to get behind the lies  for my entire life, and I gradually saw through many of them.  This gave many people the impression that I was quite intelligent, if less than properly patriotic,  though this was far from the truth.  For example, the original, now primitively archaic Atari game machine beat me at chess at its lowest level setting.  And this was at a time in my life that I could remember what I ate for breakfast.  But I just kept grinding through data and following up anomalies like a bloodhound on a half cold scent.  Just as an example, I knew in my early 20's that the murders of the Kennedy brothers were CIA hits, and I knew almost instantly at the same age that the Gulf of Tonkin attack was a complete and utter fabrication.  The relatively recent 9/11 operation was executed in such a slovenly fashion, and its purposes so blatantly obvious,  that it became a near instant no-brainer.  And knowing these things had far greater implications to my understanding.

As you are aware, about six years ago I became interested in global economics and started to comment and write on The Automatic Earth blog.  The two editors of this blog are enormously intelligent in a very left brain sort of way.  They maintained that the global economic future was unfolding in what one might consider a mindless, deterministic fashion, and they made predictions of what would happen in the near and intermediate future.  However, their predictions have not come to fruition after 3.5 years, and I started pondering why.  Their greatest prediction (Foss) was that the humongous credit expansion would lead to a precipitous collapse of the global economy including the stock markets, and this was predicted for the fall of 2009.  Needless to say, she was incorrect, and eventually I started mulling this over.

They were certainly correct regarding what is usually termed the fundamentals, but they totally underestimated the control of the world's central banks and elite institutions.   They maintained that they were pitiful giants - just all bluff and fluff.  But the truth is that by printing tens of trillions of dollars, euros, and yen, they have, to a large extent been able to stall off the inevitable collapse and refloat the stock markets to near record highs.  But why have they chosen to do this, as eventually the collapse will be far more devastating than if they had not intervened?  The so-called alternative economic media, such as Zero Hedge, claimed that Bernanke, Trichet, and now Draghi were just plain stupid or cowardly.  But that didn't add up for me either.  Bernanke is certainly evil, but stupid he is not.  He just has a very different agenda than his publicly stated or "mandated" one, or even the ones proposed by the alternative economic media.

So trying to understand this agenda, and continuing my research, I became aware that the planet was controlled by a small number of people, who refer to themselves, usually privately, as the Illuminati (or the Illuminated Ones).  They are composed of 13 extended families, but the Rothschild clan is the undisputed top banana.  Well, this understanding goes back to the late fall, and the scent of the trail to understanding what the f*ck was going on was really heating up, and I figuratively broke into a trot, nose to the ground.  I discovered sources, particularly extended interviews on internet radio, but also books and articles, from researchers and witnesses.  Over four hundred of them.  Some were idiots, and many of them were deliberate disinformationalists of the Illuminati.  After all, when one discovers where money (mainly credit/debt) comes from, and maybe one person out of 50 has the slightest idea, then one realizes that these clans control the manufacture and supply of money.  So they quite literally have all the money in the world to suppress the truth and hire talented and amazingly and creatively deceptive operatives to do this for them in the alternative media.  Talent in the MSM is not necessary currently - simply the ability to tell whoppers ad nauseam without breaking into a contempuous grin.  And it is quite important to them that the truth is suppressed.  Because there are only 3000 of them and 7 thousand million (billion) of us, and if Joe or Jose Bagodonuts really knew what the hell was going on behind the curtain, well their control system would collapse in short order.

There are two authors that best summarize my current conclusions of the nature of reality, both in terms of the universe itself and in terms of the nuts and bolts of what's happening on a day to day basis on this benighted planet.  These two authors are Barbara Marciniak and David Icke.  But let me be quite clear about one point.  It's not like I read their books out of the blue and underwent a spontaneous, come-to-Jesus  conversion.  My "conversion" comes from a life time pursuit as well as sifting and weighing hundreds of sources in the past year.  But since my understanding has accelerated so drastically in the past 9 months, I do feel a bit like the people in the Matrix film who took the Red Pill.  Be that as it may, there is no going back - nor Blue Pill in sight.

So this then comes full circle to the question, why did I send you a copy of Marciniak's book?  Have I started a personal Mormon-like quest of conversion?  Should I go to southern France, and try to convert the heathen to give up their wine as did Romney in his youth?  Well, not exactly.  I see it as probable that certain events are going to take place within the next couple of years, and quite probably even within the next 12 months, that are going to turn everybody's reality up-side-down.  Or as they would say in the Delta, wup everyone upside the head.  If this is true, a lot of people are quite literally going to lose it.  So I would like to give my friends an opportunity to get an overview of what could happen and why.  It's not necessary that one believe that this is the truth. One can read Marciniak as fiction or allegory even.  It is just sufficient that one be exposed to the ideas.  One might even move on to Icke's latest book, Remember Who You Are, if you develop a cast iron stomach and stainless steel balls (once again figuratively speaking for you girls).  So if these events start coming to pass and the secrets are uncovered, one would then have an alternative perspective to understand  what is happening, and despite considerable sacrifice and mayhem, it will be really quite positive when looked at from a somewhat longer perspective.

Marciniak and Icke are writing pretty much the same thing but with a very different tone, style, and perspective. Icke is a warrior, a former professional athlete, takes no prisoners, and charges into battle.  He pulls no punches with the evil bastards who currently run this planet and names all the names and their horrendous crimes, deeds, and perversities, particularly against children.  Marciniak's Pleaideans are communicating from a consciousness of a much higher density number than our 3-D holographic "reality."  Their elucidations and explanations are much gentler and more obviously positive.  To read Icke, one must be nearly 90% there already.  Reading him cold would be like a sedentary couch potato trying to run a marathon right off the sofa.  So Marciniak it was.

Only, unfortunately, there was one little problem.  Since I sent out those books, and that goes back almost six weeks, I read another of her books (all on Kindle of course since I am in Mexico) written four years later, which was even better, both in writing style and as an introduction to the ideas.   So if you were to try a chapter of one of her books, it would be better to look at this one, titled Family of Light.  I would love to gift it to both you and C  by Kindle.  I know she has an actual Kindle device, though one can read Kindle books on any laptop, iPad, or iPhone/iPod.  Even though I bought an iPad last month, I still read Kindle books on my iPod when lying in bed as it is more comfortable.

