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I am no expert in the matter though I did speak a little modern Hebrew in my early 20's, but I do know with a certainty that anyone that doesn't parrot your bizarro fundy views is a pseudo scholar.  And from my bizarro POV, any ones that you would consider not a  pseudo scholar would be quite psychologically flawed and one of those rare individuals for whom a steady diet of Thorazine may well be appropriate.  Yeah, please move it to your own site.  At the risk of being a skipping record, you are not welcome in my little cubicle.  It might help your piece (sic) of mind if you didn't visit it either.  We have absolutely nothing to contribute to each other - just oil and water.  There are billions to be saved from perdition beyond the four who follow my rants here for you'll fishers of men.

I got the lead to follow this up from Clif High's last wojo dated Sep 13.  It is a 6 part youtube series by the Italian scholar of Hebrew, Mauro Biglino.  He was hired by the Vatican to translate the old Testament, which he proceeded to do in the most literal way.  The results are quite fascinating and got him fired by the Vatican.  A lot of different people posted the series to youtube, but most created a problem with #3.  Here is a tiny URL which will give the series without viewing trouble.

As mentioned earlier in this thread, I have become consumed with ideas expressed in Barbara Marciniak's books, purportedly channeling information from a collective which refers to itself as the Pleiadeans, as well as Shannon Dorey's books investigating the content of the ancient but detailed (African) Dogon oral tradition.  Both emphasize the idea that DNA is at the core of our beings, well beyond anything that current western science would acknowledge.  The P's make claims for the ability of DNA to store quantities of knowledge and experience that would strain one's credulity.  The Dogon refer to DNA as the "Word" and make these claims also in a more round about way.  The Dogon have an oral tradition which says that a race of primarily aquatic beings (the Nummo) came from a planet orbiting the star(s - a triple system) Sirius, and in a sequence of three experiments, blended their DNA with that of existing earth animals (and possibly plants) which has resulted eventually in our present species.  (The Dogon tradition also maintains that the Nummo came to earth because their original planet became uninhabitable, but after the environmental disaster of their first experiment, moved on to a water world around one of the stars in the Pleiades.  Thus there may be a connection between these two, apparently disparate sources.)

For anyone interested in either or both sources, I would recommend Marciniak's "Family of Light" book as perhaps their best introduction, and Clif High's monologue (linked previously) which could then be followed up by the first of Dorey's books (published in EPUB format and available as a $10 download).

But the above blurb is just an intro to the following 6.5 minute video I stumbled upon this weekend which adds credence to the claims above regarding DNA as a storage medium.  One of the two authors asserts that all of the world's current electronically stored information could be transferred to 4 grams of DNA.  But this is not simply theoretical.  They have already transferred an electronically stored book by one of the researchers into DNA storage format and successfully retrieved it.  I recommend that you watch the short video at the bottom of the link.  (Strangely the video link reported itself broken by my Mac in Safari but worked fine in Chrome).


Thanks for your kind words toward me, though unfortunately they are probably a bit exaggerated.  On a personal note, I no longer toil as a plumber.  I retired in the fall of 2009, and partly because my touristy, tony island was far too expensive to live on with my SS and savings, and partially because it will be a very difficult place to live on after the "collapse," I travelled around Latin America for the past three years, trying out different countries and sub-cultures.  I have now settled in the small and endearing city of Oaxaca in southern Mexico where one can go to the opera or watch tiny brown-skinned, raven haired women carry bundles on their heads as they amble down the sidewalk,  and have made a mental commitment to dig in my toes here.  Even bought stainless steel cookware and an 8 piece plate setting  - definitely not airplane luggage :-)  And take Spanish lessons three times a week though sometimes I feel it's water off a duck's ass.

I re-read your contact experience several times and was impressed by your ability to express the details.  I enjoy reading and listening to people who can express events (and road directions for that matter :-) accurately and succinctly and am bewildered by the rarity of this talent.    I, myself, learned this art through the survival instinct, since as a sometime chemistry teacher I would have been blown up by my students long ago without it.

