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Request 1 Continued) An Analysis of the FBI Video of the Road Block resulting in Lavoy Finicum's Death.

Peter Offermann
Contact Author
February 24, 2016


      I think he wants to know if you can see if this agent (from the crouching/sitting position behind the truck) was the one that fired the first shot at LaVoy when he was walking with his hands in the air, just as he clears the back of the truck. It looks like you can see the muzzle of his weapon raise (just above his shoulder in the crouching position) just before LaVoy lowers his hands the 1st time. It looks like LaVoy points at that agent afterwards (almost like saying “you shot me”).

   Ok… Below is the whole sequence from when the truck stops to when the agent in question starts walking towards the center of the blockade. I’ve increased the size of the first half so it is approximately the same zoom as the last half to make it easier to follow the action. I also removed much of the blur so there are only a couple of frames where there is no detail. The whole gif is also about double the original size.

   There are 261 frames in this section which means it lasts 8.7 seconds in realtime (30 fps). The gif is slowed down to 5 fps.

   Gif is 17mb and will take sometime to load on slower connections.


   Just before this the agent in question was hit by and buried by a heavy wall of wet snow coming from Lavoy’s truck. At the start of this sequence he is sliding away from Lavoy’s truck on his butt and he ends up sitting on the ground facing away from Lavoy’s truck and is instead facing towards the driver’s side rear corner of the dark truck. His knees are stretched out in front of him. He is staying low because another agent is aiming at Lavoy over his head from back in the barricade.


   (click on the images below for a larger version)


   He remains in this position until another agent walks past him between him and the dark truck.


   In the next 1.7 seconds he changes from this position to walking towards the middle of the road block. There is not enough time for him to take a shot at Lavoy even if his arms were in the right position. First he starts to turn his body towards the left facing the back of Lavoy’s truck.

   There might possibly be missing time there as both he and the other shooter appear to be missing some movements there. If anyone shot him then I think it was the other shooter out behind the truck. You can possibly see just a bit of recoil on his weapon as he comes out of the worst of the blur. It doesn’t make sense to me that Lavoy continues to run towards him if he is shot at that point.


   The Agent then plants his left arm on the ground to raise his body onto his feet. Lavoy first drops his arms at this point.

   I examined every frame in this sequence very closely at a very large size when I created the gif showing what I think happened.

   I do not believe Lavoy dropped his arms at this point. I think this was painted in because they needed to show him waving his arms around in order to justify shooting him.

   In the sequence where he leaves the truck they left the top half of his body as original and painted in his feet to  get the perception they desired. In this sequence they left the lower half of his body original and manufacture his arm movements to suit.

   The background for the sequence is bare snow except one barely visible clump of bushes. It is very easy to see signs of tampering on such a background and there are plenty of signs. The shape and texture of his arms also don’t look real in places when studied closely.

   I believe Lavoy only dropped his arms once when he was shot at the time I highlight in Part 8b.  He is shot in the left lower abdomen and then drops his arms to clutch himself there as he is blown sideway by the shock of the shot.

   His arm movements from this point on are faked as well to mask his involuntary turn to the side. They moved his arms around to make him look like he intentionally turned away to run. Lavoy doesn’t try to run at all. He is only forced back onto his left foot by the blast and moves his right foot forward to try to retain his balance. At that point he is shot by the uphill shooter with whatever his weapon is. We will take a closer look at this shooter next. After that I will animate the sequence described here so we can see what it looks like. It won’t take much as it didn’t take much change at all here to change what we perceive.


   The agent then turns towards the center of the roadblock and starts moving in that direction.


Request 1) An Analysis of the FBI Video of the Road Block resulting in Lavoy Finicum's Death.

 Peter Offermann
Contact Author
February 24, 2016 

      Peter, carefully notice the officer that ran up into the snowbank to force Lavoy's truck further up into the deeper snow. It appears he stays put and assumes a "crouch" position and fires into Lavoy's left side forcing his hands to go down. Is there anyway we can prove he fired the instant Lavoy came into view after he passed the rear part of the truck? At the point Lavoy comes into view lavoy still had his hands up. He you could prove he fired at this point it would be murder. That bullet could be retrieved from lavoy and matched to the officers gun. You see where this is going?

   There are 61 frames in this segment which means it occurred in two seconds.

   I have not retouched these images in anyway. All that has been done to them is enhancement that clarifies what is already there.

   First a gif with a fairly wide view at realtime 30 fps speed.


   At 1/6th - 5 fps speed.


   12 still frames or  1/2 second that the agent was in a shooting stance.













   Blowup of shooting stance...


   A more carefully stabilized closer in gif of the same 1/2 second period when the officer was in a shooting stance. Speed is 1 frame per second.


   The resolution is not good enough see muzzle flash or weapon kickback but the officer was definitely pointing a weapon directly at Lavoy from a shooting stance during this period. He had enough time to get off at least a couple of rounds.

   Lavoy was on the brakes from the time he saw the road block until the last 1/4 second before the truck stopped. He likely didn’t have his seat belt on and if you look carefully you will see the truck is at a 45 degree angle sideways for the last half second or so before settling back down onto all 4 wheels. Lavoy likely lost his position on the brake pedal.

   If he was trying to run the barricade he would have been on the gas pedal when entering the snow.

   Lavoy was only trying to avoid a serious crash that would have happened if he ran into the trucks blocking the road. He did not have the time to stop before hitting them. One commenter mentioned that they went to the site afterwards and tried driving the location a number of times to check what happened. They estimated that Lavoy was doing around 70 mph and they could not stop their vehicle in time to avoid such a road block from the point where Lavoy first saw the roadblock and stepped on his brakes.

   Conversations about this analysis are going on in several locations and I will duplicate the comments with relevant information in the next segment so everyone can see them.

   The next request will cover the uphill shooter and show his actions in detail.

   I will also take the time to put together a gif of what I now think happened in the last few seconds of Lavoy’s life.

   I will also show some stills of the many times Lavoy's body was painted by lasers after he was on the ground. There was one 2 frame sequence I’ll try to find again where Lavoy's outstretched arm jerked slightly to a different position while he was being painted by laser. This would possibly mean he was also shot after he was down.

Part 9) An Analysis of the FBI Video of the Road Block resulting in Lavoy Finicum's Death.

Peter Offermann
Contact Author
February 23, 2016


   The image above is the first frame of the FBI video and the location is about 1.5 minutes from where Lavoy stops for several minutes in the middle of the road before proceeding on to where the road block is. Notice the line of vehicles out of sight on the side road. There's a nice long straight stretch here and they could easily have blocked the road here in a much safer manner.

   Does this suggest this situation was only a simple attempt by the police to pull someone over? To me it looks more like  a pre-planned take down.

   There is a sequence shortly after this that demonstrates how good the camera is with a massive immediate zoom in in 1/30th of a second.


   The very next frame is below.

   Lavoy is doing 60 mph or more and the camera is tracking the vehicle. Notice there is virtually no blur in the trees which are standing still. Very impressive.


   Here we are at the point where Lavoy has just stopped. There are 7 officers and 1 dog. Notice someone has their hand out of the passenger side window of Lavoy's truck and is either holding a phone or more likely adjusting the mirror.


   Four seconds later the arm is gone.


   Harder to see but eleven seconds later Lavoy has his arm straight out the window. His arm is at the back of the driver’s window. The mirror is barely visible ahead of it.


   Lavoy is now reaching forward to adjust the mirror.


   Arm  straight out again, turned slightly upwards. To me it looks like he is cooperating.