Once again, I am not trying to "convert" anyone.  I would just like my friends to have easy access to this information, so like learning how to swim and being a good girl scout (is their motto also, Be Prepared?), one would be more prepared if the canoe does tip.  But whether you choose to read the book or not, or even go on to David Icke, is your business alone.

Your devoted buzzard,

El G


On second thought, if you chose to purchase Family of Light, I would recommend that you would purchase the paperback.  I foresee a high probability of another Carrington Event of 1859 (see Wikipedia) but far more severe in the near future, which would fry our computers, and it might be useful to have it as a reference to re-read or lend to friends under a rather different sun.

El Gallinazo's Unidentified Flying Realities / The End of the World?
« on: July 22, 2012, 08:44:13 PM »
When I first heard of the Mayan calendar, I was still plumbing on St. John. Maybe five years ago. My introduction to the subject went something like this:

Friend:   You hear about the Mayan calendar and 2012?

Me:   No. What about it?

F:   It's suppose to end in 2012.

Me:   Well all calendars gotta end. I take it that this one lasts over a year or no one would would be talking about it ending.

F:   Yeah, something like ten thousand years.

Me:   I hope the Mexican economy doesn't depend on the calendar printing business. Jeez, maybe I should hang up the new one in the tool shed. But if it's gotta last 10,000 years, I better pick one with a really good looking siliconized woman who will stand the test of time. I think I saw a picture of that Mayan job once. It was a big round stone with really ugly people and animals with big teeth. No buxom women at all as far as I can recall.

F:   There might not be a new calendar.

Me:   That's OK. My watch fell into a septic tank the other day anyway.

F:   Some people are saying that the reason that it ends is that the world ends the same day. Thus no need for a new one.

Me:   That's a pretty drastic way to avoid printing up a new calendar. When exactly is it suppose to end anyway.

F:   I think it's Dec 22, 2012. Didn't get the hour.

I didn't take this news too seriously at the time. I mean even though I was a lowly plumber, I had been trained at an Ivy League institution as a chemist and had a modicum of self-respect.  Though research earlier in life had convinced me that UFO's were real visitors and involved in a huge government cover-up, and I had been interested since my early 20's hippy days in Eastern metaphysics (but never hung out at airports), I was not ready for the end of the world. Particularly from some stone age primitives who had spent most of their time wrestling anacondas in their living rooms.

Well, times have changed. As I plunged down the rabbit hole this year, trying to separate the wheat gluten from the disinformation, I have gradually started to take this Dec 22 event a lot more seriously. Mainly because I have learned that human history is not what they teach in the universities and that the ancient Mayans were a lot smarter and more knowledgable than I had supposed in my Western pseudoCiv arrogance. But the main reason I started taking it seriously is that, of the seven heaviest hitters in my batting order of the penultimate truth team, six of them say that the period of Dec 22 to April 1, 2013 will be one of conventionally unimaginable earth changes and astronomical events, which will involve massive tsunami's, volcanism, earthquakes, super hurricanes, very large meteor strikes, and changes in solar radiation including a hyper Carrington event (if you don't know what this is, check it out in Wiki), all of which are going to rattle a lot of teeth. Interestingly enough, of my seven great truthsayers, numero uno and batting clean-up, David Icke, says that it is all a lot of hype put out by the Consortium to scare the shit out of everyone. Well Icke is my number one man, but he is still outnumbered 6 to 1, so I figure the odds at well over 50%.  Which is not to say that there aren't a lot of Illuminati flaks flapping their buttcheeks about this purported event as well.  One of the stupider and more repulsive, goes by the unlikely name of Drunvalo Melchizedek.  He is currently hanging out in Vale CO.  Speaks for itself.  And I coulda been a contenda.

Along with these cataclysmic earth changes, there are predictions that a lot of really wonderful things are going to happen with the human race in what one might describe as a metaphysical revolution. Many of us will be allowed to graduate from our prison planet. Others may receive a get out of jail free card in the mail. If anyone is interested in this part, research it for yourself.

Then there is the strange anomalies of Illuminati behavior.

1) They have accelerated their global police state agenda as if they are ready to implement a total crackdown before the end of the year.

2) The nations of the world and the central banks are spending money like there is no tomorrow (or at least no next year), as if they are just trying to get to Christmas before the SHTF. Are they really so stupid that they wouldn't foresee that what they have done since 2008 has increased the eventual problems by an order of magnitude or two. Unless they knew in advance that the global reset was going to be much bigger than anyone outside their select top circle could imagine.

3) All the major powers have been building "secret" underground cities for decades. Actually China and Russia have also been building deep shelters and "subways going nowhere" for many millions of citizens. The USA and Europe has been building plusher cities, as Dr. Strangelove had suggested, much, much deeper and strictly for the political, corporate, and military elite. We don't seem to be facing an immediate threat of nuclear war beyond Israel and Iran having a get go. It is rumored that some congresspeople have become such whores because they were threatened to get their tickets cancelled. Maybe that is what Obama said to Denis Kucinich on their famous Air Force One mating flight. "Gonna pull your ticket if you don't tow the line on this vote and that of your lovely redheaded new bride too." Even if I were 40 years younger, I would rather die on my feet than be locked up forever with these creeps. Even Sartre couldn't convey "the horror" with a 300 pound Brando playing lead. Interestingly, both the Chinese and Russian construction contracts are considered ultra urgent and have a mandatory completion date of 2012. Apparently there will be an underground spot for every citizen of Moscow.

4) The end of USA manned flight. After 54 years and tens (hundreds?) of billions of dollars, the USA has no way of putting a man into space without buying a business class ticket from the Ruskies. And Putin has been so uppity and ornery since his recent re-election. I guess they just plum forgot to replace the shuttle. Shit like this happens. The director of NASA gave a decommissioning speech for the remaining shuttles and mentioned the great things that USA astronauts were going to do in space. The assistant director whispered in his ear, "You know, we never built a replacement for the shuttle." After the speech, the Director asked how it came to pass that a replacement was never planned. He was told that nobody ever thought of it. These things happen. It's like paying your mortgage late and getting a penalty.

5) Fuckyoushima is poisoning the entire northern hemisphere and nobody in any government is even scratching their collective groins about it. When the spent rod pools on the roofs collapse, particularly the one with plutonium in it, and it's just a matter of time, it's game over.