Honestly, I wish you had discussed the event with the people around you who had also witnessed what you had - though of course each would have witnessed something quite different as all the external vibrations get filtered through a plethora of neurological and cognitive systems largely determined by what each individual considers is possible and not overly threatening to their status quo.  I am fascinated by how events of the sort will interact with people's sense of reality and how they will try to attempt to deal with their resulting cognitive dissonance.  BTW, the "pop" you heard was surely an air displacement wave as these creatures "popped" back into the physical density near you.

Feelings are a tremendously important pathway of gaining and accessing information and a talent which humans potentially have to a far greater degree than most other beings.  Your feeling that these beings were inexpressibly beautiful is a strong indication that they were of a high level.  One would have a feeling of dread if they were from the Consortium, though the alliance has amazing talents of deception which play on our gullibility, but usually using a left brain pathway.  My understanding is that our planet at this time has become the figurative World Cup stadium of the galaxy with beings from everywhere dropping by to watch the Big Show.

Once again, thanks for telling us this tale and for other parts of your postings as well.

This post is a little disjointed, but I want to respond to a few of Agelbert's different points.


Thanks for sharing that incident.  I found it quite interesting.  My best guess would be that they are not vehicles but life forms - but a guess.  As to whether they didn't attempt to communicate, I would say that they communicated plenty, but perhaps a lot more into your sub-conscious which may crop up over the years.  I think these incidents will multiply exponentially after the winter solstice, and it was what I was referring to about a lot of people standing in the middle of the street catatonic and drooling, but I would doubt that you would be one of them.  While I have been interested in UFO's since I was 11, I never saw one until the age of 64 in Capella del Monte, Argentina.  This was no great feat as I lived 3 km from the "magic mountain" of Uritorco, renowned in Latin America as the UFO capital and an earth energy nexus.  It even has Roswell-like 12 foot statues of Zetas along the highway that passes west of the town.

I was not implying that you personally were involved in verbal martial arts.  I was just making the point that they are quite common on this site and I regard them as an utter waste of time and rarely lead to any greater acquisition of truth.

From my researches, I have found that the DNA codex is universal among physical and semi-physical life forms in our galaxy.  DNA, of course, is a language composed of four letters, which transfers information, both within an organism and on to its progeny.  The complexity of DNA continues to confound science.  First we thought that it was a simple 64 bit code for translating a sequence of three nucleobases into one of 20 odd amino acids.  Case closed,....... until the discovery of epigenetics dealing with how the affiliated protein sheaths to the nucleotides effect the functioning of the DNA.  We are just a smidgeon into epigenetics, yet it forms only the second skin on the onion.  Thus my comment that mining DNA is a bit more complicated than zinc.   It is largely responsible for the physical and much of the mental development that consciousness can manifest when it chooses to adventure into the 3 and 4 D worlds.  The reason it is universal is that there are highly developed beings who "seed" planets with it when they feel that they are ready.  Things develop both through a quasi Darwinian process of evolution as well as via direct manipulation.  The human race extraction from primates and other animals was one of intelligent manipulation by many different ET's and ED's.  The Dogon "mythology" of Africa is quite possibly a very accurate and amazingly detailed rendition of this tale.  Our "creators" may have been a race of hermaphroditic, aquatic amphibians, originally from the Sirius star system, and who later moved on to the Pleiades.  I love to listen to Clif High's wojo monologues, they are almost a music, even when I don't agree with a lot of his conclusions, and he gives a doozy on this one.
the March 31, 2012 episode.

His comment regarding Alex Jones' review of the Prometheus film is related to a response I will make eventually to RE's "They Live" interjection.

If you want to get even deeper into this after you listen to Clif, then you can get an epub book from:

And I am not saying that Clif or Dorey have a monopoly on ultimate reality, but they are some of the most interesting of the hundreds of sources I use to glean whatever knowledge I have been able to gather.  At the least, they help a geezer to pass the time.  BTW, I am currently half way through Dorey's Master of Speech book, and have her second one, The Nummo, locked and loaded on my iPod.