   There are three places that it looks like shots were fired. Two by someone holding what looks like a combat shotgun (sawed off pump action). The way the guns were aimed it looks like they were trying to take out the rear view mirrors so Lavoy couldn't see what is happening behind him.

   The gif below covers the area highlighted in red.


   The gif is slowed down to 5 fps.


   The gif below covers the area highlighted in red.




   Slower at 5 fps... Do you see the shooter pump another round?


   The last shot is barely visible on the driver’s side of the truck on a calibrated monitor. You may not see the slight  blob just below the window post between the two doors. When flicking between adjacent frames here there is a very slight puff effect. One of the people in the truck mentioned there was blood on Lavoy's door.


   At no time while Lavoy was stopped here did any of the officers attempt to approach Lavoy’s vehicle. I find that odd. If you were in this situation, probably with no view to the back, and shots were being fired at your vehicle,  would you get out and surrender? I know I wouldn't. Were they trying to goad him on to where the road block is just ahead so they could have a more dramatic capture scene?

   There were 5 officers at the road block originally. The cavalry arrived just as Lavoy was shot.


   There were 16 or 17 officers on the scene at that point. All of the new arrivals had probably been parked on that side road waiting to be called out.


   I found it curious that Lavoy was not once painted by lasers before he was on the ground but I now think those originally at the road block didn’t have lasers. The lasers started once the others arrived. They appear to be swat or military.

   The last thing I'm going to show you is a gif composed of the obvious signs of weapons discharges at the scene. I've cut out the time in between events to keep the length of the gif down. All these occurred between the time Lavoy was shot and the time the second person gets out of the truck several minutes later. The truck was behind trees a lot of the time, as well as the camera platform was on the wrong side of the truck to see gunfire at times as well. There was likely more gunfire during this period. We have no idea of how much gunfire there was before Lavoy got out of the truck as there is a missing segment of video there.

   I'm not sure what happens at the start of this sequence. Watch the drivers side of the truck carefully until it disappears behind the tree in the foreground. There are two times that a very black shadow blossoms out a small ways from the truck. Directly after this a number of flash bangs go off. I suspect one or two were shot under the truck. When rolling over that sequence the truck appears to lift slightly.

   It is only about 2 minutes after this that the cloud/smoke appears around the truck as viewed in the other comment linked video by someone who came upon the scene from behind the blockade. To me it looks like it might be steam from a compromised cooling system in Lavoy's truck or possibly the dark blockade truck overheating as it appeared to be still running.


   The last sequence is difficult to see. A blurriness with several puffs proceeds across the windshield.

   I cannot think of anything else to add at this point but if anyone has requests please post them in comments. I’m considering doing a revised gif of how I think Lavoy moved before he was killed. I think it could be very accurate after watching that sequence of events many times. That will likely happen tomorrow.

   I apologize to those who asked me to contact them. I wanted to finish this up before dealing with other matters. I will contact everyone tomorrow.


Part 8b) An Analysis of the FBI Video of the Road Block resulting in Lavoy Finicum's Death.

    Peter Offermann
    Contact Author
    February 21, 2016

   Here we are back again after the sequence where Lavoy has left the truck and is currently milling around in the area where he is shot.

   Originally I was going to give a lot of documentation here regarding his footprints during this period. I spent a lot of time analyzing this in a number of different ways but finally convinced myself that Lavoy's movements match the visible footprints.

   On my computer I can scrub ( move) backwards and forwards through any of the frames at any speed and zoom level I desire. By rolling my mouse wheel at different speeds I can examine very closely how frames fit together.

   While doing this I  took some tape and laid the pattern of Lavoy's steps out on my floor and then myself tried to emulate his movements. It took awhile to make sense of his movements but eventually I was convinced his leg movements were valid. What wasn't valid was the speed it happened at especially with all the arm movements also thrown in. I think this sequence occurs faster than it did in reality and his body and arm movements are doctored in places. I will explain why I think this further on in this segment.

   I'm just quickly going to show a few images here of how I determined where there were footprints in the snow and then move on to where I believe Lavoy was shot, probably multiple times.




   The following GIFs all start at the same point which is shown in the full frame image below at 35:01. You can see that Lavoy is already well away from the truck. There are 5 agents at the blockade at this point.

   #1 is behind Lavoy's truck pointing a gun at him.

   #2 is the one that was almost hit by Lavoy's truck. He is starting to make his way towards the front of the back truck.

   #3 is hard to see as he is crouched at the back of the truck. He has been in this position since Lavoy exited the truck and could possibly have shot Lavoy in the back causing him to fall forward to his knees before Lavoy changed direction.  This would explain why the earlier sequence at the truck was altered.

   #4 & #5 are standing between the two trucks and at least #5, probably both, are pointing  weapons at Lavoy.


   There are 3 different gif sequences below that are cut out of different areas of the next 84 frames. I did this to isolate specific events occurring in those areas so they could be seen in more detail. The first 2 sequences are presented in 3 different ways for clarity purpose. First at original resolution and speed, secondly blown up for extra detail at the original speed, and thirdly blown up at a slower 2 frames per second so the progression of events can better be seen.

   When trying to spot alteration in videos through deleting or adding frames the place that such alterations are most obvious is where there are moving objects. If you remove frames moving objects will appear to jump from place to place or smear.

   During this period there are 4 moving objects. Lavoy, agents #1, #2 and #3.

   First sequence....  #2 agent is the one to watch.




   Notice that at the start of the sequence, and at the end of the sequence, Agent #2 is clearly seen and well defined. As he leaves the back of the truck and starts ducking, probably to stay out of the line of fire of agent #4 & #5, he starts to blend into the background and almost becomes invisible as he nears the front of the other truck. Looking at these frames at a large size one at a time there are many glaring indicators of alteration.

   When he gets to the truck it appears very briefly that he walked into the wheel well and disappeared. Only a bit of his head shows up briefly on the hood above the grill. From that point on he appears to be a shadow moving across the grill before he pops up while becoming solid near the center of the truck. If you look closely in the slow version you will notice that you can see the lines of the grill and bumper through his body until he starts to rise. This is impossible in real life at 30 frames per second. There is no technical smearing of action occurring at the speed he is moving.

   Frames were taken out of the video in this sequence which would have resulted in his appearing to jump from place to place. What they did was painted him into the background as much as they could so his interrupted jerky movements wouldn’t catch your eye. In front of the grill the missing frames probably made his body appear the full width of half the grill and they tried to diminsh that as much as possible by painting the grill and bumper back in on some frames.

   Second sequence.... #3 agent moves from the back of the truck to the front of the truck at the same time as agent #2 moves above.




   They almost painted out all of  agent #3 movements until he gets to the door. They tried to make it look like he just stepped out from behind the door.  When looking at these frames closely you can see when he starts moving because the dark spot on the yellow line behind the truck disappears. You can also see some of the smeared out lighter blue of his pants as he moves towards the front door.

   Third Sequence... agent #1 and Lavoy I only present this sequence at one size and speed as I will do a more thorough analysis with still frames to explain what happens here. The sequence starts at the same point but I let it run longer to the point where Lavoy starts to fall. I do this to give some sense of context to his death. The speed is 2 frames per second slow motion. The red dot shown in one frame partway through the sequence is when agent #2 starts to disappear. The green dot is when he reappears.


   Watch agent #1 closely at the bottom of the frame. He is constantly moving until the red dot appears. He is not likely able to take a shot while he is moving. At the red dot he has both feet firmly planted for the first time and stays that way for a few seconds. This is the first opportunity he would have to take a shot, or several shots at Lavoy. This is where frames are missing.