So how did the elites learn about our upcoming main event? I heard that they have friends in high places. I recommend that everyone load up on beer and popcorn in early December before the rush. But with a hyper Carrington event in the offing, I guess we'll just have to pull out the lounge chairs and look up. Don't forget your sunglasses.

El Gallinazo's Unidentified Flying Realities / Down the Rabbit Hole
« on: July 15, 2012, 04:56:57 PM »
No matter how paranoid I get, I just can't keep up with reality.
-Paraphrase of Lily Tomlin

In my short time here on the DD, I have already come out with some pretty outrageous statements.  Not only am I a traditional anti-Illuminati conspiracy theorist, which is rather old hat on DD, but I fall more along the David Icke camp, which adds to the Illuminati theorist syndrome UFO's and ETI's (defined as non-human intelligences), the secret space program and breakaway civilization, free energy, and that Icke is right and there is a race of extra-dimensional beings (I would actually  refer to them as extra-density beings) that have preyed on the human race for millennia and are really calling the shots.  When they tell David Rockefeller or the Rothschilds to jump, they ask how high.

So how did a nice boy from New Jersey come to this sad end?  Was I born that way, and not only avoided the Men in Black but also the Men in White all these years?  Did I take a red pill I found on the street or did I find one of those nifty sunglasses as featured on They Live!?  The truth is that I became disaffected with the establishment at a pretty early age.  In the fifth grade, an uncle told me that he thought flying saucers were real and I should read this book by Major Donald Keyhoe to check it out.  I was a very scientifically oriented kid and knew how far each planet was from earth.  So I found a copy in the library, checked it out and read it.  Shortly thereafter I learned that Keyhoe was about to have a debate on national TV with the Air Farce.  I was quite excited about it.  It was before everything was videotaped in advance.  We have this  from the Wiki piece on Keyhoe:

On 22 January 1958 Keyhoe appeared on a CBS live television show the Armstrong Circle Theatre to speak on the topic of UFOs. Keyhoe charged that a U.S. Congressional committee was evaluating evidence that "will absolutely prove that the UFOs are machines under intelligent control". However CBS stopped the audio portion of the live broadcast. Herbert A. Carlborg, CBS Director of Editing stated "this program had been carefully cleared for security reasons."

Well, I wouldn't describe myself as a kid with a lot of street smarts, but that little incident sort of put it in the bag for me.  Off and on for the next 50 years I would update the UFO scene.  It was obvious that there was a multigenerational conspiracy by the shadow government to keep the ET/UFO thing covered up though I was not sure of their true motivations.

About 5 years ago I started to study macro-economics and became active on TAE.  After four years of this, I started to connect the dots and realized that the Illuminati cabal was real and running the show, and the people at TAE were really in the dark.  This triggered a whole lot of research and things just snowballed.

But when you are sitting in that electrolyte bath, all plugged in, and Morpheus isn't coming along to offer some Day-Glo pills not to mention (again) those nifty sunglasses, how do you peek past the Matrix.  I only know of two ways.  One way is through very advanced meditation where you leave your 3D body for little trips elsewhere, or go down to the tropics, hook up with some shamans, and take some DMT botanicals involving lots of vomiting and diarrhea.  Haven't done the shaman route and never got very far in mediation.  The other way is to look for anomalies.  The false reality bullshit that we are being fed is full of glitches and anomalies, and its fun to find one, and pull on it like a thread hanging off of an arrogant woman's  skirt made of a poorly woven fabric.  There is no telling where that might lead in this age of the internet.

And here is a tale of a curious man who did just that - Martyn Stubbs, former director of a community cable station in Vancouver, BC.  The following link is the first of a youtube 8 part series.  It gets curiouser and curiouser as you go along.  Stubbs recently came down with a malignant brain tumor, and it was reported as fact in the conspiracy media that he had died of it.  But recently it has come out that he has, in fact survived the cancer (so far), and is keeping his head well below the ridge line now and will not divulge his location or give more interviews.

Stubbs was a professional video man who saw a flicker in the public NASA shuttle download footage (1/30th of a second to be exact) and just pulled on the thread.  OTOH, this stuff was hiding in plain sight.  NASA could have encrypted it in addition to just hiding it, and Stubbs would never have unraveled that skirt.  Go figure.

Happy viewing

Which also gets to why I rarely get into ridiculous, long winded debates.  Most people just don't want their apple cart of reality scattered all over the road, particularly when it turns out that Hannibal Lecter is your next door neighbor.  The only way people will believe that they live in a thought controlled Matrix reality is for them to become curious and fearless enough to take a shovel and start digging out the truth themselves.  No thinking munchkin believes without putting in a lot of personal sweat.  Shouting at one's fellow muppets to Wake Up! just makes them more determined to keep on dreaming.  And trying to uncover the Truth is worse than being one of John La Carre's spymasters.  Disinformation and  bullshit are everywhere.  The last thing that the Consortium (I use that term to reflect the alliance of the Illuminati and their non-human associates) want is for us muppets to wake up.  It would be very, very inconvenient for them.  And they have all the money in the world, the non-humans have a much higher IQ than us, are usually invisible, and can travel in time to some extent.  We stand as much chance as a herd of cattle, which is just how the Predators regard us.  Except a typical rancher or shepherd is a lot more empathetic to his herd or flock than the Predators are to us.  But the one thing that these peoplepokes don't want is a stampede.  That can get really messy.

So what is the point of watching Stubbs' investigation?  Just pointing out that , hey, there's is a hanging thread if you want to come pull on it. They are everywhere but this one's a beaut.

Of the statement that starts out, "There are two types of people................" I find the following breakdown very useful.  One type of person believes that their consciousness is a function of the intact organization of their physical body, and when that body ceases to function, particularly in relationship to neuronal firing, then they enter an eternal oblivion.  They also believe that nothing exists in the universe other than matter, energy, space and time.  We can call this type I.

A second type believes that the physical body is simply a vehicle in which consciousness can enter the experience of life in this physical dimension, and that their consciousness, and sense of individual identity, exists on many higher vibratory frequencies simultaneously regardless of what happens to the particular physical vehicle.  They believe that when they leave a non-functional physical vehicle, which is often referred to as existing in the 3D holographic universe, then their physical electrolytic brain ceases to effect their consciousness, that consciousness switches over almost immediately into a perception of a 4D or 5D universe, depending on the evolution of that particular soul.  People who think this concept portrays reality may be called II.