As to my life as a plumber, I was a union (local 2 Manhattan and the Bronx) plumber in my 20's, and took up the occupation once again on a small Caribbean island in my 50's.  All and all it was a wonderful way of making a decent living, being of service, and was challenging as I found that doing it well required rapt attention.  And some plumbers can write and chew gum at the same time :-)  BTW, my major was chemistry but I also held teaching certifications in physics and general science.

Regarding humanity's victimhood, I never described humanity as victims in my original post.  I did say that it was currently being royally screwed over by a certain alliance of ET's.  But I mentioned that one cannot be a victim unless one regards himself as a victim.  The Spartans who stood off the Persians at Thermopylae didn't regard themselves as victims.  They regarded themselves as fierce warriors who just happened to be outnumbered by a 100 to one.

While scarcity may propel some beings to act like pricks, I find that the most fundamental cause is the desire of some beings to deprive others of their free will to choose, discover, and evolve, in short, the desire to have slaves.  Looking at the Illuminati, can one really say that their primary motivation is due to scarcity rather than to impose total control over every breath that we human livestock take?  And as to their 4-D bosses, I tend to go with David Icke's interpretation that the Reptilians actually do feed on intense human negative emotional energy emanations such as fear, hate, anger, and panic.  If you find it strange, then you would have also to find it strange that plants, which create all the food on our planet, feed by absorbing red and blue energetic  vibrations from the sun.

If I sound glibly moralistic about turning vegetarian, I should add that a major motivation was my body smacking me upside the head and forcing both ends of my alimentary canal to form an intimate relationship with my toilet, until such time as I gave up eating flesh and wheat.  Even a plumber or a nematode can learn when he gets wupped upside the head sufficiently and repeatedly.  Of course, this doesn't apply to everyone including myself through much of my life.  But it does relieve me of the moral turpitude of a horrific alliance with corporate meat farms and pink slime.

If this is true, the following events should have taken place by now.................

Well, for one thing, the good guys, or as the Pleiadeans would put it, the "white teeshirt team," doesn't have complete control (by any means) over the dark teeshirts.  As a matter of fact, they lost the last battle which occurred eons ago, from a 3-D perspective.  From a higher density perspective all events are occurring simultaneously.  Secondly, they are constrained much more by their ethics.  But our Universe was one designed by the Prime Creator that allows total free will.  Beings in this Universe may fuck up to their hearts content.  The laws of karma still apply, but one can ignore them for a few million years just as the Fed is ignoring an impossible, unrepayable debt creation.  But unlike the debt, Karma cannot be defaulted upon.  This implies that there are other Universes where total free will does not apply, and this is my understanding.  But it gets tricky, because all consciousness in all the Universes are branchings of the consciousness substance of the Prime Creator.  One could sort of make an analogy that it is the operating system and the hardware, and every other being is a subroutine with its own borrowed consciousness, but like all sub-routines, in intimate communication with the OS (and all the other sub-routines for that matter, which is where you get instantaneous quantum entanglement).  What this would mean is that the nasty Reptilians, Illuminati, and Zetas are also manifestations of the Prime Creator (who sometimes goes by the moniker of All That Is), which must give one a pause before wallowing in total hatred of he Consortium (which is the term I use for the combination of the Reptilian Alliance and the Illuminati).

Finally, since everything is a lesson, and as the old saying goes, no pain - no gain, benevolent ET/ED's  believe that humanity is going to have to do most of the heavy lifting.  Their primary aid is to turn off the dark teeshirt mind control apparati, most of which is broadcasting (not from the top of the local TV station as depicted in "They Live") from other bodies in our solar system, primarily Luna and the moons of Saturn.   Also to heal (reassemble) our DNA that the others have totally and intentionally fucked up.  These two actions will vastly increase the abilities and understanding of billions of people.  The DNA healing will presumably take place by the Sun emitting new frequencies which will catalyze this reassembly.  But the good guys are not going to do the work for us while we sit on some collective couch watching reruns of Happy Days.