   Below are 16 frames of Lavoy blown up from 1/8 of a second before the dot to almost half a second afterwards.









   Agent #1 is now in a shooting stance. Notice that Lavoy has his hands in the air. I think they faked his hand movements before this point. He likely had his hands in the air up until this point. There are slight signs of alteration in the areas his arms would have been.




   Notice Lavoy's left leg starts to appear strange above his left knee.


   More noticeable notch.


   A better rendition below. Notice the sharpening artifacts only at his knee and shoulder. Notice the area between his knee and shoulder is lighter than anywhere else .


   Notice how the front of Lavoy's body has more noticeable light artifacts.


   The jog in his knee is almost gone.


   Ooops it's back again.


   Almost back to real life... notice the front of his body now also has a smooth texture similar to the back.




   What might we see if agent #1 shot Lavoy during this sequence? I don't think the resolution is good enough to see a muzzle flash but there was probably visible recoil of the weapon when he fired and / or Lavoy's reaction when he was hit. The weapon recoil(s) would be very brief and could likely be taken out in 2 or 3 frames. Lavoy's reaction would likely be of longer term and the shock would likely have changed his position rapidly so they would need to paint in something to mask this change over a number of frames.

Lavoy was likely moved backwards quickly by a shot. If they took the frames of the gun recoil out there then Lavoy would likely look fatter. This is why they modified his front to make him look thinner. They should have done the same to his left leg. I did notice an inconsistency of Lavoy's body thickness in the next few frames which didn't quite coincide with his turning sideways.

   If there was only one shot that could have been cleaned up in one quick sequence and there would not be any need to mask the actions of agents #2 & #3 over an 82 frame sequence. To me this suggests that Lavoy was shot more than once at this point.

   There are other frames shortly after this sequence that don't look quite right but the alterations are not as obvious as they are here.

   There is a good chance they took quite a few frames out here and this would explain why they took out frames earlier on and also introduced blur in several places. Without replacing frames taken out, which would require hand painting the new frames to match, this sequence would move much faster than the rest of Lavoy's movements. This would stick out. Looking at the earlier frames there is little movement of anyone else making it easy to take out frames unnoticeably. The only exception is right at the first big blur. Before the big blur agents #3, #4, & #5 are standing behind the truck on the far right and agent #1 is not visible.  After the big blur (3.5 seconds)  they are already in the positions I numbered above.

   From the start of watching this video I was confused about why Lavoy turned back towards his truck and why he moved his arms around as much as he did near the end of this sequence.

   Here's what I now think happened. Lavoy reaches the point of the red dot with his hands in the air, agent #1 then shoots him at least once. Lavoy drops his arms to hold himself where he has been shot. If the agent shot more than once Lavoy knows the agent is trying to kill him. The only semblance of shelter nearby is his truck so he heads for it. The agent on the hillside, which I didn't number, drops Lavoy after he turns towards the truck. I think they painted in a few arm movements at this point to hide the fact that Lavoy was holding his lower left abdomen.

   In my mind there is no doubt that a crime has been committed here.

   I will continue on tomorrow with part 9 and fill in some details about visible gunfire at the scene.

Surly you make some great points and I will try to respond to all of them after putting them into the perspective I see them from.

It's not simply a matter of needing to change the law, or even a few laws. The very structure of the justice system, and also the structure of the government responsible for administering the law, are also grievously flawed. The problem is also larger than just the United States. Pretty well the whole world suffers from power being rapidly centralized at an international level.

I believe that the further the holders of power are removed from the oversight of their neighbors, the greater their opportunity to abuse their positions for personal or ideological gain. Today... in virtually the whole world  those functioning at the local level have no power.

Those making the decisions today about the direction that humanity will take into the future are not accountable to those functioning at the local level even though they give a good public relations presentation that their concerns are 'local' while they are acting 'globally'.

To those currently in power the 'environment' is just another good excuse for centralizing more power to themselves. Yes the environment is a very important issue but if there were no multinational corporations, who are above the law, and capable of rapacious exploitation, how much actual large scale environmental abuse would there be?

The 1981 book "Food First: Beyond the Myth of Scarcity",  is an excellent book that demonstrates exactly why local populations often do massive environmental damage. It lays the blame back exactly where it belongs; on multinational corporations.  This is not a new phenomena, it has been going on for many centuries.

Bangladesh is a good example detailed in the book. Briefly.... Bangladesh has a huge amount of some of the most fertile land in the whole world but it is now synonymous with starvation and land striped bare. Bangladesh once had a thriving population living in a vibrant wonderland. That was until the British East India Company (BEIC) arrived in the 1600s. To that point the fertile land provided more than enough resources to support the local population very well. The population had been stable there for a very long period. The BEIC conspired with the local big wigs and over a period took over control of all the fertile land. BEIC then used the land exclusively to grow export crops to earn profits in the international markets.

The locals no longer had the land base to grow their own food and were forced to buy what they needed from the company store using slave wages earned from working on the now BEIC owned land that was once theirs to work for their own good. The whole population couldn't work for BEIC and those people that now had no source for life's necessities had to scrabble in much less fertile land in order to feed themselves. Because gaining a sufficient supply of food and other resources in non-fertile ground requires much more ground, and such ground is also much more susceptible to failure because of it's fragile nature,  the result was environmental collapse and population devastation. What is at fault here? Corporate abuse or local exploitation?

What we are seeing in places like the United States today is just a repeat of this exploitative pattern within modern times.

The current 'environmental' agenda doesn't originate at the local or even national level. The rules and regulations being put into place locally everywhere today originate from the elite internationalist power brokers who defined Agenda21 and enforce it through their international power structures such as the United Nations.

Their foremost intent is not to protect the environment, their foremost intent is to get a monopoly hold on all the natural resources in order for their multinational corporations to exploit them instead of the locals using them for survival. The globalists accomplish this goal by creating an endless stream of new rules and regulations that are impossible to comply with by anyone that does not have the resources of multinational corporations.

I am not suggesting there is no need for better administration of natural resources. I am only suggesting that the way it is being done is not valid.

What is the alternative?

I believe there is one solution to all public administrative problems, including the environment, law, finance, and government.

The 'center' of power needs to be kept local and small scale. Yes there needs to be co-ordination on a wider basis but those charged with that task must remain fully and openly responsible to the local public that employs them.

Local leaders remain under the watchful eyes of their neighbors and will soon be caught out if they stray. Once a leader becomes anonymous in some far away large population center they are given a license to steal.

We see the damage done by centralization in all facets of life today.

There used to be something like 42,000 school districts in the United States which regulated 'education' at a local level. There are now somewhere in the order of 200. Educational policy is now set nationally by bureaucrats openly funded by organizations such as the Ford Foundation who introduce the 'internationalist' educational agenda into the 'national' one. How has that worked out, not just for the students but also for the teachers?

I live in the middle of one of the last temperate rain forests on the planet called "The Great Bear Rainforest". There used to be a multitude of small business' centered around resource extraction that literally didn't put a dint into the local resources. Virtually all of them have been driven out of business by an endless stream of new regulations making it impossible for business', some having been successfully active for close to a century, to remain viable.

This hasn't stopped resource extraction, it has actually accelerated it. The weaker financial hands have had to give up their resource allocations which were then quickly snapped up enmass by large international corporations. The resource extraction capabilities of these companies are far greater than all the former local operations combined. Looking at aerial photographs of this area it is obvious they are putting their capabilities to good use for their own financial benefit.

Anyone else remember the days when the local police were you friends that you felt safe in turning to when there were problems. Policing was often informal and the law was only a guide. This was only possible because the local policeman had the discretion to decide what solution best applied to the current situation.  Policing is now far more centralized and the working stiffs on the beat better do as their boss, and their boss above them, ad-infenitum tells them to do or be out of a job if not worse.