I's think II's believe what they do simply because they are just to wussy to face the inevitable end of their perceptual existence.  II's believe that I's believe what they do because their perceptions are so narrowed by rationalizations, fear, and mind control from birth that they can only see a very small part of the reality spectrum.  I typically find I's to be more violent and less trustworthy than II's.  Their belief system that everything in their universe depends on the perpetuation of their physical body survival causes them to be in constant fear for that body and willing to make almost any deal to keep it running.  Obviously I am a II, and I find the box that the I's have put themselves in to be quite pitiable at best.  Particularly since I find it completely fallacious and, ironically, to their detriment.

Though a II, I am obviously not one of those "sweetness and light" New Agers.  I believe, that there are powerful beings that prey on humans for their own benefit and much to the detriment and suffering of humans.  How and why they do this is complex.  These beings may exist in another dimension, usually the lowest octave of the 4D, and humans of every cultures have given them various names.  Our particular culture refers to them as the diabolic.  Dark entities may also be very much a part of the physical universe and visit us from other star systems, in which case they are called aliens.  The difference between these two groups is not always clear cut, as interstellar, faster than light speeds require the technologies of dimensional change.

There are also beings of helpfulness and light which inhabit the near physical dimensions, and cultures have names for them as well.  Fairies, sprites, nymphs and elves are some from ours.  And there are also space travelers visiting our planet from loving and high dimensions who wish to see our race succeed and evolve positively.  In former times they were often called angels.

I regard Kurzweil as, in Clif High's terminology, to be either a player or a useful idiot of the dark side.  He is so terrified of death, that he would attempt to make any deal with a devil to perpetuate his conscious existence.  And the devil just laughs into his hand, because he knows that any human has far more as his soul's birthright, than the devil could ever offer.  But to mention that to the poor idiot would weaken his negotiating position as thinkers like Goethe knew all too well.  After all, here is an idiot actually begging to be imprisoned forever inside a machine.  Why should he be denied?

And one other point.  I am not necessarily an advocate of an advanced technological "utopia."  I tend to think people would be a lot better off developing their nascent capabilities rather than relying on machines in many instances.  For example, we may be better off developing our telepathic abilities rather than relying on cell phones even if they didn't give us brain tumors.  The reason that I bring up the more advanced technologies that the shadow governments have developed, such as zero point energy or antigravity, is to point out just how badly we are being suckered by our betters, the Illuminati and their controllers.  We are supposedly running out of oil and killing our planet with CO2, so in any case we must consign ourselves to a future of material lack.  Austerity Macht Frei! A simple, non-tech future has much to recommend itself, but it is a social, voluntary decision.  Or you can choose to be suckered by the Illuminati mind control machine.  Flip a coin.

El Gallinazo's Unidentified Flying Realities / The Man in the Moon
« on: June 29, 2012, 02:21:02 PM »
The following is a letter to a friend who lives on the island I departed a few years ago.  It requires a little explanation.  There is a reality theorist researcher by the name of Jay Weidner who is also a film director and analyst.  He constructed a DVD, that purports that Stanley Kubrick shot all the film for the Apollo moon walk under contract to the US military at the same time he did 2001.  I listened to two interviews with Weidner of two hours length each (links given below) and found his arguments to be fascinating.  So I ordered Weidner's DVD along with 2001 and sent it to my friend, Judy, who is a lover of interesting cinema analysis.

Over ten years ago I started a movie group of friends that would meet every Thursday night with a pot luck and conversation and then watch a film from Netflix.  I left almost three years ago and it is still going strong.  As Charles deGaulle put it, "The cemeteries of the world are filled with irreplaceable men."  Anyway, Judy is scheduled to use this video for a movie night next Thursday, and I chose to send her this letter today.

Weidner's DVD is:

Kubrick's Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the Films Starring Jay Weidner (2011)
And the interview links are:


Regarding Weidner's DVD.  Least I embarrass myself, please note that I  sent it to you personally and not really for the whole group.  I myself haven't seen it because of the problems with the Mexican mails.  I know of the material only due to extensive interviews with Weidner that I have listened to over internet radio.  I intended to send you the DVD and then realized I had to throw in the original feature as well, because I thought that you would find Weidner's style and intricacy of analysis of how and why Kubrick constructed the film endlessly entertaining, whether you agreed with the conclusions or not.  This is because of your intense love of cinema.  I do not know whether anyone else in the group would find this entertaining or interesting.  That is why I suggested you view it first and make your own decision in case it would be a dud for all the others. OTOH, Weidner is not alone when he considers 2001 the greatest film ever made. Whatever.

Regarding the content of Weidner's thesis, I am not really even sure that I agree with it.  So let me tell you where I am coming from regarding this topic.  To do so, I must give you some background of the real space programs, but I will try to make it as short as possible.  Our planet is being visited constantly by many different species of ET's.  Some, from our standpoint, are quite benevolent, and some quite malevolent.  The Grays tend to fit into the latter category.  In the 1940's there were a lot of UFO crashes.  They tended to be in New Mexico for two related reasons.  That is where all the nuclear weaponization was taking place and also where all the implementation of new types of high powered microwave radar was being tested and implemented.  High intensity microwave beams do not normally exist in nature, and they initially interfered with the UFO propulsion and navigation systems causing them to crash.  So the nukes sucked them in and the radar crashed them.  There were at least four major crashes in NM in the 1940's.  While the one north of Roswell, where the sole Air Force nuclear squadron at the time was stationed, has received the most notoriety, there was one discovered two year earlier, August 1945, by two Hispanic farm kids, Jose Padillas and Reme Bacca, in a corner of their parents' large leased cattle ranch in San Antonio, NM, that proved far more valuable to the military as it was damaged far less.