El Gallinazo,
Based on the FACT that they don't have an energy crisis! Acquisitive behavior is born of scarcity. Don't you know that?

Well, true, they do not have an "energy crisis."  Actually we don't either for that matter.  The black project, compartmentalized shadow government has gained sufficient technology .....from Tesla (War Department stealing all his documents a couple of hours after his death and beating the FBI to them), the work of Townsend T. Brown which went black in the late 1950's, many Zeta UFO crashes of which the one in San Antonio NM in 1945 was far more valuable than Roswell two years later, and technology swapping deals with the Zetas,..... that the world could be energy independent if this technology were to be released to livestock humans.  Since the Illuminati are still total pricks despite not having an energy scarcity, I find it difficult to agree with your premise.

The second director of the Area 51 Lockheed Skunkworks was an engineer by the name of Ben Rich.  In the mid-90's he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and retired.  During his retirement, he gave several public speeches and on several occasions repeated the statement, "We have now been awarded a contract to bring ET home."  This is easy to check with Google.  Wonder what he meant by that?  Wonder how that contract went over the last 15 years or so?

You didn't answer why they let Barney and Betty go. Why not?

The Zetas do not need to kill humans to carry out their agenda, though they do on rare occasion.  Their tech transfer deals with the shadow government gave them the "right" to abduct a quota of humans as long as they didn't kill them.  The Zetas broke the quota deal part almost immediately.  The SG was in no position to counter their breach of contract.  The primary reason that the Zetas don't kill human abductees is that they are carrying out multi-generational experiments in hybridization.  Killing your research subjects in mid experiment is not the best model.

Where is the proof that it is not you who are engaging in some paranoid thinking? It may not be considered "wishful" thinking, unless you like horror movies, but it is every bit as much in the category of fiction.

Bobo, a second degree black belt, and Slobo, a mere green belt, show up at the dojo.  Bobo says the world is flat and I can prove it.  Slobo says bullshit - prove it!  Bobo then dismantles Slobo, breaking his jaw with a back kick and an arm, at which point Slobo, as well as all the other members of the dojo concede that the world is flat.  Case proven.  Most of what I see going on in this site is similar except that various debating techniques are substituted for violent martial arts.  Though I am no white belt in these techniques, I see them as a total waste of time.  I have more productive things to do, including eating, shitting, sleeping, and learning Spanish.

So one might then ask, "Why do you bother posting on this site?"  We all construct an agenda of life before we incarnate into the 3-D world.  Part of my agenda was that once I really started to figure stuff out, I would drop a few bread crumbs along the way to fashion a loose trail if anyone wished to follow up on it.  Once I do that, my job is done, at least in that regard.  It took over a hundred years for Copernicus and Galileo's idea that the sun did not rotate around the earth to take hold.  I don't have the time to wait.  I really don't give a shit what people believe as long as they don't, as Clif High would put it, take a stick and try to force me to believe the same stupid things through violence.  But this time it will not take a hundred years for the truth to come out, and when it does, a lot of people with be standing in the street, dazed and drooling, as their brains will not be able to deal with the cognitive dissonance of the recent input.  Whatever.

Show me some proof WE are being mutilated as much as the cattle. We mutilate the fuck out of animals day in and day out so I hope a few ET experiments on them isn't getting your balls in an uproar.

Yeah, that's true.  Good reason to go vegetarian.  I did.  Are you?

I share your view that multidimensional beings exist and they run the gamut from angelic to evil but that doesn't negate the possibility of PHYSICAL interstellar travel by PHYSICAL races as well. I don't know what interdimensional beings consider FOOD but I think DNA is not a logical possibility. Show me some proof I am wrong instead of accusing me of wishful thinking.

Almost all interstellar travel technologies involve shifting to 4-D in transit.  Separating interstellar travel from density shifts leads to inaccuracies.  That is why UFO's "blink out" constantly.  They are shifting to a density we can't perceive, though the latest generation night vision googles help a lot with this regarding the Zeta technology.  Furthermore, the home density of the Zetas is low 4-D though they can exist in 3-D for long periods of time.  Reptilians find it really hard to exist in 3-D for much time at all and generally use the Zetas as well as the Rothschild clan and the European royal bloodlines as their go-fers in 3-D.