Those who now control the United States have decided that they are the world's policeman. How many enforcement bases do they now have around the world? How many of the formerly local enforcement agencies do they now control? What is the result? Constant war both locally, and internationally?  Who does this benefit?

I will not argue with your assessment of Lavoy Finicum as I have only casually looked at his lifestyle. If what you say is true, is it also the result of policies set by centralized government? If there were no centralized welfare state could such abuse exist?

Personally I would much rather need to deal personally with local abuse than give an uncontrollable oligopoly the ability to govern everything that happens planet wide.

To introduce a change such as I suggest would be unpopular with many because it would place a much greater burden on individuals to make sure everyone's rights are always protected.

In order for a locally based, but globally aware, societal structure to work everyone would need to pay much more attention to what is being done on their behalf which would take precious time away from things like laying back and being entertained.


Well said Eddie :emthup:

Whether or not we agree with the actions of those who initiated the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Standoff there is much for everyone to be concerned about in this situation.

In an environment where open and fair discussions concerning important issues such as control of public lands is impossible because our leaders, who control the law and media infrastructure, use it to enforce their own 'interpretation' of the law without fairly considering input from the public, where do you turn if you are not willing to simply ignore the 'law' and are instead willing to give up your rights because someone more powerful than you tells you to do so?

It is blatantly obvious everywhere in the western world that the police and military are no longer there to protect the public. The police and military are now a political tool used to intimidate the public to force compliance with the will of those who control the political infrastructure. This situation is rapidly getting worse not better.

I agree that as an individual it is 'safer' in the short term to duck and cover and do what you will without attracting attention. However what does this mean in terms of long term safety?

The longer our leaders get away with this kind of behavior, the stronger their position becomes. Is it possible that putting off confronting unacceptable behavior from our leaders will eventually leave us in a position where we have no power at all and they can then do 'whatever' they desire with us? There are many examples in history where 10s of millions of people were simply slaughtered once their leaders became totally unaccountable for their actions.

Whether or not we agree with the cause of those who made a stand at the refuge, it is going to take a whole lot more people like them to stand up for what they believe in and resist the constant encroachment on the public's right to exist in a lifestyle of personal freedom unless they are endangering the safety of others. Because most people are not ranchers the issues brought forward by this group of people may not seem important enough to cause the fuss that they did but consider; if your means of making a living was directly threatened with termination by the interference of 'authorities' and all attempts at legal dialog had simply been ignored, what options would you have?

Is this a case of.....

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Eddie..... So, what we can say with some certainty is that the FBI is arrogant enough to release video footage of an operation in which they stepped over the line and exceeded their authority, video footage they claim is "live and uncensored", although it has been altered both in terms of quality and content, and specifically edited to shape public opinion in their favor.

The issue is much bigger than this....

Consider why they might feel they needed to alter the evidence?

What would it mean if they had murdered someone in cold blood with their hands in the air and then falsified the evidence, which they then made public?

If that is the case everyone at the road block would be aware of it, as well as all their superiors. Would low level enforcement agents be capable of, or willing to falsify such evidence, and then make it public, without approval from those up the command chain to the highest levels as in the Fast and Furious situation?

 I believe the authorities made a serious blunder in this situation. In most instances such as 911, fast and furious, and countless other situations where false flags, or real events, were manipulated to benefit the rulership's cause, they were smart enough to either get rid of the evidence, as in shipping all the steel debris from 911 to China for recycling before it could be examined, or using 'national security' as a defense for keeping information from the public that employs them as they did in cases such as fast and furious and the Sandy Hook School Shooting.

The Lavoy Finicum shooting is different in that the authorities made evidence public. The FBI video didn't come from a third party news source. It came directly from the authorities. They are the only ones who could have altered this video. If this evidence is found to be criminally altered what would it mean? Could it be used to force accountability on the authorities if enough people insist strongly?

I am far from done with examining this material and the section I am currently working on is at the crux of the matter where Lavoy is shot. I have found 3 frames at this point that are obviously doctored and this can be illustrated as clearly as with the truck.  This material will be ready later today or tomorrow.

If people can be made to realize that the issue here isn't whether or not they like Lavoy, or his lifestyle,  or agree with his actions, the issue here is of concern to everyone as it is critical we give our leaders a clear message that they are not 'above' the law, rather they are as much liable to following the law as the general public is.


   Peter Offermann
   Contact Author
   February 19, 2016

   Before we get back into examining the video of Lavoy's shooting I'd like to give you some indication of what the original resolution of the FBI video is likely to be quality wise. In order to do this I had a look at commercial grade surveillance cameras that had sample images.

   One commenter mentioned that 96 megapixel (mpx) cameras were routinely used in such instances. I'm not sure about that because there is a limiting factor. Yes there are 96 mpx cameras and well above that. To produce and save a single such very high resolution frame involves a significant amount of data, especially if you need to do this continuously 30 times per second (fps). These very high resolution cameras are likely found in satellites and high altitude surveillance applications that want to capture as much detail as possible but are not overly concerned about capturing live action at 30 fps.

   When you look at the specs of such cameras in the 16 mpx range, which is well below 96 mpx, the frame rate already drops to 4 frames per second. At 96 mpx these cameras are likely capturing a frame every few seconds.

   Looking at specifications I found that  3mpx cameras were the top resolution range of camera capable of sustaining 30 fps. To put that into focus that’s about what an ipad or iphone (1080p) front facing video captures. Even though the resolution is similar there is a major quality difference because of the much higher quality optics and optical zoom built into the surveillance cameras.

   To give you a visual sample of what the fbi are likely seeing in their version of this video I chose a representative camera called a Lumenera Le259C


   This 3mpx camera is capable of 30 fps with 32x optical zoom capability.

   The image shown below is full frame at non-zoom resolution. (click the image to see a full sized version)


   Notice the red circle I placed around a white pickup truck in a parking lot near the top right of the image. I chose this image as the truck is about the same size  as Lavoy's truck in the un-zoomed portions of the fbi video. An average city block is about 600 to 700 feet long and that is likely the distance the fbi camera was above the scene of Lavoy's shooting.

   Below is what the truck looks like with 32x zoom. (click the image to see a full sized version)


   The few actual, not fake, zooms in the fbi video display this level of zoom with no blurring. The manufacturer of the Lumenera Le259C also states there is no blurring of action.

   Youtube videos are now commonly available at this resolution (1080p) so the fbi could easily have presented the video at this original resolution and it would clearly have shown everyone what happened there. By the name of their video they implied they did this but what they actually did was reduced the resolution by 2/3 first, if not more. They have also obviously degraded the video even more in places through digital editing techniques.

   At the original resolution the close up image of the truck is about what we would see of the sequence where Lavoy is shot. Instead we see this.

   * The GIF below is 13mb in size and will take some time to load on slower connections.


   * The GIF above contains all 126 frames of this sequence which means the realtime period involved is 4.2 seconds. The display speed in your web page will vary according to the quality of your video card.

   The frame where Lavoy appears to fall backwards is the end of the sequence.

   Because of the large GIF size I'm going to break off this article here to reduce the bandwidth load on the website and continue on with my analysis in Part 8b on a new page.

Prelude Part 8 - An Analysis of the FBI Video of the Road Block resulting in Lavoy Finicum’s Death.