The propulsion system is what is currently called electrogravitics which can produce a field of negative or repulsive gravity.  It was first developed as a side issue to his free energy research by the incredible genius inventor Nicola Tesla, but his money man, J P Morgan refused to fund it as it was wireless.  Morgan asked Tesla, "where do you put the meter," and when Tesla did not have an appropriate answer, Morgan made sure that neither he or any other financier was going to back it, as Morgan was backing Westinghouse.  Tesla spent the last few years of his life feeding pigeons in Central Park.  When he was discovered dead in his hotel room in 1943,  the War Department and the FBI made a rush for his papers, and the War Dept. got there first.  They are now reputedly sitting in a locked vault in Los Alamos, NM.  So, by the late 40's the US Military was feverously working on craft based on this new propulsion system, developing Tesla's ideas as well as reverse engineering the crashed Gray  UFO's.  Not to give Tesla and the bugs all the credit, there was another brilliant American inventor who was developing antigravity since the 1920's by the name of Thomas Townsend Brown.  He got military contracts and is reported to have constructed non-piloted antigravitic flying prototypes for the US military by the mid 1950's.  There were some scientific publications about this during the early and mid 1950's, but in the late 1950's the hammer came down and the whole field turned black.  You might check out Brown's Wikipedia entry, which of course is highly "sanitized," but still interesting.  In February 1954, Eisenhower met, while purportedly disappearing for a severe dental problem, with representatives of the Grays at Muroc air base, CA,  which was later renamed Edwards Air Force base.  This is a long, involved story, but to cut to the chase, Eisenhower made a deal with them to trade their advanced weaponizable technology in return for the Grays doing non-lethal medical experiments with a quota (originally in the tens of thousands) of US citizens as well as utilizing large number of cattle and horse carcasses in the Four Corners region without government interference.  I mention this in relationship to the Weidner DVD, because the technology transfer greatly accelerated the weaponization of these technologies and the SSP.

I still remember vividly having an evening dance class (a waste of time and money with me)  interrupted in the fall of 1957 when we all went out on the lawn to watch the Sputnik go by overhead.  By 1958, since the Russians chose to make their space technology public, the now black project SSP (Secret Space Program) had a problem.  They had to publicly enter the "space race" yet they had no desire to make public their exotic technologies.  This was not only to keep their weapons projects secret and classified as well as their rather unpalatable deal with the Exotrash, but it had severe economic consequences.  The problem was that antigravitic technology tapped the zero point free energy source, meaning that if allowed to get into the public free market, it would make crude oil, natural gas, and nuclear fission power as dead as a dodo.  And Morgan's problem of how to put a meter on it was still standing.  Believe it or not, there were, and are, some very influential people on this planet who would object to this.  So they decided to split the space project into two parts, the black, hypercompartmentalized existing portion, and then a new, officially non-military portion which they labeled NASA.  NASA would function for the indefinite future using the by then, highly obsolete rocket technology, originally invented by the Chinese during the Tang dynasty.  This would allow them to put a lot of stuff into orbit, some with rockets and some not, without raising a lot of nasty questions.

Shortly before he was murdered, JFK came up with his moon, Apollo project idea.  The idea was to put a "man on the moon" using conventional rocket technology.  By then the secret space program (SSP) had not only gone to the moon, but had started to construct bases there.  Their problem with Apollo was that it diverted too much money from their efforts, particularly as JFK claimed that it must be done before the end of the 1960's decade, so the SSP insisted that NASA do it on the super cheap.  OK.  We have finally circled back to the the Weidner thesis.  Now Weidner claims that the SSP started to get really pissed at this diversion and waste of good money to NASA, so they proposed a compromise.   (Well they did divert a lot of money, best represented by  Donald Rumsfeld's press conference announcement (available on youtube) on Sep. 10, 2001, that 2.3 trillion dollars of Pentagon spending was unaccounted for.  Hmmm. Sep 10, 2001. By coincidence, this rather startling bombshell public and videotaped announcement didn't survive the news cycle for 24 hours.   Well, you know.  A trillion ( a million millions as the British used to put it) here and a trillion there.  Pretty soon it adds up to real money.)    The big money and technology problem was not with getting to and orbiting the moon, but rather with the lunar lander portion.   So they proposed the following deal.  They would simply allow the Saturn Apollo rocket program, but the lunar landing problem would be replaced with Potemkin Village technology, and they would hire the most brilliant film guy on the planet (or off for that matter)  to fake all the lunar videos.  Apollo would simply orbit the moon with no landing.  And this guy turned out to be Stanley Kubrick.  So I am going to stop here as I presume the remainder will be covered by Weidner in great detail.  And it seems now that all the original physical NASA lunar footage has disappeared.  They were last sighted in a MacDonald's dumpster.  No shit!

Even among us "conspiracy theorists,"  and I use that epithet sardonically in contradistinction to the muppet, blue pill  masses, Weidner's hypothesis is not the only one.  It is common and accepted knowledge that the Grays, with perhaps others of a confederation, have huge bases and spacecraft both on the surface of the moon and underground as well.  At lot of this is on the "far side,"  the half that never faces the earth, but some of it is still on the near side.  (BTW, with the exception of Saturn's Iapetus (another exceedingly bizarre object), Luna is the only satellite of the scores in our solar system which always presents the same face to its parent planet.  So much for the "gradual gravitational tidal lock" theory to explain this, as Jupiter has far more intense gravity, and none of its moons are "locked."  But that is another tale).

Ironically, the MIC is reported by whistleblowers to have started to use antigravity in its quasi conventional military aircraft.  The B-2 bomber can fly in the stratosphere at speeds above Mach 1 as long as it keeps its wings dry without the use of any kerosine whatsoever.  Boeing applied to The Powers Who Want to Be to use electrogravitics in its next generation of commercial aircraft two years ago and was turned down.

So just for the record, a second competing theory to Weidner's is put forth by Jim Hoagland, who is also quite familiar with the SSP.  Hoagland maintains that the Apollo moon video was so tampered with and low resolution because they had to constantly edit out the various alien craft and structures which were all about the Apollo astronauts, but that the astronauts did in fact land on the moon as advertised.  Hasselblad decided to pull any advertising as the first camera on the moon in complete embarrassment.  There is also a compromise theory that Apollo 11 was a Kubrick construction but some of the last landings were real.

Anyway, Judy, most of the people who would order and watch the Weidner video would be at least somewhat familiar with the history I have presented.  So If you choose to show it on movie night, you might consider forwarding this email to everyone as well.  This would still give the group time to rebel  and order The Love Bug or The Matrix.

Something Shooting Off The Sun

Video taken by NASA orbiting solar observatory this March.

BTW, that thingy is bigger than the planet Jupiter.