The Zetas have no intention of EATING our DNA - now that this is a strange idea.  Long ago they became so left brain techno arrogant that they decided that they could do away with standard sexual reproduction.   After a few hundred millennia, they discovered that this was a big mistake and they had doomed their race.  The only solution that they could come up with is to use other DNA to develop a hybrid species which would also be compatible to their species soul vibrations so they could use them as a 3-D vehicle.  Humanity was the ideal choice because our genetics have been tampered with by so many ET races over such a long period of time that our DNA is like the Library of Congress.  Ever wonder why 97% of our DNA has been labeled "junk."  Some of this tampering has been benevolent and a lot of it has not been.  Some races wanted to dumb us down in order to control us more easily.

And what do humans eat?  Well, when you think about it, we eat red and blue photonic vibrations emitted from the sun.  That is why chlorophyll is green.

If you deny that physical beings travel the stars in physical spaceships based on some idea that interstellar travel isn't practical, you are wrong. It IS practical as long you do not have energy source problems. Accelerating at 1G can get you around this neighborhood pretty fast.

Not really very quick once you do the math which must be doubled for the deceleration.  And yes, I know about the Lorentz time contraction - use to teach high school physics among other things.  But it is all relative.

The quantum reality of the multiverse is that energy is available all over the place and violates all the laws of thermodynamics that we had hitherto believed governed action at a distance. Quantum entanglement and the double slit experiment prove that. With no energy challenge to do this and that, there is no reason to take over any other life form because you GET the fact from your advanced state of development that the multiverse is ONE.

Well, we agree on that one.

My whole take on this ET thing, and I admit it is just an opinion, is that they are amazed we haven't self destructed yet and are pissed off about all the diversity of life we are killing off. They are at odds as to whether to exterminate us for the good of the rest of the biosphere or just watch. At any rate, they are absolutely determined that the naked killer ape is not going get off this planet to spread his infantile and murderous killing rampage to other planets.

This is just a simple projection of your own feelings about humanity.  I don't share them.  I think we have a lot more potential given half a chance.

Your assumption that we are the victims and they are the predators is exactly backwards.

There are no victims.  The human race gave away its individual sovereignty eons ago.  We are still karmically responsible for this.  The balance of forces in regard to the races that wish to control us, what David Icke refers to a the "Reptilian Alliance,"  which includes the Zetas and others, has reached such an imbalance, that it is quite impossible now for humanity to free itself without help. The good news is that we are getting a lot of help.  Benevolent outside entities are dismantling much of the electromagnetic mind control emanation grid as well as repairing much of our scrambled DNA.  Things are getting interesting fast.

"Those star travellers are, I believe, beyond that."

Based on what other than wishful thinking?  There are "star travelers" and extradimensionals - not by any means all - who are so lacking in any sense of empathy that they exhibit cruelty that would make even the average (contemporary) human wince in disbelief.  (This allusion to the average human refers to the results of the Milgram experiment.)  By human standards, they are complete and total psychopaths though very advanced in left brain technology.  Like Hannibal Lecter, but much more clever.

As to DNA, the situation as to utilizing and incorporating this DNA is far, far more complicated than the public face of 2012 science would lead one to believe. It's not at all like extracting zinc metal from an ore.

The Zetas are what the compartmentalized shadow (i.e. real) space program calls the Grays.  They do not wish us (humans) well.  They just mine us for our DNA.

El Gallinazo's Unidentified Flying Realities / A Friendly Correspondence
« on: September 04, 2012, 10:30:15 AM »
A Friendly Correspondence

Dear vulturine amigo,
Your gift of a book "Bringers of the Dawn   Teachings from the Pleidians " arrived 2 weeks ago,  I didn't connect it with you as there was no information included, and it had been shipped from Goodwill in FLA.  By the time I got around to it, writing Goodwill and telling them they had shipped to wrong person, and they eventually answered asking if I knew a buzzard bearing gifts...well time had gone by.
Thank you for thinking of me (I hope! ? !)  Is this something new you are into?