    Peter Offermann
    Contact Author
    February 18, 2016

    My original intent for part 8 was to briefly summarize what was presented in part 7 and fill in a few gaps such as showing the footprints in the snow  after Lavoy was dropped and then move on to the gunfire sequences. The close examination required to do the prep work for this brought forward some details I had previously missed which require quite a bit more time to document. Part 8 will remain on the shooting sequence and part 9 will cover the gunfire.

    Spoiler: You will need to view the video at as large a size as possible to see this. Near the point when Lavoy turns back towards the truck just before he is dropped watch the action around the 3 blockade trucks. There are only 2 people moving during the period. Do you notice anything unusual about them?

    Also during this close examination I came across some evidence that supports what I say in part 2.

    In part 2 I showed this blown up image of the truck supposedly immediately after it stops in the snow and Lavoy exits. The link below will allow you to open  a larger version.


    Click Here for larger version

    I found a frame after the authorities have surrounded Lavoy's body that presents the truck from almost an identical angle to when it first stopped. One of the agents had kindly opened the driver's door shortly before this. He can be seen doing this through the trees earlier in the video. His actions confirm Lavoy did not have the door fully open as the agent had to smack the door a couple of times against the crest of the snow wave caused by the truck , and push hard, to get the door to open about 1 to 1.5 ft further so it would remain open.


    The frame was underexposed and taken from closer in from the second camera platform so had much more detail.

    In order to do a comparison I first adjusted the exposure and contrast to be similar to the earlier image of the truck. I then cropped out the truck and reduced it in size from 254x254 pixels to 50x50 pixels. I did this to remove detail from the truck which approximated the lower resolution that a camera would capture from the location of the camera which took the original image. I tried varying different size reductions, both smaller and larger, than the 50x50 pixel resolution I chose. I then chose 50x50 because it gave the closest resemblance of enlargement artifacts once blown up to approximately the 1920x1804 size I blew up the original image to.

    For the final enlargement I used the same filter and settings as described in part 2.


    Click Here for larger version

    Do you see the major differences between these images where the big purple blob is in the original image. In the second image the detail artifacts in that area closely match those of the rest of the image and clearly show the post between the doors, the inside area of the cab at the drivers position as an identifiable area, the delineation between  the windshield and the top outline of the door, and light through the drivers door window. Even if Lavoy was standing somewhere in that area in this image the detail is good enough that we would be able to roughly identify his pose. All that detail is masked by the blob in the original image.

    So far in this assessment I hadn’t clearly identified which copy of the original file I was working from and wanted to clarify this.  In order to do that I went back through the history in my browser and found the listing of where I got it on January 29th, 2016. Clicking on the link took me to the screen below which is the FBIs Youtube Channel.


    Notice the box at the top right of the video. I use Internet Download Manager to get streaming media off the internet. The drop down from the bar shows all resolutions a particular video is available in.

    One of the reasons I wanted to clarify this information was that I wanted to see if it was possible to verify my version of the video against ones that other people have using an md5 hash. Out of curiosity to see if I would get the same md5 hash when downloading the same video a second time I downloaded the video again. In doing so I noticed a very strange thing.

    I keep an untouched safety copy of the original video I originally got off the fbi's site in a safe place and do all my work on copies made from it. When I compared this second downloaded copy to the first one the file was 31mb or 32,934,166 bytes smaller than the original  copy which is a substantial difference and which of course gives a totally different md5 hash as seen below. To confirm the md5 hash works properly I then downloaded  a third copy of the video from the same link. The md5 hashes are identical on the last 2 copies.


    In order to see the extended exif data of the new file I then used exiftool as I did on the first copy. The data is identical to the first file in all aspects including all dates and resolutions.

    I then watched the whole new version of the video and extracted frames out of it to compare them to frames from the original version for resolution or missing sections. In a preliminary run through I could not spot any differences.  What I suspect, and will confirm later if correct, by accurately comparing runtime and random frames is that they possibly removed some frames in a systematic fashion to hide something they did. Most video editing software allows you to do this easily.

    If you watch the area I suggested in the spoiler above you will notice something happening that suggests missing frames. Missing frames in only one section of video is very suspicious but if frames are missing in a continuous pattern throughout they are easily explained away.

    In order to do this you could tell an editing routine to only display 25 of every 30 fps instead of 30. You could then hide what you are doing by using a process called tweening to duplicate 5 out of every 30 frames to get the frame count back to where it was originally. The length of the video would stay the same but the compression process would be more efficient, reducing the file size,because there are now a bunch of duplicate frames that don't need to be stored separately, instead only referred to a single stored copy of the frame when extracting the frames for viewing. This will be difficult and tedious to prove but I will do it later if deemed necessary.

    CORRECTION FOR PART 1: The note on the video on the FBI’s site clarifies one point on which I was wrong. The time shown of 00:25:35 (25 minutes past midnight) is valid in the 24hr clock format. They note they uses zulu time (GMT) not PST which is -8 hours off GMT or 4:25:35 PM PST. This is just before the shooting took place.

    Back to work on Part 8...

I'm back. I got onto my router through a back door from another computer and replaced the configuration from a backup.

Main computer appears stable for now.

Sorry if this causes grief for you. I've spent quite a bit of time trying to get other sites that specialize in this type of material, most of whom have used my stuff in the past, to present this material. Only a couple of minor sites were takers.

I am duplicating this material on my dormant site at If you prefer to link to it there that's ok with me.

I'm currently working on part 8 and have discovered a few strange things in the process.

The first thing I wanted to do in this next part was give everyone a detailed reference to the original file I am working on. To do this I went back through my history and found the listing of where I got the video on January 28, 2016. The link takes you to the FBI channel on YouTube.

At the top right of the video you can see Internet Download Manager's list of all the available resolutions of the video that can be downloaded. I chose the highest 480p mp4 version.

I decided to download the video again today February 16 2016 to compare the md5 of it to the one I got on on January 28th. To my surprise  there is a difference of 31mb in the file size. The jan 28 one is 154mb, the Feb 16 one is 123mb. I downloaded all the other  copies just to make sure I had gotten the right one but they were all even smaller.

I used exiftool to compare the exif data of the two versions and they were identical. No dates or specs were changed.  The total time of both remains the same. I haven't watched the copy I got today yet but I'm guessing they probably reduced the resolution to make it more difficult to see detail.

I'd be interested in knowing if anyone else has a copy they saved earlier on so we can compare the md5 of them.

Added: The note on the video clarifys one point on which I was wrong. The time shown of 00:25:35 is valid in the 24hr clock format. They note it is zulu time GMT not PST which is -8 hours or 4:25:35 PM PST. This is just before the shooting took place.

I guess I hit a sore nerve. Like during Sandy Hook my computer is currently crashing constantly and I'm locked off my own network.  I may need to reset the router which is a big deal in this instance. Going to restore my computer if I can't resolve the issues soon. Will keep in touch from elsewhere as I can.


Part 7) An Analysis of the FBI Video of the Road Block resulting in Lavoy Finicum’s Death.
   Peter Offermann
   Contact Author
   February 14, 2016

   Sorry for the delay between parts. It took some time and experimenting to figure out how to clearly present my analysis of this section of material without resorting to a lengthy book. Once I decided what to do it took a substantial period of time to do the prep work. Hopefully the effort was worth while.

   Where we left off in part 6 was from when Lavoy exits the truck and proceeds 7 steps up the hillside while taking a turn to the left part way through to then angle across the hill in the direction the truck came from.

   In this section we will exam from Lavoy's next footstep to the point a few seconds after he is dropped by gunfire and dies.

   There are  many strange things in this segment of video that are literally impossible to happen in reality.

