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long molecules (long songs) of DNA or RNA (notes/chords ) that
encode the structure of the proteins (genres) by which the virus (music) acts

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Songs I composed using a computer. Includes a mixture of live guitar, live bass, live voice, midi guitar - with 100's of instruments.
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Pics of the down hill ride. :)
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Posted by Surly1
Jul 13, 2020
in Blog pix
JH dashboard 7/12
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Posted by Surly1
Jul 12, 2020
in Blog pix
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Posted by Surly1
Jul 02, 2020
in Blog pix
Who needs Light?
This is how much this collapse everywhere has gotten me. What has changed over the past 15 years? Well, I was 52 back then, puttin in full gardens, managing 22 chickens, and American Guinea Hogs 2 ++++++( experiment - preservation ). They had oodles of oodalies ( baby pigs scurrying around when they…
 Views: 155
Posted by knarf
Jul 01, 2020
in Collapstead Intentional Commun…
Basement Collapse
The basement walls started falling in about fifteen years ago. We kept patching it until the cracks got serious. We then placed a wood beam across the floor joists above and put three steel jacks under it. She no longer is falling in....well maybe very slowly.
 Views: 132
Posted by knarf
Jul 01, 2020
in Collapstead Intentional Commun…

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Que Força é essa amigo!
Que Força é essa amigo!
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Posted by Nosferatu
Feb 21, 2013
in For all members
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Posted by monsta666
Feb 08, 2013
in March 2012, Diner Webzine
Dominant Culture
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Posted by JRM
Mar 01, 2017
in JRM's album
the pin that was on the hat
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Posted by luciddreams
Mar 29, 2013
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Illustration for Trends Journal by Anthony Freda
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Posted by Surly1
Feb 04, 2016
in Anthony Freda
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