"Is this something new that I am into?"  Well, the answer to that is yes and no, and I am going to give a bit of an extended answer.  Since I was very young, the world made no sense to me, and I have suspected as far back as I can remember that we were being fed a pack of lies.  So I pursued, off and on, trying to get behind the lies  for my entire life, and I gradually saw through many of them.  This gave many people the impression that I was quite intelligent, if less than properly patriotic,  though this was far from the truth.  For example, the original, now primitively archaic Atari game machine beat me at chess at its lowest level setting.  And this was at a time in my life that I could remember what I ate for breakfast.  But I just kept grinding through data and following up anomalies like a bloodhound on a half cold scent.  Just as an example, I knew in my early 20's that the murders of the Kennedy brothers were CIA hits, and I knew almost instantly at the same age that the Gulf of Tonkin attack was a complete and utter fabrication.  The relatively recent 9/11 operation was executed in such a slovenly fashion, and its purposes so blatantly obvious,  that it became a near instant no-brainer.  And knowing these things had far greater implications to my understanding.

As you are aware, about six years ago I became interested in global economics and started to comment and write on The Automatic Earth blog.  The two editors of this blog are enormously intelligent in a very left brain sort of way.  They maintained that the global economic future was unfolding in what one might consider a mindless, deterministic fashion, and they made predictions of what would happen in the near and intermediate future.  However, their predictions have not come to fruition after 3.5 years, and I started pondering why.  Their greatest prediction (Foss) was that the humongous credit expansion would lead to a precipitous collapse of the global economy including the stock markets, and this was predicted for the fall of 2009.  Needless to say, she was incorrect, and eventually I started mulling this over.

They were certainly correct regarding what is usually termed the fundamentals, but they totally underestimated the control of the world's central banks and elite institutions.   They maintained that they were pitiful giants - just all bluff and fluff.  But the truth is that by printing tens of trillions of dollars, euros, and yen, they have, to a large extent been able to stall off the inevitable collapse and refloat the stock markets to near record highs.  But why have they chosen to do this, as eventually the collapse will be far more devastating than if they had not intervened?  The so-called alternative economic media, such as Zero Hedge, claimed that Bernanke, Trichet, and now Draghi were just plain stupid or cowardly.  But that didn't add up for me either.  Bernanke is certainly evil, but stupid he is not.  He just has a very different agenda than his publicly stated or "mandated" one, or even the ones proposed by the alternative economic media.

So trying to understand this agenda, and continuing my research, I became aware that the planet was controlled by a small number of people, who refer to themselves, usually privately, as the Illuminati (or the Illuminated Ones).  They are composed of 13 extended families, but the Rothschild clan is the undisputed top banana.  Well, this understanding goes back to the late fall, and the scent of the trail to understanding what the f*ck was going on was really heating up, and I figuratively broke into a trot, nose to the ground.  I discovered sources, particularly extended interviews on internet radio, but also books and articles, from researchers and witnesses.  Over four hundred of them.  Some were idiots, and many of them were deliberate disinformationalists of the Illuminati.  After all, when one discovers where money (mainly credit/debt) comes from, and maybe one person out of 50 has the slightest idea, then one realizes that these clans control the manufacture and supply of money.  So they quite literally have all the money in the world to suppress the truth and hire talented and amazingly and creatively deceptive operatives to do this for them in the alternative media.  Talent in the MSM is not necessary currently - simply the ability to tell whoppers ad nauseam without breaking into a contempuous grin.  And it is quite important to them that the truth is suppressed.  Because there are only 3000 of them and 7 thousand million (billion) of us, and if Joe or Jose Bagodonuts really knew what the hell was going on behind the curtain, well their control system would collapse in short order.