   Lavoy's first two steps are at the same resolution and zoom as the previous clips. There is then another gratuitous long blurred zoom. The result is that the rest of this sequence is zoomed in about 20% but much blurrier. I suspect the added blurriness was the reason for introducing the zoom as it makes it far easier to fake Lavoy's actions as they did pretty well all the way throughout this sequence.



   Notice the OOPS a few seconds into the blur/zoom? For one frame Lavoy is very clearly seen again even though already zoomed before blurring again. The resolution of that of that one clear frame is likely the original resolution unless the also reduce the resolution of the whole video throughout. That is a very real possibility.

   I won't explain the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom here. If you want to learn more check here for a clear explanation. Briefly optical zoom increases resolution/detail and can only be applied while filming. Digital zoom decreases resolution and makes things more blurry while it  only makes the subject look bigger/closer. There is no reason to add digital zoom during filming as it can be added later.

   The affect above was created after  the fact by using digital zoom.

   If you  watch the original video closely you will find at least 2 instances of optical zoom. This is a very good camera. These 2 optical zooms occur virtually instantaneously with no blurring in between. The video is not cropped at those points because the perspective stays exactly the same except that from 1 frame to the next you are significantly closer. The fact that the camera can do this pretty much guarantees the blurred zooms found at crucial points were introduced after the fact to obscure information in the video.

   ASIDE... While preparing this new material I had a realization about the first zoom which takes place just before Lavoy gets out of the  truck.  One purpose of the blur/zoom was to hide what happened to Lavoy when Lavoy got out of the truck.

   Secondly... Between the time Lavoy is killed and the time the second person gets out of the truck there is a barrage of flash/bangs and gunfire of some type. The witnesses said there were many rounds fired. Is it possible there was also a barrage of gunfire before Lavoy got out of the truck and they wanted to hide this? There is definitely some time missing there.

   Thirdly... One of the commenters mentioned that an official had confirmed that two cameras were used as I stated earlier on. There is a very important point related to this. The perspective of Lavoy's truck at the instant when it first stops, and before the blur/zoom happens is from a close in camera and that camera had a perfect view of what happens after the truck stopped. If the video would have stayed on that camera we would know exactly what happened there. Instead there is blur and zoom out to a more distant camera with missing time. I illustrate the difference in perspective between the cameras using two closeups in part3.

   BACK on Topic...

   The next sequence is a total of approximately 10 seconds long realtime.

   Lavoy takes four steps from the blur to the area where he dies. According to the original video he then takes 6 steps milling around and ducking while reaching for his waistband. Would you believe all that action takes place within 3 footmarks in the snow?

   He is acting like a mime artist portraying movement while staying in one spot. Why would he do that? Could he do that in reality?

   The next gif which is composed of only two frames illustrates the 3 positions.


   The first frame is from when he first entered that area and the second frame is from some 350 frames later just as he topples over and dies. Would you believe that Lavoy is in exactly the same footsteps that he enters that area at the exact second he is shot, after taking 6 steps and supposedly ducking and weaving around for about 8 seconds?

   Is it possible that Lavoy didn't take those 6 extra steps?

   If Lavoy was concerned about being shot he would be constantly changing position, not dancing around in one spot like a dancing duck.

   I thought long and hard about how to best illustrate the doctored footage between these two frames and finally decided on a course that took about 30 hrs of prep work. I first created a slightly enlarged, and cropped to only show the 3 main participants in the drama, gif of the original frames in the sequence as seen below.

   *The gifs below are about 8mb apiece so will take some time to load on slower connections. If you refresh your page after the gigs are fully loaded they will be close to in sync for comparison.


   I then constructed my own version of the events as I suspect them to have happened. I wanted to see if the timing worked.  I hand painted over about 350 frames in order to do this. No frames were added or deleted. Every thing in both videos happens in the same period of time.

   All I did was change the motions that Lavoy made within the existing frames using his footsteps as guides. My effort is cruder than the FBI's because I do not have animation software on my computer which would make this type of work fairly rapid and painless. The gif you see below is a first run through. Going through the sequence a couple more times and repositioning Lavoy more accurately between some frames would get rid of the obvious jitter and brightness/contrast inconsistencies obvious in some place. About 8 hours more work would have it as polished as the FBI's.


   A glaring oversight... Immediately after Lavoy is dropped his body is constantly painted by lasers; in the order of  dozens of times.  Everyone else that exits the vehicle is also painted constantly as they move away from the truck. The video shows that Lavoy was not painted a single time by lasers from the time he exited the truck to the time he lays dead on the ground. How likely is that?

   Somewhere in the thousands of images I created during this part of the series there are several frames I captured that show the footsteps in the area Lavoy died from several different angles. They confirm there are only the 3 footprints shown above in the 2 frame gif.

   Once I take a break I will put up an enlarged  slow motion closeup of Lavoy's doctored actions. They are truly bizarre. They could have been taken out a western with the bad guy slinking around up to no good. I'm pooped and need to take a break before starting on Part 8 which will show what I can reconstuct regarding weapons use. Part 8 will happen in the next couple of days.

Interlude) An Analysis of the FBI Video of the Road Block resulting in Lavoy Finicum’s Death.

Peter Offermann

Contact Author

February 12, 2016

Thanks everyone for the moral support...

I am currently hard at work on part 7 but its going to take another day or two.

There are approximately 300 frames (10 seconds) From the last step Lavoy takes in the previous gif to when Lavoy is on the ground after being shot.

All the frames need to be cropped and stabilized. There are utilities that automate parts of this process but they all add artifacts to the original frames. The way automated stabilization works is to slighty enlarge the images and then introduce blur to smooth out the action between frames. Automatically created alteration artifacts, which I am looking for, are very subtle and the blur caused by the automated stabilization process is enough to hide them.  It also blurs manually added alterations making it more difficult or impossible to identify them.

The creators of the video have done something similar to stabilization from the time right after the last step Lavoy takes in the previous gif all the way through this next sequence. At first there is another convenient blur incident and then a slight zoom into the action which is then more out of focus or blurred making it much easier to hide alterations. I'll explain in detail in part 7 why I think this was done after the fact and is not part of the original video.

Instead of using automated routines to speedup the preparation I am doing everything manually to preserve as much of the original detail as possible.

Once the frames are prepped they need to be closely examined and those chosen to be shown as examples must be prepared for display and insertion into the next article.

I knew how much work was involved in this analysis before I took it on and I asked myself then why I was doing it.

I'd like to talk a little bit about that in this interlude.

My life is prepped to the point I would be willing to take my chances with my current situation,  without help from outside resources, if a big kahuna happened right at this moment. Yes there's still lots that I could do to improve my survival odds but I think there are more important considerations about how I currently spend my time and energy.

I am not wealthy but I have now reduced my cost of living greatly from that of most people in our culture. I now have zero debt, a somewhat secure place to live,  and all the tools I think I need to survive indefinitely on my own. A big part of being prepped is knowing your environment well. I have now been where I am now for almost 11 years and am familiar enough with the location to have a good idea of what is and isn’t possible here. I do not need to work in order to support myself and have the time in my life to contribute to society without compensation.

Although personally prepped, to me the preferred future is one where the big kahuna doesn’t happen. 

I have never fit into society comfortably and realized from early in my teenage years that our culture was being destroyed through the vehicle of the mass media. I spent almost 2 decades in my youth trying to introduce constructive content into the mass media. The result was I arrived at a point that all media 'stars' must pass through. You either accept being controlled totally by those who own the mass media or your talent doesn’t see the light of day at an effective level. I decided compromising my beliefs would be defeating the purpose of what I was trying to accomplish and instead decided to walk away and attempt to start other similar endeavors where there was maybe a chance of making a difference.