Not only is reality stranger than we imagine, it's stranger than we can imagine.

I, for one, don't like these thingies drinking energy (or whatever) at our local watering hole and recommend that the Rothschilds put up a No Trespassing sign in the corona.  Which reminds me, I'm in Mexico and time to pop a cap off another Corona.  Never mind the above.

El Gallinazo's Unidentified Flying Realities / Usury
« on: June 12, 2012, 10:04:37 PM »
The Illuminati has this wonderful attitude toward morality.  They teach us by the age of 5 that violence against others is wrong.  That stealing is wrong.  By the age of 15 - killing and counterfeiting is wrong.  And they are correct ..........  except for the little exception that they reserve the right to do all of these things themselves.  Violence is called the police and law.  Stealing is called taxes.  Killing is called capital punishment and war, and counterfeiting is the fractional reserve system and central banking.  When we do it, it is a crime.  When they do it, it is God's work and societies redemption.  Nice scam if you can pull it off.  They've been doing well for at least 6000 years in some locales.  Our world is a psychopath's oyster.

You get all these alternative media spokesmen such as Max Keiser and the mythical Tyler Durden touting precious metals as currency, stating that fiat currency is the root of all evil.  Well, the USA for one was on the gold standard from Hamilton's first Bank of the United States until FDR pulled his little racket in 1933 when he outlawed gold for Joe and Jane Bagodonuts.  But a history of this period indicates that it was no monetary Eden, because the snake in Eden is not fiat paper but the fractional reserve banking system.  But do you hear Durden decrying the near infinite expansion and rehypothecation of credit?  Well, not when it inconveniences him.  When the CME raises the margin requirement on the gold contracts by one percent, he reacts like his novel's namesake character when he was about to be castrated.  And outlawing naked CDS's?  Well forget it.  Worse than child abuse.  Zero Hedge is not about to lead us into the Promised Land.

But the true reptile in the Garden seems to be fractional reserve banking.  This is where certain crony capitalists are permitted to counterfeit money they don't have.  It purportedly began as overt fraud by the goldsmiths in 16th century Italy.  At least in those days justice was swift and brutal when a bank run exposed the deceit.  An occupational hazard that Jon Corzine believes himself, with good reason, to be immune to.  I am sure we all know here that  when you go to your local bank to get a loan to buy that hot new red sports car, the bank just makes up the money out of thin air and puts some electrons in your account.  In theory, there was a time when they were suppose to have at least 10% of the counterfeited money either in stock equity or deposits, but this has been watered down to zero in the last 15 years. So the ratio to counterfeit becomes infinite.

Back in the mid 1700's the colonies were issuing their own interest free scrip money and their economies were going great guns with hardly any inflation.  The English Crown and the Bank of England were pissed at this because they were not getting their bankster cut of every transaction, so they outlawed colonial scrip at the point of a gun.  The colonies went into an instant and severe depression.  As Nicole Foss likes to say, money and credit is the SAE 10-40 of the economy's engine.  No money and the engine seizes up in a couple of blocks.  Ben Franklin, an undisputed genius, stated bluntly on several occasions that by far the greatest reason behind the American revolution was the outlawing of colonial scrip.  The truth was that the direct taxation on items such as tea was small potatoes.  The Boston Tea Party was just a price fixing scam by some local jokesters.  Of course they can't teach this in the high schools as it might raise some embarrassing questions from students who haven't had their brains shut down with fluoride, Ritalin, aspartame, MSG, or SSRI soma, assuming there are any left.

But even if you outlawed the banks from doing fractional reserve, would this end the problem?  Well, as a plumber I use to buy a lot of stuff at the supply company.  I always paid my tab on the first of the month, but they gave you an option to let it ride for a 2% monthly fee.  This is de facto fractional reserve banking by a hardware store.  Upon a little thought, the serpent is actually the concept of interest itself, otherwise known in previous centuries as usury.  My Mac OS dictionary has the following definition.

usury |ˈyoō zh (ə)rē|
the illegal action or practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest.
• archaic interest at such rates.

Well excuse me, Mac dictionary, but the archaic definition of usury was interest at any fucking rate.  Winston must have dropped that down the memory hole.

Strangely enough, both the Vatican (in previous centuries) and Mohammed got this little fact about basic economics 100% right.  Interest, i.e. usury, is the dark side of the force.

Another addition to the just about everything they tell you is bullshit department

If anyone you know should come to read HIV positive, the link below could save lives.

Peter Duesberg is a German-American molecular biologist.  He started his academic career at UC Berkeley and became a meteoric superstar, making full professor at age 36, the Academy of Sciences at 49, and all agree that he was on the short list for a Nobel Prize for his work in viruses and cancer.  Then everything totally fell apart for him.  Why?  When it became medical dogma in the mid 1980's that the HIV virus caused AIDS, Duesberg, in true Steve Martin fashion said, "Huh?  Well escuuuuuuse me!"

For this breech of academic conformity, Duesberg has lost all grant money and graduate student assistance.  To be affiliated with him is the kiss of death.  Now in his 70's, UC is trying to trump up charges against him to strip him of tenure.  Here are two paragraphs from Wikipedia.

Duesberg received acclaim early in his career for research on oncogenes and cancer. With Peter Vogt, he reported in 1970 that a cancer-causing virus of birds had extra genetic material compared with non-cancer-causing viruses, hypothesizing that this material contributed to cancer.[1][2] At the age of 36, Duesberg was awarded tenure at the University of California, Berkeley, and at 49, he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences. He received an Outstanding Investigator Grant (OIG) from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 1986, and from 1986 to 1987 was a Fogarty Scholar-in-Residence at the NIH laboratories in Bethesda, Maryland.


In 2009, Duesberg and co-authors including David Rasnick published an article in the journal Medical Hypotheses, which is not peer reviewed. The article had been rejected previously by the journal JAIDS, and a peer reviewer had warned that the authors could face scientific misconduct charges if the paper were published. The article was not revised in response to these criticisms.[18] In the article, Duesberg questioned research reporting that drugs policies implemented by the South African government on the advice of Duesberg, Rasnick and others had led to excess AIDS deaths.[14] Observing that the overall population of South Africa has increased, Duesberg claimed that HIV must be a harmless "passenger virus" that has not caused deaths in South Africa or elsewhere. Duesberg stated that HIV does not replicate in the body and that antiviral drugs, which he calls "inevitably toxic", do not inhibit HIV. In addition, Duesberg wrote that neither he nor his co-authors had financial conflicts of interest.[14]

Hmmmm.  The halls of academia are not much different from the Vatican.  One can be defrocked and placed under anathema for espousing a view which contradicts a plank in their dogma.  Let us hope that they will not burn Duesberg at the stake.