There are two authors that best summarize my current conclusions of the nature of reality, both in terms of the universe itself and in terms of the nuts and bolts of what's happening on a day to day basis on this benighted planet.  These two authors are Barbara Marciniak and David Icke.  But let me be quite clear about one point.  It's not like I read their books out of the blue and underwent a spontaneous, come-to-Jesus  conversion.  My "conversion" comes from a life time pursuit as well as sifting and weighing hundreds of sources in the past year.  But since my understanding has accelerated so drastically in the past 9 months, I do feel a bit like the people in the Matrix film who took the Red Pill.  Be that as it may, there is no going back - nor Blue Pill in sight.

So this then comes full circle to the question, why did I send you a copy of Marciniak's book?  Have I started a personal Mormon-like quest of conversion?  Should I go to southern France, and try to convert the heathen to give up their wine as did Romney in his youth?  Well, not exactly.  I see it as probable that certain events are going to take place within the next couple of years, and quite probably even within the next 12 months, that are going to turn everybody's reality up-side-down.  Or as they would say in the Delta, wup everyone upside the head.  If this is true, a lot of people are quite literally going to lose it.  So I would like to give my friends an opportunity to get an overview of what could happen and why.  It's not necessary that one believe that this is the truth. One can read Marciniak as fiction or allegory even.  It is just sufficient that one be exposed to the ideas.  One might even move on to Icke's latest book, Remember Who You Are, if you develop a cast iron stomach and stainless steel balls (once again figuratively speaking for you girls).  So if these events start coming to pass and the secrets are uncovered, one would then have an alternative perspective to understand  what is happening, and despite considerable sacrifice and mayhem, it will be really quite positive when looked at from a somewhat longer perspective.

Marciniak and Icke are writing pretty much the same thing but with a very different tone, style, and perspective. Icke is a warrior, a former professional athlete, takes no prisoners, and charges into battle.  He pulls no punches with the evil bastards who currently run this planet and names all the names and their horrendous crimes, deeds, and perversities, particularly against children.  Marciniak's Pleaideans are communicating from a consciousness of a much higher density number than our 3-D holographic "reality."  Their elucidations and explanations are much gentler and more obviously positive.  To read Icke, one must be nearly 90% there already.  Reading him cold would be like a sedentary couch potato trying to run a marathon right off the sofa.  So Marciniak it was.

Only, unfortunately, there was one little problem.  Since I sent out those books, and that goes back almost six weeks, I read another of her books (all on Kindle of course since I am in Mexico) written four years later, which was even better, both in writing style and as an introduction to the ideas.   So if you were to try a chapter of one of her books, it would be better to look at this one, titled Family of Light.  I would love to gift it to both you and C  by Kindle.  I know she has an actual Kindle device, though one can read Kindle books on any laptop, iPad, or iPhone/iPod.  Even though I bought an iPad last month, I still read Kindle books on my iPod when lying in bed as it is more comfortable.

Once again, I am not trying to "convert" anyone.  I would just like my friends to have easy access to this information, so like learning how to swim and being a good girl scout (is their motto also, Be Prepared?), one would be more prepared if the canoe does tip.  But whether you choose to read the book or not, or even go on to David Icke, is your business alone.

Your devoted buzzard,

El G


On second thought, if you chose to purchase Family of Light, I would recommend that you would purchase the paperback.  I foresee a high probability of another Carrington Event of 1859 (see Wikipedia) but far more severe in the near future, which would fry our computers, and it might be useful to have it as a reference to re-read or lend to friends under a rather different sun.

Conspiracy / Re: The Auroroa Shooter -Dark Knight Rises
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I have a quote earlier in this thread that gives most of the data released.  She had been a physician for a few years in the air farce and she was "reprimanded" by the State of Colorado recently for writing improper prescriptions to relatives.

Conspiracy / Re: The Auroroa Shooter -Dark Knight Rises
« on: July 29, 2012, 10:52:43 PM »

You are barking up the right tree.  What you are writing ties in with my priority number 2, written earlier today.