I have paid attention to world events for my whole life but about 2 decades ago, about the time the internet became an information tool, personal events made me devote ‘most’ of my time to seriously trying to figure out what is going on in the world.

Because of having spent many years producing media content, and being familiar with the technical and psychological aspects of such goods, I feel fairly comfortable trusting my own judgment regarding not just the technical aspects of such material but also the psychological intent of the material.

My current opinion, which is always open to re-consideration upon new information becoming available, is that there is a big kahuna close. This catastrophic event is not a natural one. It is a purposefully induced one created to direct world events in a manner to assure the privileged positions of the small elite few who control the mass media along with all the other tools required to shape world events, do not lose their dominant positions throughout the indefinite future.

In my opinion most important ‘NEWS’, whether naturally occurring or staged events, are intentionally altered by the masters of the media to re-enforce the controlled message they desire the public to get in order to keep the public psychologically in line and manageable.

The events surrounding Lavoy Finicum’s death are a ‘NEWS’ item. There are two important intents needing to be constantly reinforced in the public’s mind. ‘FEAR’ in order to make them accept powerful ‘leaders’, and ‘insecurity / uncertainty’ about  ‘NEWS’  events in order to control when, or not, the public acts from conviction.

We are well trained by our  schooling, and other social conditioning,  not to ‘act’ without solid assurance that the results of our actions will be successful. We rely on ‘confirmation’ from ‘experts’ when making important decisions. If the ‘NEWS’ never gives ‘confirmation’ the public remains passive, unacting, and controllable.

Although still relatively small in numbers, there is now a ‘significant’ number of people within the public that is at least suspicious about what is being done to them.

If a significant ‘NEWS’ event was proven to these suspicious people to be faked by the authorities with 100% certainty; what might the psychological impact on them be? Would it possibly release them from passivity and become a catalyst towards them acting on their suspicions?

I do believe our rulers intend to create a mass public insurrection at some point in the near future, but I also believe the exact timing of this event is critical to them. If such an insurrection, whether through mass non-compliance, or violent confrontation, occurred before the rulers are ready for it, I believe it would offer the public the best chance of breaking the ruler’s iron grip.

I believe that Lavoy Finicum’s death is a ‘NEWS’ event with enough scope to possibly break people out of passive acceptance IF it is proven that the authorities, who are supposedly protecting us (FBI), lied through their teeth and substantially altered the truth in order to ‘protect’ not the public but their rulers instead. If those ‘authorities’ tasked with enforcing the laws, that are said to be there to protect us, are proven to ignore them in order to instead protect our rulers, then the laws, and our adherence to them, is destructive to us not beneficial. Will people fully realizing this then act in order to protect themselves? I don’t know the answer to that but hope to at least make people ask themselves that question.

From what I have seen of the world I fully understand that the chances of my efforts in analyzing this situation will ever see enough light of day, even if I prove alteration with 100% reliability, are virtually nil. However my conscience told me that even if I fail, I had to at least make the effort or I couldn’t live with myself because I would then feel I had not done everything I could to try to help create a better world. Without trying I would have to accept that I was part of the passive public.

I have the time, tools and ability to do what I am attempting here and not doing so would be a cop out.

Regardless of the outcome it will be effort well spent on my part because I will have the peace of mind of knowing I tried and did my best. Even if the process proves my assumptions were wrong, I will gain from the effort by turning my attention more reliably towards what is going on. Acting on suspicion doesn’t guarantee being right, it does guarantee you will have more information afterwards if you approach the task with an open mind.

A side note....

As during the period I unsuccessfully tried to prove some inconsistencies surrounding the Sandy Hook Shooting, a few hours after first publishing the Lavoy Finicum information onto the internet some strange things started to occur on my computer. I then started a thread on a windows 7 support forum hoping to get some insight regarding what was happening.

The conversation suggests some more privacy concerns about the windows update process and the newer ipv6 functionality which is eventually replacing ipv4 which is the original addressing structure used to connect computers together. People concerned about the privacy of their internet connected devices might find some information of value there.

One of the items I mention which is a good informative read is a hilarious rant here

This is what a real investigation looks like. Not the crap released publicly about  911, sandy hook, flights 370 and 17 and the many other similar events. The authorities use the fast turn over of the news cycle to bury all their misdeeds. They direct people's attention to the next OMG event before the last one has a chance to be resolved. They can continue this process forever without answering for their crimes.

The internet contributes horribly to this situation. The way commenting is laid out on most news sites assures an ongoing in depth discussion of important events is almost impossible. The previous discussion is quickly buried by a constant barrage of new one liners that are mostly more geared to one uping previous commenters with a smart quip than meaningful ongoing consideration of events.

I've pretty much given up contributing and am near the point of no longer paying attention as the things you learn can never be finalized or resolved. My energy is instead put into minimizing my support of and contribution to the insane status quo.

Part 6) An Analysis of the FBI Video of the Road Block resulting in Lavoy Finicum’s Death.

   Peter Offermann
   Contact Author
   February 10, 2016

   Before getting to the footprints that I promised to examine, I want to raise a couple more important points about what we have just seen in parts 4 & 5.


   The frame above which is from after Lavoy is shot gives a good idea of how deep the snow is surrounding the truck. The door open on the drivers side is the back door not the drivers door.These trucks are high off the ground with the tires being about 27 inches tall. The front wheel wells are hidden which are usually at least 3 or 4 inches above the top of the tire making a total of at least 30 inches of snow directly around the truck. This is confirmed by looking at the front of the truck with the snow almost up to the headlights.

   On the drivers side we can see how the wave of snow spread when the truck entered the bank. It gets narrower at the front of the truck but the shadow next to the drivers side shows it is still about that 30 inch height and fairly wide next to the driver's door.

   In the video Lavoy takes 4 steps from the door before turning to the left starting with his left foot. Above we see only 3 steps starting with a right foot. This means according to the shadows there his first step onto his left foot would be somewhere right near the crest of the wave. According to the still image; in the video Lavoy should either sink down on this step or drop to a lower level on the next step.

   Here's the sequence again. Does either happen?


  Here's another general note about the 100 frame sequence shown in part 4, which the gif above is only half of. If you know what to look for when trying to spot alteration of such images you will notice a number of strange artifacts when viewing these frames. I illustrated these on an enlarged frame in part 2. I won't repeat the demonstration here but just point out several things to watch for in this animation.

   Notice that just before Lavoy emerges from the blob of the door. The top of where the open door should be seems to surge upwards. This cannot be explained by either the top of the open door which is at a very different angle or by Lavoy's actions.

   Watch when Lavoy's image first separates from the door. It seems to tear off the door with light and dark strips in places. This is not the result of jpg jaggies in a low resolution image, it is the result of unintended sharpening from enlarging a lowres image to modify it and then shrinking it again. This is very visible in a few other places such as around his legs in one of the frame when he appears to be kneeling.

   Somewhat visible in the animation, and more visible in the 14 enlarged frames in Part 4, is a light magenta colour cast  almost exclusively around only the lower half of Lavoy's body. As I explained in part 2 this type of colour cast can be caused by blurring and cloning a low contrast and detail area. If it was natural it would surround Lavoy's whole body. There are also far more sharpness artifacts in the lower half of his body.

   At this point I think I know why and how this video was altered. After I show you the footstep details of this area, and before we move on to the area where Lavoy was shot, I will make a prediction of what we will find. I may be wrong but that's part of making predictions.

   The image below probably gives the best view of the footstep on the drivers side of the truck.