Duesberg builds a case that the HIV virus is essentially harmless, that it is not a causative factor in Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (notice the word Syndrome not Disease).  He is officially labeled a "Denialist" in the medical academic community, which, with his very thick German accent, leads one to imagine unconsciously that at the age of 7 he was an SS Hauptmann assisting Adolf Eichmann with pushing children into ovens.  He also maintains that AZT, which is in the family of anti-cancer drugs that interferes with DNA replication called  nucleoside analog reverse-transcriptase inhibitors, which in the earlier days was given to HIV positive people in massive doses (2 grams a day), would actually kill them eventually with no outside assistance.  Reminds me of how the quacks finished off George Washington with leeches.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Duesberg maintains that the HIV retrovirus is essentially harmless when introduced into the human body and immediately builds up a host of antibodies to successfully prevent its replication.  It has been extremely difficult to isolate the HIV virus for the simple reason that it is ably exterminated in vivo by the very antibodies that give one an HIV positive reading.  Eventually it was done using a multi iterative process involving human cancer cells.  So one might ask then, well isn't AIDS real?  Well, yes and no.  AIDS, as the full name imparts, is a collection of various symptoms which form a cognitive construct of a potential underlying disease.  In African epidemiology, these symptoms are so loosely defined, that they could be caused by any number of diseases such a malaria and chronic diarrhea.  Duesberg maintains that AIDS is, in fact, a manifestation of a highly weakened immune system, but that this manifestation is caused by environmental attack such as recreational drugs, continuous STD assault from multiple sexual partners, malnutrition, excessive and continuous stress, etc. and has nothing to do with a malevolent retrovirus.  Duesberg became unpopular with certain factions of the gay community, because he maintained that their lifestyle was the primary cause for their AIDS.  He makes it quite clear that he has no moral problem with homosexual sex.  He just says that if you are going to live in such a fashion that compromises your immune system, you are going to have to live and die with the consequences.

While HIV positive readings may be contagious, AIDS is not.  One might also ask questions such as:

1)  Retroviruses almost identical to HIV are found in most species of African primates, and are labeled SIV.  At worst when introduced into primates, they will cause very mild flu like symptoms and will then not cause any harm for the rest of the animal's life. Thus it becomes impossible to use primates in meaningful testing because they never develop AIDS without independent attacks on their immune system.  Perhaps these monkeys should be put on a steady diet of amyl nitrate poppers first.

2)  Why has the medical establishment been unable to come up with a vaccine after 27 years of trying?  Virologist Duesberg claims that the purpose of a vaccine is to introduce a viral molecular structure into the body prior to actual live viral introduction to lower the immune systems's R&D reaction time prior to construction and manufacture of an effective antibody to take out the virus.  The danger from viruses that are actually highly pathogenic, is that they can replicate and kill or make a body very ill before the immune system can respond adequately.  Duesberg refers to this as the "blitzkrieg effect."  Since HIV is essentially harmless and the body will kill it fast enough in any event, trying to invent or develop a vaccine is  both absurd and impossible.  The body already produces the antibodies quickly so what could a vaccines possibly do?  Since HIV doesn't cause AIDS in any event, the vaccine could not prevent the onset of the symptoms to a suppressed immune system caused by environmental factors.

3)  Why does it often take five to ten year (if ever) for AIDS to develop after an HIV positive antibody test?  No other known potentially lethal virus according to Duesberg follows this course.  In the case of herpes, the virus will hide in the neurons where the antibodies can't access them, and will occasionally jail break when the immune system is depleted, but even then the antibodies will soon force them back to their hiding places and the symptoms will go into remission.

The other lesson to be learned from Duesberg's story is regardless of the heights one reaches in the halls of academic acclaim, if one steps outside the Matrix and threatens certain orthodoxy and financial interests, they will destroy you and make a lesson of you in the process.  This is just one more way they dumb us down in pursuit of their agenda.

Anyway, I strongly suggest that you  listen to and ponder Duesberg's one hour interview with Red Ice Radio from Gotheburg, Sweden.

You can get an additional hour of data from a Canadian politician with a less stellar background in molecular biology, David Crowe, at:

The bottom line.  If one should become HIV positive, do not under any circumstances start on a "preemptive" drug cocktail, particularly if your health is good, prior to thoroughly researching Duesberg's hypothesis on your own.  Big Pharma is not your friend.  Learn alternative ways to keep your immune system in top order and discontinue nasty habits that tend to compromise your immune system.

Also, check out these statistics

This is a comment I sent into Zero Hedge:

This will sound psychotic to many of you, but the NWO is not your friend :-) Their intention is to kill off, one way or another, at least 90% of what war criminal Henry Kissinger (who got the pent house suite of honor at Bilderberg this week) refers to as "useless eaters."  And to put most in a stupor in the meantime.  They just don't need that many slaves and serfs now with the new technology and cybernetics.  Some of this may be difficult to believe simply because it is very difficult for normal human beings with a basic sense of empathy and decency to get into the head and (empty) heart space of our global leaders.  They are psychopaths and have been self-bred for psychopathy for centuries (at least).  In addition, they are covertly conditioned as children to reinforce their genetic tendencies.  As the late, great George Carlin put it shortly before he died, "It's a club and you ain't in it."

Most of their actions have more than one reason.  They are very clever and efficient in that respect.  One major reason that Bloomberg is suggesting this new regulation is to force the muppets to switch to aspartame (NutraSweet) soft drinks.  While HFCS is bad for your health and brain, aspartame is 20 times worse.  Those well hooked up inside the Matrix will argue that aspartame must be all right because it was thoroughly tested before it was allowed to enter the food system by the FDA.  Really?