Emotion is a type of energy just as gamma rays and alpha particle beams are.  Humans are among the strongest emoters of any species in the galaxy, and thus of great nutritive value to parasitic beings.  4-D beings can feed on emotional energy as we as 3-D beings feed on the sunlight photons captured during photosynthesis.    The emotional energy that a 4-D being feeds on must resonate with the vibrational level it has chosen over a vast amount of time to center its awareness in, in order to be absorbed and utilized, as (to further the analogy) only certain frequency quanta of light may be absorbed by specific molecules.   4-D beings that you would call demons or devils, that many new-agers might call malevolent aliens, that David Icke would label reptilians, that Moslems would label djinns, that South African shamans would label chitihouri, etc. feed on the energy level of fear, anger, hatred, pain, violence, and rage.  Ritual murders (as well as world wars) are designed to maximize the purity and magnitude of this vibration, and when done "properly" these demons (in deference I will use your terminology) experience these ritual murders, often preceded by excruciating and drawn out  tortures, like a mainline shot of heroin.  Prepubescent children are particularly delicious to them, so we have the historical precedent of sacrificing children, often obscured by calling them virgins.  The human elite, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Royal families, Vatican, et. al.  on down (so to speak, if it's possible to get lower) that organize this at the central planning levels have practically become simple 3D <> 4D transducers for these beings.  Or as Goethe or Christopher Marlowe put it, sold their souls to the devil(s).

Conspiracy / Re: The Auroroa Shooter -Dark Knight Rises
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Count on it though, the Rocks of CFS are likely to fly back from this Keyboard every time you do.

Of course they would which is why I don't waste my time with it, even if my info were straight from the mouth of God.  It's just a game to be won regardless of the truth.  All about ego.  Speaking of which, that is why I always let you and Ashvin have the last word.  It is good for both your digestions and your dogs are grateful to me as you treat them kinder.

Conspiracy / Re: The Auroroa Shooter -Dark Knight Rises
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We'll likely never know the real answer to that question, anymore than we will ever know who REALLY shot JFK or RFK.

What do you mean we, white man?

-Tonto to the Lone Ranger when surrounded by Native Americans.

After that, I just use CFS as my Occam's Razor.

You gotta stop banging that razor on stones, it lost its edge.  You appear to find an impenetrable wall of disinformation, so your razor tells you that the disinformation is true?  Could be less than brillliant.

Conspiracy / Re: The Auroroa Shooter -Dark Knight Rises
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Everything that the Consortium does is multipurposed.  To analyze their tactics as "either/ or" will lead you down the wrong path.  One might attempt though to put a top ten, late night TV countdown list on their motives.  I would put number one here as a new push to confiscate guns in connection with the pending United Nations civilian gun control agreement.  Number two would be just to scare the shit out of USAcos in general.  General fear, anger, confusion, and muddleheadness is a big plus for both density factions of the Consortium.

Go to Google>news and type in "congress gun control." 

I do not have a television and refuse to watch one, but from a little youtube, by the looks of the pyramid flood light capstone fixtures surrounding the stadium thus "Illuminating" the All Seeing Eye, it looks to me like Nessie is just swimming on the surface now.  No need for fancy sonar detectors.  They just don't care anymore.  You can believe your lyin' eyes.

It also appears to me that there is a split of priorities developing between the human (Illuminati) and non-human factions of the Consortium.  The former just don't care much anymore and are thinking mainly of going to ground (or rather well under ground) in a few months to let the muppets fend for themselves.  They just want to hold the lid down on stuff until the end of the year.  The non-humans are intent on making a successful harvest.  Much of what you are seeing is how the compromise between these two play out through the end of this year.  A lot of the truth will come out (if we still have media then) when many of second tiered Illuminati discover that their tickets downstairs were a ruse - not that it matters to me much.  But they will sing.

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Assuming this is TRUE (and it does appear to be so based on just short Googling at this point), then there is NO COINKIDINK here at all.

Regarding Robert Holmes, James' purported brilliant, successful,  but ethically challenged father, can you find any bio info on him on the Internet that predates the shooting?  Links?

Regarding MK Ultra Greenbauming and bloodlines, at what point did you research this so deeply to form such strong convictions?

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