   The frame above is from after Lavoy is shot but before the first person exits from the rear of the truck. There are two sets of footprints here. One set is likely from when the shooter who shot Lavoy from the back climbed up the hill to get into position before Lavoy arrived.

   In the enlarged detail from this frame shown below I will mark out the separate footsteps, and approximately where the open driver's door was before it closed after Lavoy moved away from it. Also seen is the boundary of the wave of snow caused by Lavoy's truck. The shooter's steps disappear closer to the truck because the wave of snow covered them after they were made. There are some marks in the general area but they had to occur after the truck was in place or they would have been covered by the wave of snow.


   Click Here for a larger version.

   The lavender line above is the boundary of the snow wave caused by the truck. it is about 30 inches high near the end of the shadow right next to the truck. Outside the boundary there appears to be only 5 or 6 inches of snow from the actions of people moving around in that area after the shooting. The only exception is the one footstep where Lavoy appears to sink to knee depth snow on the 4th step away from the truck. In the previous and next steps he is again on ground with only 6 inches or so of snow. He might have stepped into a pothole covered by snow but it seems strange. There is an artifact barely visible higher on the bank and about 15 feet forward from that area which might be a cornice of snow caused by blowing winds. Nowhere else I am aware of does anyone step into deep snow except for when crossing the wave caused by Lavoy's truck.

   The orange line is approximately where the open door was when Lavoy got out. I don't believe he opened the door all the way as there are no corresponding marks on the ridge of the wave. The door also closed as soon as he moved away from it. If it was fully open it would likely have stayed locked in place. It was probably not as widely open as I show here because of the wave crest blocking it.

   The red line is the shooter's path, with L# and R# in red, designating his left and right footsteps. The first two red marks with ? near the truck is where I think his footsteps were buried by the wave of snow.  There are a ?1 and ?2 in green in that area that might possibly be the shooter's footsteps but they do not match his left / right pattern properly. The only way the shooter could have made those marks was by very awkwardly crossing his feet between steps. Even if the shooter did that it would have been covered by the snow wave. I believe Lavoy made those marks even though they don't jive with the video.

   At red r1 there are two footprints almost on top of each other. One was Lavoy's, the other was the shooter's.

   The Green Line represents Lavoy's path.

   What is green $4 ?  Directly after the second person gets out of the backdoor of the truck with his hands in the air he drops something small onto the ground next to the truck from his left hand which could have been a weapon. Could $4 be a weapon Lavoy dropped in a similar fashion? From when the person got out of the back door shortly after this it became obvious the snow was very deep in that location.

   Could this mark, which has a similar duplicate at the front door, instead be a left footstep of Lavoy's with a right step not apparent midway between the two obvious marks. Did Lavoy first try to move around the side of the truck as the second person did instead of going straight up hill? Was the going next to the truck too tough and he instead headed uphill into the shallower snow?

   In the next frame I will remove what I think are the shooter's footsteps and try to make sense of Lavoy's movements based on the marks left behind.


   Click Here for a larger version.

   Here's what I think happened...

   Later in the video when the authorities are milling back and forth between the road and Lavoy's body, you will notice several times where someone steps onto the top of the wave ridge without falling through but then sinks into the snow right next to it. The snow ridge was fairly close to the truck body at the drivers door. Lavoy steps out onto the ridge after partly opening his door. Do you remember how in part 2 the cloning artifacts rise high above the door? At this point Lavoy's upper body would have been very visible above the door because of the height he was standing at.

   Lavoy can't open the door fully because of the snow ridge. This blocks any uphill progress at that point. The authorities likely tell him to move along the edge of the truck towards the back as they did with the second person who exits from the back door.

   Lavoy turns towards the back of the truck from on top of the ridge.

   L1... Lavoy places his left foot forward near the truck in shallower snow.

   R2... Lavoy moves his right foot forward but the snow is hard enough there to not leave a noticeable footprint at this low resolution.

   L3... Lavoy takes another step forwards onto his left foot but sinks deep into the snow where the second person getting out of the back also sinks to his knee in snow when he first steps out of the truck. (The second person continues towards the back of the truck to exit to the rear of the truck but his first step out was further back than L3.  The wave is further out from the truck at the rear wheel well and the snow is shallower near the truck there so he could proceed towards the back.) Lavoy likely couldn’t reach that shallower area in the next footstep and decided to, or is ordered to, cross the wave uphill towards shallow snow uphill as his path in that direction is no longer blocked by the open door.

   R4... Steps uphill part way across the wave crest.

   L5... Brings his left foot up to match his right foot for stability.

   R6... Is told to step forward into the shallow snow with  his legs spread wide. He moves his right foot forward.

   L7... He moves his left foot forward into a wide stance.

   L8... Lavoy cannot move out of the wide stance without placing his legs closer together first and moves his left leg in towards his right leg in order to do so.

   R9knee... Lavoy is either ordered to get on his knees facing the uphill shooter or stumbles onto his knees on his own.

   L10knee... Placed at same time as the right knee.

   R11... Lavoy is ordered to get up and move towards the back of the truck. He moves slightly uphill to avoid the wave which is much wider in this area because the truck was moving faster and threw the snow further.

   L12... through  L18... Lavoy proceeds towards where he is shot through shallow snow. You can see where his footsteps just avoided the edge of the snow wave in his last steps. There is a flatter area there with skidoo tracks next to it.

   Here's 3 other views of that area. See if you can also see this pattern in them.




   I said earlier I would now give a prediction of what we will see in a close examination of the next sequence of frames between now and the time he is shot. It will explain why this sequence of frames was altered.

   I first noticed something that didn't look right once Lavoy reaches the spot where he is shot. He twice turns in about a 220 degree circle between a spot just in front of the truck and back towards the road where he came from. The only difference in the two circular movements is how he moves his arms. He appeared to shuffle his feet around quite a bit but there are virtually no visible footprints in the area.

   I also noticed that the pistol shooter in the truck tracks behind Lavoy's truck holds an uncomfortable semi crouched shooting stance with his pistol stiffly aimed with no movement at all for an extended period.

   Here's what I think happened...

   Lavoy slowly movedto this position with his arms raised as I described above. The person in the tracks behind Lavoy's truck is giving him orders as to what to do next so he is facing him. Lavoy hears the uphill shooter coming up behind him and turns with his hands still up to see what is happening. The uphill shooter shoots him in the back immediately with his arms still raised.

   Why alter the video?

   If the video showed what I just described this would obviously be a cold blooded murder. They needed to do something to make it look less brutal. The only way to do this was to add some extra time in here and also make it look less like he was fully cooperating to this point.

   Changing the footage to look like he immediately charged up the hill once the truck stopped makes him look more dangerous. (I think in this sequence the top half of his body is not doctored, only the bottom half is so that it shows different motions. They also deleted some frames here to make it look more like he was running instead of walking slowly.)

   If they duplicated the section of frames in the timeline when Lavoy is shot, and added the duplicate into the video at that point, they would have Lavoy turning around twice instead of just once and also moving a bit more like he couldn't decide what to do next.

   They could leave the first turn as original with his hands up showing that he had time to cooperate, and then doctor the second turn to look like he then reached for something in his pocket or waistline. This would demonstrate they gave him time to cooperate but he eventually made a dangerous move so they had to shoot him. They would edit out the shooter approaching Lavoy from the back in Lavoy's first turn in order to have him later approach during the second turn while Lavoy appears to reach for something and looks dangerous.

   This quality of editing is not difficult. I could easily do the same in the two days they had to doctor this video before releasing it.

   Next up in Part 7...

   Starting tomorrow I will try to prove what I just said by close examination of the next segment of video.

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