Aspartame was owned by Searle in 1980, which was a failing company.  The newly appointed CEO of Searle at the time was arch-demon, war criminal, and SEC DEF under Ford (and once again in the future under W) Donald Rumsfeld.  He had to take a break from "public service" when the Democrats under Carter had a four year stretch.  There was no way that the FDA was going to approve Aspartame under normal circumstances because it was so injurious.  But Reagan owed Rumsfeld.  An executive order was signed by Reagan his second day in office that the acting Commissioner of the FDA was not to take any regulatory decisions regarding aspartame until a new, Reagan administration one was approved by the Senate and took office.  The new one, of course, was vetted by Rumsfeld, and pushed aspartame through against any opposition by career scientists.  If you think I am making this shit up, research it.  The dots are pretty much in the public record.  You just have to connect them.

El Gallinazo's Unidentified Flying Realities / Jesus K. Riste
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I haven't paid much attention to the Olympics in years.  But I became a little curious when I saw some people referring to the Zion games.  Jeez, you talk about hiding in plain sight (site?) and eyes wide shut!  My research was concluded in less than four minutes.

Games of the XXX Olympiad

This is the clear version of the official logo.
There are four official base colours, and another version for the
2012 Summer Paralympics.
For more details, see section "Logo" below.

Every time I start to wonder if my David Icke conception of the world is leading me to Wackjobville, the Illuminati / Zionist Agenda comes out with somethings so unbefuckinglievable that all doubts are extinguished.  Wish it was otherwise since living in a nightmare prison planet is not my idea of a great time, but somewhere along the line, a fractal of my spirit essence volunteered to incarnate for prolonged cesspool duty.  Maybe that is why I spent a good deal of my life as a plumber.  More symbolism.

And for the truly brain dead we have the 52 second:

London Olympics 2012 ' Zion' Logo

And then they have their one eyed friendly little mascots to scare the crap out of little children (who have avoided, for present, being sacrificed in their Satanic rituals)  triggering seizures.  I am surprised that they didn't put the All Seeing Eye from the front of the Federal Reserve $1 Note on their little fucking faces.

and we have the following muppet matrix analysis extracted from the Wiki blurb (2012 Summer Olympics) below:

"A segment of animated footage released at the same time as the logo was reported to trigger seizures in a small number of people with photosensitive epilepsy."  Guess they turned  the subliminal mind control up to 11 a la Spinal Tap.  They are getting desperate.  But we normal brain dead muppets instead of having a seizure would just grab another Bud or pop another Prozac.

Wouldn't be a bit surprised if, as Ed Sullivan would have put it,  we have a really big false flag show there involving the blood and guts of tens of thousands.  Long overdue.  9/11 has been wrung dry of juice.   As David Icke says, "Energy flows where attention goes."  You can be sure that my attention will be focused elsewhere.

There have been two London 2012 logos: one for the bidding process created by Kino Design and a second as the brand for the Games themselves. The former is a ribbon with blue, yellow, black, green, and red stripes winding through the text "LONDON 2012," making the shape of the River Thames in East London. The latter, designed by Wolff Olins, was unveiled on 4 June 2007 and cost 400,000.[117] This new logo is a representation of the number 2012, with the Olympic Rings embedded within the zero.[118]

The Paralympics logo (far left) and the different official colour combinations for the Wolff Olins main logo design
This will be the first time that the same essential logo is to be used for both the Olympic and Paralympic games.[119]
The standard colours are green, magenta, orange and blue; however the logo has incorporated a variety of colours, including theUnion Flag to promote the handover ceremony.[120] The flexibility of the logo has also enabled sponsors to incorporate their corporate colours into a personalised version, such as Lloyds TSB,[121] British Airways,[122] and Adidas.[123]
London 2012 has stated that the new logo is aimed at reaching young people. Sebastian Coe stated that it builds upon everything that the organising committee has said "about reaching out and engaging young people, which is where our challenge is over the next five years." One observer, a managing director of an advertising agency, noted that the logo bore a strong resemblance to the logo for the 19741982 children's television programme Tiswas, commenting that appealing to young people is difficult, and that they will see right through attempts to patronise them.[124]
Early public reaction to the logo, as measured by a poll on the BBC website, was largely negative: more than 80% of votes gave the logo the lowest possible rating.[125] Several newspapers have run their own logo competitions, displaying alternative submissions from their readers. The Sun displayed a design by a macaque monkey.[126] It was suggested that the logo resembles the cartoon characterLisa Simpson performing fellatio[127] and others have complained that it looks like a distorted Swastika.[128] In February 2011, Irancomplained that the logo appeared to spell out the word "Zion" and threatened to boycott the Olympics.[129] Iran submitted its complaint to the International Olympic Committee, describing the logo as "racist", asking that it be withdrawn and the designers be "confronted". The IOC "quietly" rejected the demands, and Iran announced it would not boycott the Games.[130]
A segment of animated footage released at the same time as the logo was reported to trigger seizures in a small number of people withphotosensitive epilepsy. The charity Epilepsy Action received telephone calls from people who had had seizures after watching the sequence on TV. In response, a short segment was removed from the London 2012 website.[131] Ken Livingstone, then London Mayor, said that the company who designed the film should not be paid for what he called a "catastrophic mistake."[132]
A blogger at the BBC said that "London 2012's new logo has got the country talking [although] not in the manner the organisers would have hoped."[133] One employee at a design firm described it as "well thought out" and anticipated it would "become a source of pride for London and the Games."[134]
Main article: Wenlock and Mandeville

Wenlock and Mandeville
The official mascots for the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games were unveiled on 19 May 2010;[135] this marks the second time (after Vancouver) that both Olympic and Paralympic mascots were unveiled at the same time. Wenlock and Mandeville are animations depicting two drops of steel from a steelworks in Bolton.[135] They are named Wenlock, after the Shropshire town of Much Wenlock, which held a forerunner of the current Olympic Games, and Mandeville, after Stoke Mandeville, a village in Buckinghamshire where a forerunner to the Paralympic Games were first held.[135] The writer Michael Morpurgo wrote the story concept to the mascots, and an animation was produced;[136] it is intended that this will form part of an ongoing series concerning the mascots in the run-up to the Games in 2012.[135] Two stories have been created about the mascots: Out Of A Rainbow, the story of how Wenlock and Mandeville came to be, andAdventures On A Rainbow, which features the children from Out Of A Rainbow meeting the mascots and trying out many different Olympic and Paralympic sports.[137]

Economics / Great Animation of Current European Situation
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Edit Note:  RE added the embedded video to this post.

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